"Reno the Donkey" by John Wiegel

Does anyone remember the donkey that was auctioned off over AFRTS-TV. They named it RENO. For Reno Freeland I think was his name. He ran the Club at that time.

Anyway, people were calling in their bids for the donkey on the phone, and I kept bidding so as to raise the price. The last bid of mine was $35.00. Surely someone would bid higher, but NO. I had bought a donkey. What to do with it?

I contacted the NCOIC-Keren rest center and they said they would take it. So one day I took it to the Vet and got a tranquilizer shot and laid it down in the back of my Comet station wagon.

Heading "downhill," we didn't get to the top of the hill and it stood up, or tried to. I don't remember how long the trip was to Keren, but for me it was the longest trip of my life. My wife was with me and we stopped many, many times and finally ran across an Ethiopian boy who had some rope and was able to keep it down until we got there. Once there it hung out in the Shuffle board room and if you put you beer down it would guzzle it!

The last I heard about "Reno" was that it started to kick people so they gave it to the school for the blind.


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