"Papers, Atah!" by Alfred R. Marzian

On weekend pass Wayne Dickerson, the Palmucci brothers and I headed for some R&R in Massawa. We got delayed in Dongolo and the old base there. We realize that we wouldn't beat curfew if we didn't hurry. Well we didn't make it. On the flats, the barrels were up. When we tried to pass, the soldiers came out, machine guns at ready. Luckily the Palmuccis were well known to the soldiers. One of us made up a story, I belive it was Tullio, that we were hurrying to make a ship. They wanted proof. I just happened to have the list of those making SP 5. We showed them the orders, they couldn't read English, accepted our story, and let us pass. They radioed ahead, and all gates were open for us. That old Rambler 660 could fly when propelled by fear.


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