"Monkey Business" by Donald A. Tipton

A bunch of us on B trick were boozing it up as usual, at the Oasis Club when Ed Begley staggers in from his nightly tour of the Boshe? He had a bulge under his coat and naturally we wanted to know what it was. He had a baby baboon wrapped around him middle and asked us if we wanted it. Some street boys were mistreating it and Ed bought it for a buck Ethie. Ronny Ruffner and I said You Bet we'll take it! Didn't know what the hell we would do with it but it was free and we were s--- faced. We got that monkey in the same shape on Bud and pizza. The MA had no sense of humor and threw us all out. Ruff had this old Lancia and the back seat folded down with a little compartment behind it. We put the baboon in it and hit the sack. Next morning, we were on the way back to the Oasis for some of the "hair of the dog" when Ed Bramlet from Wichita Falls Tx asked for a ride up. We said shore and put him in the back seat. The little baboon started banging around and naturally Bramlet wanted to know what the racket was. He cracked the back seat and a little hairy arm flew out and grabbed him by the hair. Bramlet was 6' 3" tall and a few hundred pounds and with a baboon wrapped around his head was something to see. When we quit laughing and got them seperated Ed was one POed Texan. Nothing was hurt but his pride. When he would talk to us at all for the next week or two all he would say was "You should have told me the little sumbitch was back there" Yeah we should have - but we didn't! We let the little guy go a week or so later but that's another story.


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