"The 11 Man Pyramid Moon" by George "Zazz" Zasadi

On the second day of our long break between Mids and Daze, some of us Gross Guys from A Trick grew weary of playing Risk and Mille Bornes and decided to go to the Oasis Club for some liquid libation and a Dik-Dik burger (club management claimed it was really beef, not a believer I stuck with the Oasis Club Sandwich).

After several hours of drinking and playing our favorite dice game 7-14-21, we decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. By this time our group had grown from 4 to 8 members. It would have been 9 but Spook McKay decided to stay in the Stag Bar ( the only place where he could get IW Harper). Staggering to the main gate from the Oasis Club (the distance was proportional with the amount you had drank; in this case about 5 or 6 miles), we loaded our bodies into the awaiting Gerry Carts. Oops we forgot to go back to A company and sign off-post, as usual. Then a short ride down the hill to one of A tricks favorite hangout's "The Fiore Bar".

Two of our favorite "Bar Hostesses" were in attendance; Flora and Juanita (Juanie). After drinking several Melottis and Zibibs we came to realize that a mini-trick party was in the making. The number of "A" Tricker's present had now reached 12 or 13. Definately party time! At closing time we headed to our after hour's watering hole, Juanie's house. She allowed us to stash our Class 6 purchases there, charging us (outrageous prices) only for the Ethie Cokes we used as a mixer and the warm Mellotti's we drank.

After an hour or so at Juanie's, the bar hostesses (4 or 5 of them) at the party had incited the crowd to try to outdo themselves. Somebody suggested a Pyramid Moon. As it was said, so shall it be done! We decided on a 10 man Moon; 4-3-2-1. I was on the bottom tier with Steve Popko, Mike Powers and ? (probably Wilk). We had taken our pants off and commensed to build the great pyramid. After several attempts the pyramid was formed. Out of nowhere the 11th man climbed up the pyramid and positioned himself atop of the 10th man. The moon collasped only when one of the hostesses placed an ice cube in a strategic part of Mike Power's anatomy. Leaving us all piled on the floor laughing in hysteria.

Someone out there has a picture of this, Who, I don't know. I saw a flash go off just before we collasped.

George (Zazz) Zasadil
Company A '67-'68


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