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If you know someone that is in the hospital or ill, please their name, unit and years at Kagnew if you know it, and any information you have.

Don't forget to keep me updated on their status so I can keep the information here up to date.
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** Updated 30 Aug 2021

Unfortunately this terrible disease claimed Tom's life at 11pm on August 22nd.
His wife Becky says Tom "is now at peace and no more pain and suffering."
I'm continuing to keep the address listed below if you'd like to send Becky a note of support.

Posted 26 Jun 2021

Tom Daniel's wife Becky sent me some bad news about Tom. She says he's been diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – it is like Parkinson’s Disease on steroids). Let's pray that Tom has the best doctors that can help him ease the symptoms and fight this terrible disease. Tom is living in the Villages in Florida so I'm posting his address below if you'd like to send him a note or card of support.

Tom was at Kagnew from 1968-1971 and was in Company B, working at Tract C in the Comm Center. He's been on the active roster for 20+ years and is really one of the earliest people who checked in with me....and always kept in touch!

Thomas Daniel
1728 Staunton St.
The Villages, FL 32162