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Annual Kagnew Reunion Indy 2019

(Updated 8/5/19)
It is now about a month and a half until we gather here in Mooresville so I thought I would start to gather some head count info..As you know the dates are from Sept. 19th to Sept. 22 when everyone leaves..Some come in on the 19th but most on the 20th any day is ok..I will be checking rates at the Hometown Inn to make sure they are still reasonable as most of you want to stay close to the house..

The usual agenda will be in force i.e., BS, lies, food, pictures and just catching up on things..If anyone needs more info on things to do in the city while you are here, let me know and I will get the info to you.. Sure hope we have a good turn out and the weather is agreeable as usual.. Now we need a HEADCOUNT..

So let me know if you are coming or not, we need to order food and other items.. Remember everyone from our era is welcome just let me know by email or phone 317-821-0865.

Current Headcount (8/22/19)
Yes No
Hamer Bryda
Caruso Nugent

That’s it for now..JB
Camby IN Sep 19-22
Kagnew Reunion 2019

The 2019 reunion has been announced and it will be held in the Boston, Massachusetts/Ft. Devens area this year. The dates will be September 26th through the 29th.

Tom Daley wants to remind everyone that this is an all-Kagnew reunion. So if you were Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, TDY, Asmarinos connected with Kagnew, anyone who was involved or served at Kagnew, YOU ARE WELCOME and we'd like to see you!

He also asks that if you'd like to become involved in helping make the 2019 All-Kagnew Reunion a reality, please contact him.

Tom is sending updates via PDF files so just click the links below to view them or download them to your computer for future reference:

Update #1 (2/12)
Update #2 (3/05)
Update #3 (3/12)
Update #4 (4/07)
Update #5 (Agenda & Itineraary 5/02)
Update #6 (Reunion Filling up, Agenda Updates 5/12)
Update #7 (Still time to join! 6/05)

Location: Devens, Massachusetts
Hotel: The Hilton Garden Inn
   59 Andrews Parkway
   Devens, MA 01434
   Phone: 978-772-0600
   Dates: Arrive September 26th, Depart September 29th, 2019

Many thanks in advance for your time, consideration and service.
Tom Daly
HHC - '70-'71
Kagnew Station
Sep 26-29