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All Kagnew Reunion is on! John has just sent an update, here it is:

Here is the date for this years reunion, the 2nd weekend in Sept. That is the weekend of the 10th or the end of the Labor Day week. As usual some of you will filter in earlier, which is OK with me. I hope this takes some of the pressure from some of you who had conflicts.

I will be sending out more info later as we get closer to Sept., like the who will make it list. As always you can reach me for more info at 317-821-0865.

I hope all of you are healthy.. JB
Mooresville IN Ended
Get vaccinated! Somewhere in U.S.
Contact information for Tom is in Announcement #1, link is at bottom of this page.

August 9th UPDATE

Update 12 (Good news, sort of...)


Update 11 (Hotel and Challenge Coin Update)


Update 10 (Miscellaneous Update)
All-Kagnew Station Reunion Challenge Coin Order Form


Update 9 (Miscellaneous Update)


Update 8 (Miscellaneous Update)


Update 7 (Miscellaneous Update)


Update 6 (Miscellaneous Update)


Nashville Reunion Detail Page (It's on! Here are the details.)


Update 4 (Hotel Update -- More details will follow shortly)


Update 3 (Hotel Booked -- More details will follow shortly)


Update 2.1 (Hotel FULL, New dates being scheduled)
Update 2 (Hold Everything!)

FINALLY! Announcing the twice-delayed All-Kagnew Reunion.

FINALLY! Announcing the twice-delayed All-Kagnew Reunion.

And a favor is asked. Over the past several years a number of attempts to contact Kagnew Vets who had provided their email addresses have been returned as undeliverable. Most get returned because the intended receiver has changed their email provider and/or address.

If you have kept in touch with a Kagnew Vet, would you please check with them to learn if they have received this announcement? If they haven't, then they are likely among the 164 returned emails.

Thanks for the help and watch out for Update #2 with the details in the next week or two.

Reunion Announcement


Apologies for the successive updates, but it was suggested we pass the following information along and get a measure of how many we can commit to with the hotel.

Reunion Announcement Addendum
Nashville Ended


5 March
Yesterday I thought we had received an excellent proposal from the Hilton Garden Inn, Nashville Airport. The daily room rate was $149, the F&B minimum was reasonable @ $3,000, and the offer of a N/C hospitality room was right on the mark.

Today, that offer may be second best: The Gaylord Inn at Opryland really made things interesting today.

Note: the targeted time period is Thursday, Sept 29th thru Oct 1st.

Room rate @ $149 during September
Room rate @ $155 during October
(I believe we will not be affected with a 10/1 checkout date)

Airport shuttle @ $36pp 8am- 6pm (M-Sat) 6-3pm (Sunday)

Private dining facility for our group dinner. Multiple dinner buffet menu options – our best option may be there Belle Meade option with 3-entrees, 3-sides, + salads & dessert choices @ $67/pp – the 2-entrée and 2-choice option is $47/pp.

What has me leaning towards the Opryland proposal is:
This is a true destination facility – multiple activities available, multiple restaurants and grills for B/L/D choices. Proximity to the Grand Old Opry theater.
1 March
So far, I have received just over 60 responses, with most of them favoring Nashville as their #1 or #2 destination preference - so Nashville it is. Lots of familiar names noted from past reunion events, but very encouraging to see many new names as well.

I have been in touch with the Nashville Visitor and Convention Bureau, who have offered to help us locate host facilities and activities to consider as well as tour/transportation services. I have given them our "required" facilities and services, as well as a projected room rate of $130-$150 per night (I can ask, eh?) And I have given them a targeted time frame of a weekend of mid-Sept to mid-Oct - avoiding a potential conflict with a Vanderbilt home football game.
26 January

Tom has been working on a 2022 reunion for "ALL" Kagnewites and needs your help. We have a form we'd like you to fill out and submit that will help Tom make the decision on location and time and this needs to be done sooner than later!

Please use the link below to make your wishes heard about the reunion. This is NOT a registration form, and it does not commit you to anything. It is simply to find out basic information about where and when you'd like to have the reunion and to get a tentative count of people interested. This is absolutely necessary to make a deal with a hotel in that city as soon as possible. This form is ONLY for those who are interested as it will ask you if you plan to attend or are simply interested. It is NOT for anyone who isn't planning to go.

Please help us out and fill out the form if you have any interest at all in attending. If you've already been in touch with Tom about attending but have not indicated a favorite location, go ahead and fill out the form to help make that decision.

2022 All-Kagnew Reunion Information Request

10 February

From Tom Daly: 2022 Kagnew Reunion Announcement #2
Looking ahead to 2022, a message from Tom Daly.

Hello again to all Kagnew Vets,

Here is Announcement #1 (PDF), detailing the early stages of a proposed 2022 All-Kagnew Reunion. Your input, comments and suggestions will help us expedite the planning and confirmation process.

You can provide us a huge assistance - dozens of Kagnew Vets have changed their email address for a whole list of reasons. Unfortunately, we have not always been updated with the new address. If you can forward this message or advise any Kagnew alumni you are in contact with of our need to reconnect with them, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Best regards and we'll await your responses,
Tom Daly
HHC '70-'71
Kagnew Station