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Nashville Reunion 2022

4 April 2022

Hello again everyone - here are the details you'll need to know for the 2022 ALL-KAGNEW REUNION.

But first some basic housekeeping:
  1. If you have already informed us you will be unable to attend, please accept our apologies for including you in this email while we update the current email address list.
  2. If you wish to no longer receive emails concerning current or future Kagnew-related events, please send us a short email reply to this email asking to be removed from the mailing list, and it will be done.
As for the details, for your convenience, we have broken the details into four different documents in the "Announcement #5" link below.
  1. Pages 1&2: The location, dates & hotel and planned itinerary information.
  2. Page 3: The information to make your hotel reservations. We are sending this as a WORD document to keep the hotel links active for your use and convenience.
  3. Page 4: The Reunion Reservation Form we ask you to use when making your reservations for the reunion itself. Please pay attention to the dates when you mail your check and the form as to where I will be receiving mail.
  4. Page 5: The Kagnew Station Commemorative Coin ordering form for those who cannot join but want one or more coins. For those who will be attending the reunion but wish to have additional coins, your order can be mailed with your Reunion Registration Form.
Finally, we acknowledge Nashville is a Southwest Airlines hub location. We have no preference for how anyone travels, but with the hassle of traveling today, hopefully Southwest will give you trouble-free and economical travel.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are doing everything possible to make this reunion truly a memorable event.
With special thanks to Rick Fortney and Dan Minchen for their invaluable assistance making this event reunion a reality.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards and may everyone have an enjoyable and safe summer.

Tom Daly
Chair, 2022 All-Kagnew Reunion
HHC - '70-'71
Kagnew Station

2022 Kagnew Reunion Announcement #5

Download the one page fillable registration form here (page 4) to your computer, fill it in and save, then print it out and mail it to Tom with your fees.