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Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycles were a huge part of life at Kagnew. It was how a lot of us got around, took trips out of the city and gave us a chance to explore places most people couldn't get to. Racing them was a passion for a lot of guys and this page will be devoted to that cause.

Foreward by Jim FerrisAdobe PDF

If you were involved in motorcycle racing at Kagnew, whether it was sanctioned by the club or not, and share your stories, and pictures if you have them.

Jim Ferris, ASA 68-71, is a past president of Kagnew's Blue Knights motorcycle club and also wrote a column about motorcycles ("The Cycle Analyst") for the Kagnew Gazette. He has agreed to help get this page started and will be a great asset.

From his recent email:

"During my time as president of the club we built the race track where we had races on the weekends and also the motorcycle license test course next to Stonehouse where we gave motorcycle riders their tests to get their licenses. I used to just love jumping on my motorcycle and going out boondocking for a few hours. Also had some great rides down the Massawa road."

For now, check out Jim's Scrapbook page as he has quite a few motorcycle pictures posted there.

"Cycle Analyst" from the Kagnew Gazelle, circa 69-70 [1] | [2] | [3]
courtesy of Jim Ferris