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This page is devoted to the sports activities at Kagnew Station. There were many activities at Kagnew which helped us keep our sanity, such as softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, hunting, auto and motorcycle racing to name a few. Unbelievably, this will be the introduction of this page after doing the page for 11 years. It will be a long, overdue page.

There has to be a lot of pictures out there, so if you have pictures and any stories related to sports at Kagnew, contact me so they can be shared with everyone.

Flag Football
courtesy of Al Marzian, 66-69

For those of you who played golf, you'll recognize this picture sent in by Walt Sandell. It's looking across the 18th green (green???) with the club house in the background. Unfortunately, it no longer looks that good, as this picture Ed White shares from his trip back in 2001 shows.

New!Here is a photo of the 1963 HQ Company Pistons fast pitch softball team that won the league championship.
(courtesy of Ray Fansler HQ CO 62-64)

New!Athens, Greece, 1969, Kagnew Station Golf Team.
(1) Tim Downey, Kent Seery, Rich Harris and Greg Johnson. Glayfada Golf Club.
(2) Rich Harris and Bob Petersen. Restaurant in downtown Athens
(3) Tim Downey, Rich Harris and Bob Petersen. Same restaurant at night after practice.
(4) Back Row-Jack McLaughlin, Bob Antuna, Kent Seery, Rich Harris, Gary Schwieger.
Front Row-Bob Petersen, Tim Downey and Bill Hybl.
(5) Rich Harris and Bob Petersen. Go Kart track in Glayfada after practice.