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You probably thought you'd never again hear the sounds of AFRS coming through your speakers, but this page will prove you wrong. Dean Tiernan and Rick Glasby have provided the initial clips and I hope to come up with more soon as this page grows.

At this point, all files are in mp3 format which can be played through most computer audio programs. I will attempt to give you a brief description of the clip, the filesize, the running time and a link to the file. I would recommend you download the files to your hard drive and play them from there as the response will be much quicker. I will also provide a link to a zip file which will contain clips in the second group. Unfortunately, the zip file doesn't reduce the overall filesize but it will allow you to get all the clips in one download.

New!Skip Alexander has sent in a 15-second MP3 sound bite from Aug 3 1964 at about 3:00 am in the morning. He says he is going to send more so keep checking back......

Sound Bite 1

Sound Bite 2 (Recorded from the Wednesday evening Record Rack Show with Brian Woodworth, the engineer was Skip (?) maybe you can catch it. The intro is "Wild Weekend," I think by the Rebels.)

Updated 9/30/13 - Gene Barlow let me know the engineer was Skip Hessa, who was a dependent teenager at the time. He says Skip was shot in the arm in a Shifta incident while hunting in about 1961. He later contracted an infection while on a tour with the USAF in Thailand, was transported to Okinawa where he died of that infection in November 1969.

This group of files are promos for AFRS by the "Kagnew singers."
Link Size
afrsTrack01.mp3 85 0:15 Promo
afrstrack03.mp3 43 0:07 Promo
afrstrack05.mp3 28 0:07 Promo
afrstrack07.mp3 48 0:08 Promo
afrstrack09.mp3 54 0:08 Promo
afrstrack11.mp3 31 0:07 Promo
afrstrack13.mp3 52 0:09 Promo
afrstrack15.mp3 30 0:07 Promo
afrstrack17.mp3 53 0:09 Promo
Longer clips      
afrsscoped.mp3 1244 3:01 Dean Tiernan, wrapped around an anti-drug message.
afrstrack02.mp3 218 0:41 Promos of a 10-minute show Tuesday through Friday nights with excerpts from a Los Angeles anti-drug investigation.
afrstrack04.mp3 353 1:00 Ed Sullivan impersonation promoting the 6th Fleet band playing at the Roosevelt.
afrstrack06.mp3 314 0:56 25 years of Rock contest, first prize was a trip to Lalibela on Ethiopian Airlines!
afrstrack08.mp3 255 0:45 The new AFRS fall season I.
afrstrack10.mp3 165 0:29 The new AFRS fall season II.
afrstrack12.mp3 204 0:36 Motocross this "SUNNNNDAY" at the Tract B racetrack. Sponsored by the Dirt Diggers, admission 25 cents!
afrstrack14.mp3 334 0:56 "Men on the street" interviews for the Dean Tiernan show.
afrstrack16.mp3 223 0:37 Opening lines around the clock, a little goes a long way.
afrstrack18.mp3 173 0:32 "Ed Taylor to Your Taste" weekend show promo.
afrstrack19.mp3 2425 7:28 Rick "Ripoff" Glasby's late night show.
afrstrack20.mp3 2342 7:07 Rick "Ripoff" Glasby's afternoon show.
Zipped file of above clips - Click here.