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Nancy Rogers, daughter of former post command BG Orman Charles, sent in a few "old" postcards.
[Asmara Cathedral] [Road to Massawa] [Local village] [Port of Massawa]

Added 3/2/09, described as "Pictures of New Kagnew." If anyone can help describe or confirm the pictures please email me. These will be moved to a more appropriate page as they are confirmed.
[Co. B across from Top 5] [Unknown area, someone chipping golf balls] [Possibly the school?] [Mom's Place and Co. B]

3/17/09 Update: I looked a little closer at the person playing golf and if I am not mistaken that is my mother. Her name Elizabeth (Deahl) Charles. I took me awhile to think about it, but after your suggestion that the other picture is the new school, I think that is correct. I actually went to that school for at least one year and probably 2 years. I attended the old Kagnew Station school for the 1954-55 school year. For the 1955-56 school year I am sure that I attended school at the new school, because I had for a teacher oen of the best teachers I ever had. His name was Mr. Blair and he was actually an enlisted man who had completed his teacher training and was certified to teach in the state of Oregon, but I guess when he was drafted he had not taken officer training so he became an enlisted man. One day several of my classmates and I decided to make a couple of paper airplanes with some of the paper we had, and Mr. Blair did not approve of that. He kept all of us after school and had us take every sheet of notebook paper we had and fold them into paper airplanes and then unfold them and flatten them out. For some reason I never made another paper airplane while I was in public school. Thinking back on that he had to have some real guts, because here he was telling my father that he was keeping me after school to fold paper airplanes. As I recall when I got home that day I was also in the proverbial dog house.

I was looking for an Ethiopian dollar bill (which I didn't find) and ran across these labels. The ticket was to the 1956 African Gran Prix that was usually run between Massawa and Asmara but we were told that it was dangerous and that GIs had won the last one or two so they banned GIs and held it in Asmara. As I remember, there was a duel between an old Alpha race car and a newer Ferrari. The Ferrari finally lapped the Alpha and he dropped out. The race was sponsored by Shell.
courtesy of Jerry Grover

Angie Thompson found this post card in her father's (Henry Hughes) belongings. Henry served with the British Forces in Eritrea, which she said would have been after the war as he was born in 1932. It's a postcard of the famous road to Massawa. [Front | [Back]

I contacted my friend Francesco DeLeonardis in Italy and he translated the Italian on the card.
ERITREA - The highest point of the Massaua/Asmara road (2415 meters [above sea level])
Thanks Frank....Rick

Four old postcards in Italian, featuring Asmara and Adi Ugri.
courtesy of Rick Fortney

Coca-Cola bottle cap
courtesy of Dwight Gibson

Ethiopian calendar from 1967.
courtesy of Chuck Moulton