Kagnew Station Home Page Policy

The Kagnew Station Home Page is a privately owned, non-profit meeting place for all military personnel, civilians, dependents, and Eritrean and Ethiopian nationals who served at Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia (now Eritrea), and surrounding sites. It is the intention of the founders that this page remain family oriented, with no potentially embarrasing content. Anything posted on the site that is reviewed and deemed not suitable by the systems administrator will be removed without question. Privacy considerations dictate that certain personal data may not be published without the express consent of the individual concerned.

POLITICALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.  References to external sources, products, or services does not imply endorsement by the authors on this page. While we try to accomodate all requests for postings as soon as possible, other responsibilities can and do impose delays. Please bear this in mind when requesting a posting on the page. When known, credit is indicated for photographs and pictures of memorabilia.

The Kagnew Station Home Page is not a political forum for discussion or views concerning the state of affairs between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Any references to Asmara, Ethiopia are made due to the fact that Asmara was part of the country of Ethiopia at the time of the presence of Kagnew Station. Proper reference is made on the home page to indicate that the city of Asmara at that time was located in Ethiopia but is now located in the country of Eritrea. This paragraph is intended to clarify the position of the Kagnew Station Home Page and no messages will be replied to that involve the political agenda in East Africa.

The Kagnew Station Home Page is not a detective agency or locator service and has no means in which to locate lost friends, family or veterans and civilians who served at Kagnew. If you are trying to find someone, use the resources available to you on the web, contact either the Department of Defense or the Department of State, or hire someone who specializes in locating people.

The Kagnew Station Home Page has no affiliation with any state or federal government or military entities. We do not have the capability or legal means to retrieve your military records, discharge papers, promotions, orders, awards, birth records or any other records associated with your connection to military service or civilian presence on a military institution. To the best of our knowledge, only you or an immediate family member can gain access to your records.

There are many public and government resources available to you on the web, so if you have an issue you need help with, spend some time on the search engines. You might also contact the offices of your local state representative or senator to help guide you.
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