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I have several articles printed in stateside newspapers about Kagnew Station. It is interesting reading how the media covered and explained Kagnew Station. If you have any other old newspaper articles, please and we'll see how I can get it posted here.

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New!I was searching around the web and came across a unique article about an attack on Kagnew on Friday, September 12th, 1975. I had heard about this, but this short piece documents it happened along with the date.

Gross Pointe News, Gross Pointe, Michigan

Palo Alto Times story about Kagnew, dated April 4th, 1970.
courtesy of Jerry Niemeier

New York Times article about Kagnew Station, dated 1970.
courtesy of Jim Warren

Black Market Ring Broken at U.S. Post in Eritrea Chicago Daily News (June 6, 1951)
"Shifta" Ambush Source Unknown (July 31, 1950)
Eritrea Reports Christians, Moslems in Bloody Riot AP (Feb. 21)
British Regime in Eritrea Fails to Guard Yanks Chicago Tribune (Feb. 20, 1951)
GIs in Eritrea Told to Shoot if Attacked Detroit News (May 1, 1951)
African Colony Taking Survey to Establish New Government Yakima Sunday Herald (Dec. 1, 1951)
GI Hurt, Aflame, Robbed by Eritrean Bandits AP (Image-Date Unknown)
courtesy of Gerald "Jerry" Pry ('49-'52)