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Massawa Harbor Map. I didn't have much to do over Labor Day weekend, so I got out a map from a WWII book I have "Under The Red Sea Sun" and also looked at that imagery of Massawa. I drew up my own collaboration of the harbor area from these. I free handed it, took a razor knife and cut it out, and mounted it on blue paper. Since I drew it up, and it is about 95% accurate, there are no copyright infringement rights here. I put a blurb on the bottom explaining it's origin and who it is for, and done by who, to cover this as well.
Terry Hicks

Thanks to Terry Hicks for the work on this unique map.

Terry Hicks found a great satellite photo of Massawa and I thought it would be an interesting addition to the page -- Massawa by satellite.

I will add various maps here as I find them.