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Kagnew Station
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Kagnew Station was the largest high-frequency radio installation in the world and communicated with other sites from Washington, D.C. to North West Cape, Australia. We also communicated via microwave and satellite. This project will be ongoing as those sites and call signs are identified. If you were involved in maintaining circuits, please check the table below and let me know if you have any information that will help me complete it.

Communications Map

Base Location Call Sign
Kagnew Asmara AEZ
NavCommUnit Kagnew, Asmara NKA
Wheelus AFB Tripoli, Libya AJG
Navy Rota, Spain AOK
Navy Cheltenham MD NSS
Navy Nea Makri, Greece NGR
  Tehran, Iran AET
  Nicosia, Cyprus NKP
  Northwest Cape, Australia NWC
  Karachi, Pakistan
  Peshawar, Pakistan AJU
  Pirmasens, Germany AEA
  Dhahran, Saudi Arabia AEH
  Washington, DC WAR
  Puerto Rico NAU
  Bang Pla Thailand ADL
  ? Thailand ADL-30
  Mauritius, SA GZV
  Satellite shot to AEA ?
  Ankara Turkey Comms Y/N ? AKA
  Ankara Turkey Stratcom TCX
  Chad WX circuit ?
  Bahrain BQHR
  Djibouti, Djibouti ?
  Port Lyautey (Morocco) ?
Kadina AFB Okinawa ADD
Clark AFB Phillipines ADC
  Morocco CNL
MacDill AFB Florida ?
  Coltano, Italy AED
  Panama Canal Zone ACA
Andrews AFB Washington, DC NCA

New!ACAN Traffic Routing Diagram
(Primary and Major Relay Stations)