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Brass BarI don't have the time to continually check the validity of these links, so if you find one that goes to "never-never land" would you please and let me know -- thanks!Brass Bar
ArrowBBC World News/Africa (thanks to Joe Dreifuss)
ArrowEmbassy of Eritrea in Washington, D.C.
ArrowEritrea Daily International
ArrowEritrean Development Foundation
ArrowEritrean Factbook (Central Intelligence Agency)New!
ArrowEritrean News Online
ArrowEritrean Tour Operator and Travel Agency, Asmara
ArrowEritrean Page from Stanford University
ArrowHotel Inter-Continental Asmara
ArrowItalian-Eritrean Railway and Tramway by Mike Metras
ArrowLorenzo Odino's Site (Born in Asmara)
ArrowMorse Code Translation and Copy Practice
ArrowNational Archives and Records Administration
ArrowNational Security Archives (Good Hunting!)
ArrowMassawa (Lots of info on Massawa and Eritrea)
ArrowEthiopia & Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
ArrowEthiopia-United States Mapping Mission
ArrowU.N. Peacekeeping Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
ArrowSaunders Military Insignia
ArrowTravel EritreaNew!

      The following sites from Hans van der Splinter & Mebrat Tzehaie Rotterdam, Holland
ArrowWalking in Asmara (Nice site!)
ArrowEritrea . be (Another great site!)

ArrowAsmara's Historical Weather Data from the Washington Post
ArrowCurrency Converter if you're planning to go!

Fun Sites
ArrowOldies Music Number One Songs
Space Check the #1 song this week the year you were there ('57-'77)
ArrowREELRADIO'S Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
ArrowKagnew Station AFRTS's own Sam Hale at REELRADIO