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Saturday, 23. January 2021 16:51
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Charles Edward Simpson 
Monday, 21. September 2015 21:33 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

So excited to see this. My father was Major Charles Simpson.
We lived there off post from 71/73 right before it closed. General Parton she visited.
Loved Ethiopia.
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Dave Goggin 
Humboldt County, CA.
Sunday, 20. September 2015 10:09 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I had been assigned Kagnew for ASA (Ft Denver) late in 1959. I arrived to learn that I had just missed only real strike against U.S. military by enlisted. They had begun creating a new religion that would prevent such things as haircuts & working on weekdays. It was to be a fun time. I was MOS 059 but not my thing really. We were registering our new religion w/ state of So Carolina but they informed us that to be a recognized religion in SC we would need. One of our own, a corporal named Todd began campaigning w/posters "Todd for God" His motto; "If there had to be one why not him" A major blow to the movement when Army shipped Todd off to Psychiatry in Europe. I would be transferre3d to R & R center in Massawa where would serve most of my time but frequently driving Duce & a 1/2 back and forth between Massawa & Asmara.
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Solomon Kidane 
Toronto Canada
Sunday, 13. September 2015 13:21 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi. My name is Sol Kidane I am the son of Sergeant Yemane Kidane,who served at Kagnew station from the 1950 to about 1976 as Special Guard. Unfortunately my dad passed away about three years ago, he was very nostalgic about his life in Kagnew Station and all his American friends and co-workers. I have enclosed picture of my Dad and his American friend and I have some more pictures to post and I will be glad to hear from the friends of my dad.
Sol Kidane
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Micki Lack 
Tuesday, 8. September 2015 16:35 IP: Write a comment

My father was stationed here and we came to live here in late 63 I think, my brother was born on post. We ate school lunches at the Oasis Club, we lived off base, If there is anyone that remembers my dad, Lawrence Lack, It would be great to hear some stories. He passed awsy in 2000 and we never talked about his time there, thank you! Hope someone knew him, they called him Barney.
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Julie Black 
sw Ohio
Wednesday, 19. August 2015 21:05 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I stumbled upon this page today and was so thrilled. Col. E. F. Hoffman (died in 2005) was my grandfather. My grandmother, Wylene, and my mother, Janice, will be so happy to look through these memories!
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Fran k Griffiths 
Sunday, 9. August 2015 23:55 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I have just received notice of the passing of Sam Hale. Sam and I served together in Asmara at AFRTS Station KANU Radio and Television between 1956 and 1958. He was a great on-air talent and a good friend.
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Ted Handlin 
Virginia Beach, VA
Friday, 7. August 2015 13:35 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello to all. I was stationed in Asmara at the NAVCOMMSTA from Jan 67 to July 71 as an SK2 and SK1. Worked at Tract "A" supply then we moved to Tract "F". Met my wife there and have so very many fond memories of Kagnew Station and the city too. A great part of my 22+ year career.
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Jimmy Rogers 
Palm Coast, FL
Saturday, 1. August 2015 13:29 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

As age increases, cleaning out some boxes from the past, and lo, and behold, found many items from Kagnew Station from when I was stationed there in the early 60s. I'll pass them on to you, and when you no longer want them just dispose of them. Some wonderful pix of the show I did, "Mr. 8 Ball", several pix of shows I produced and directed for Emperor Selassie (The Boyfriend and Once Upon A Mattress). Hope this adds to your coverage of the years between '59 and '62 when I was stationed there. :-Spec. 4 Jimmy Rogers RA 13-664-600 -- !!!!
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Bill Foley 
Bristol, pa
Tuesday, 14. July 2015 15:37 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Arrived at Kagnew Station in Dec 28th 1963-departed May 1965. My MOS was 058 intercept operator. The Army was looking for volunteers to teach at some of the local schools. I wound up teaching 9th grade biology at Comboni College. I was on A trick and Sgt. Eugene Wiltanger was my trick chief, Don Snow was the ATC. Don also played in one of the bands at the Oasis club. Shared quarters with Don Lumus, also played in one of the bands. He still does gigs down in #@*%!. Don Snow was from Florida and I remember that he extended his tour so he could be discharged over there so he could tour Europe before heading home. His goal was to ski the Materhorn. Sure do miss those days and the great folks in the ASA.
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Jim Missenda 
Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, 6. June 2015 11:12 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Served in STRATCOM, Tract B, COMSEC (MOS 32G20), 4/69-3/71. Trick chief on 3rd trick (mids)1/70 until ETS. Was also the only qualified AUTODIN Mode V maintenance on site, attended Signal school in Bad Toelz, Germany 6/60-7/70.
Have many fond memories of my tour there; definitely one of the more unusual tours of duty during that time.
Reading some earlier posts, there definitely was a water shortage. Rationing started around 5/69 and lasted thru most of 1970. If I recall, both the Oasis Club and Top Five Graders Club were selling Old Milwaukee "pounders" for a nickel (hard to shower and brush your teeth with beer)
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Robert W Stallings 
Apollo Beach, FL
Saturday, 23. May 2015 08:06 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

1970 to 1973 USAH Asmara
Medical Supply
Spec 5

To all who worked at USAH Asmara, many fond memories.
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Jack Schmidt 
Council Bluffs, IA
Friday, 15. May 2015 18:54 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Was stationed at Kagnew 1962-'64. Have a lot of wonderful memories of that place. Was in Ops Co, volunteered at KANU, running a classical music program that nobody remembers. Was camped on the beach in Massawa, when the MP's woke us up (I was down there with Sgt. Caza and his family - I was dating his oldest daughter) when Kennedy got shot. The horrifying thing was that the garbled radio message the MP's in Massawa had gotten said that Johnson was dead too. I clearly remember my 1st thought: Holy S@#T! McCormick's president! The Speaker of the House was John McCormick, who was older than dirt then. Thank God things got cleared up before we left Massawa next morning, as soon as the road opened.
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Robert Lausche 
Thursday, 7. May 2015 16:56 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I am looking for pictures of Kagnew. I never took pictures on base. I would like to also get some photos of the inside of the the movie theater. I collect pictures of theaters and would like some of this one for my collection since I was at Kagnew Station I was at Kagnew from Dec. 1965 to May 1967. Please feel free to e-mail pictures to me.
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Paul Germain 
Stafford, VA
Saturday, 11. April 2015 19:51 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

First Army overseas tour was 4th USASAFS from March 1965 to September 1966. Worked in Room 2 at Tract C.
Returned to Kagnew as a reup option in January 1971 leaving in April 1972 as Tract C was being closed.
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Mary Beth Knapp 
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Thursday, 9. April 2015 15:22 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi ! I am thrilled to find other folks that know about Kagnew Station and Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia where I was born! (1959) My father, Robert A Knapp was stationed there with the Army Special Forces . He was linguist , fluent in Arabic , attended the Army language school in Monterrey prior to being stationed at Kagnew.My mother (Joan) flew over to Asmara pregnant with me in February 1959, I was born early in the base hospital and was a breech birth.
Dad was stationed there from 1958-1960. Was wondering if anyone remembered him? He also had a pal named Stonestreet? Unfortunately , Dad died in 2006 at the age of 69 of a very rare cancer and when he was dying he spoke about Asmara. We talked about it a lot, especially every year on my birthday.I
I would love to hear if anyone knew Dad or just say "Hi". I was there the same time a lot of you were ! :)
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Debra Philbrick Bunker 
North Carolina
Sunday, 29. March 2015 13:11 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I lived in Asmara at Kagnew from 1960-63 or 64, not 100% sure about the year we came back state side. Looking for connections with anyone there during that time. Did anyone know my father Albert Philbrick? He coached baseball, flew gas powered radio controlled airplanes, liked to raise hell (lol) and raced along with my Mom Virginia who use to race Powder puff races. We knew families named Lamb, Koble, Gordon, Bolton. I have very vague memories of this time, but have a few. Would love to hear more and find more pictures that what we currently have.
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Michael Sewell 
Chesapeake VA
Monday, 23. March 2015 20:29 IP: Write a comment

I am the son of SFC Ben Sewell.
STRATCOM, we were their from 1964 to 1966.
My father past away 5 years ago, my mother Shirley Sewell is alive and lives in Florida.
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Mike C. Dixon 
Longmont, Colorado
Sunday, 22. March 2015 19:08 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Was in Asmara 1958 to 1961, Operations Company. Have located a couple of the guys who served at the same time. Frank Pitzi and Jon Lewis. Be glad to hear from anyone who still remembers us. Think old race cars and horse back riding. May the road continue to rise up behind all of you.
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Stacy Hudson 
Saturday, 14. March 2015 19:30 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

My father was stationed at Kagnew for a couple of years. I believe we were transferred out in 1963. My father's name was Howard Hudson. Would love to hear from anyone that was there between 1960 thru 1963
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John Watson 
Columbus, GA
Friday, 13. March 2015 10:18 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was at Kagnew 50 years ago as an AirForce Photomapper With 1370 Mapping and Charting Wing. I have a page of Asmara photos from that time at my website.
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Rich Angulo 
Campbell, California
Friday, 6. March 2015 16:36 IP: Write a comment

Stationed at Radio Marina, 4th Det, 2nd Sig Sve Bn, Asmaara 1948-1950
Just checking to see if there are any old ditty boppers from that era still a live and kicking. I am heading to Florida on the 14th of March for the Anual ASA Reunion It is always a blast and we see a couple of trhe old timers still around.
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Thomas Baxter 
Millviulle NJ
Monday, 23. February 2015 17:14 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Fifty years ago today I arrived at Kagnew station. I was a tenant officer, working for the US Army Division Mediterranean. I worked on the new barracks on main post, family housing at Tract A. I also worked on projects at Stone house and tracts B,C,D. I also put in the new water system, water tower at Tract A and the Vet hospital, Cold storage warehouse and the water well near the Oasis club. Loved the Rod and Gun club and shooting on Saturdays and Sundays at the Italian shooting club at the airport. My oldest daughter was born at the hospital. was there nearly three great years..
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gene royce willis 
woodbridge va.
Sunday, 15. February 2015 11:42 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was stationed at Kagnew in 1964. My wife Susan and daughter Nicole were also with me. We lived on the economy right outside the base. USA Army.
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Ms Mary Eychaner 
WA state
Thursday, 5. February 2015 19:09 Host: Write a comment

I was born on Kagnew station US Army Hospital. My Father was stationed there 4 years and my mom worked at the club on base. I was Born US Citizen American at Birth. I also married a Command Senior Chief in Virginia keeping the Navy tradition he did 30 years.

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Joe Willey 
Ft Worth TX
Wednesday, 28. January 2015 09:18 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Just peeking in. Was there Tract C and Stonehouse from June 70 until Dec. 71? Wife and daughter were there with me for a year of that time.
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