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Dave Rawlings 
Vancouver, WA
Sunday, 20. July 2014 22:41 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was 13 when my dad (Air Force) was stationed there ('63-'64) . We had to live off-base as there were no AF housing billets. We lived in an Italian villa just outside the Navy billets. Looking through the pictures brought back a lot of memories-both good and bad. I was at the ball park watching the Army and Air Force softball teams play when someone came running up yelling that Kennedy was shot. The #@*%! went silent, it was called and everyone went home not saying a single word. Very eerie. A good memory was my mom having her own show on the Radio Station - "Notes and Notions". Played music, interviewed prominent people on base and gave announcements about things happening on base. Over all- great times for a new teenager.
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