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Ken Bupp 
Ann Arbor, MI
Sunday, 26. June 2016 10:57 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was ASA assigned to Asmara/Massawa from 1964-65 as the pool lifeguard (Kagnew), and then the recreational boat dock manager attached to the TTU Massawa. In Massawa, two local employees (Mike Bizamlak and Abdul Ali) provided more than valuable assistance to me. The two P's (Ramon Guiterez and the other I can't remember the name of) also attached to the TTU were great friends as were all at the TTU. I fondly remember visits from buddies of the Kagnew motor pool while down to convoy supplies. Waiting for the ship to off-load, we passed time at the Savoy Hotel Bar, the Four Floors rooftop bar, and the Crocidero bar. Plenty of cold beer helped ease the high temps. Oh, anyone remember R&R on North Beach and jeep runs into town to bring babes out to party with? Great Times! I still miss those days partying with some really great guys.
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