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Harold L. Hesterly 
Cumming, GA
Sunday, 11. October 2015 11:37 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Ok, we are almost there. After landing we were invited to dinner by one of our guys who had a relative working on the Arabian American Co (ARAMCO). I think we drank all his beer that night. Next day we hopped aboard our plane for Asmara. I remember the announcement that we would have to gain altitude in order to get into the airport at Asmara. So there you have it a trip by air that took well over a week, all because the Army was in a hurry to get us to our destination. Some of my barracks mates were: Ron Gardner, Leon Peebles, a Cpl Jerry Something, a guy named Johnny who played the guitar. After I left Asmara, I was transferred to Munich, where I decided to become a "lifer." I did 24 yrs, and retired in 1972 as a CW2. Oh, I got my TS clearance back about six months after leaving. I'm open to Emails from any who were there with me.
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