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Harold L. Hesterly 
Cumming, GA
Sunday, 11. October 2015 11:20 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Me again. Seems like there might have been an epidemic of problems with C-54's in those days, because this plane also blew an oil line and we landed at Nicosia, Cyprus. We were there four several days and after awhile we ran out of things to sell in town and were huddled under blankets on the plane when the General's Aide found us. The General footed the bill for a stay at a hotel in town on the condition that we send him a money order for our share when we arrived in Asmara. Soon we were on our way again, this time we were planned to refuel in Cairo. On arrival, we were marched off the plane into the terminal, where we were put into a glass walled room and guarded by Egyptian soldiers carrying AK-47's at port arms. From there we flew into Dhahran AFB, Saudi Arabia. See ya in the next installment.
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