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Harold L. Hesterly 
Cumming, GA
Sunday, 11. October 2015 11:11 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Second Installment: Most of our Cryptography Class was assigned to Kagnew Station, or simply Asmara in those days. The Army wanted us in Asmara quickly, so they sent us by air instead of ship. We left Westover AFB, Mass, on a C-54 Cargo (prop) plane for our first stop in the Azore Islands. Shortly before arrival our plane blew an oil line. We were told we might have to wait four to five days for onward travel. The next morning we were told that an Air Force General was offering to move us on to Tripoli, but once we were in the air the pilot announced that we were diverting to an AFB in Morocco. We were there only a few hours and off we went again, this time bound for Cairo.
See you in the next installment.
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