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Harold L. Hesterly 
Cumming, GA
Sunday, 11. October 2015 10:18 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Greetings from out of the past. I was stationed at the "old" compound next door to the U S Consulate from Dec53 to June54. Lost my TS and was trans to Munich, Ger.(Some punishment) I worked at the ASA Receiver site (Crypto). My best "bud" were Leon Peebles and Ron Gardner. I remember how hard it was to breathe when we first arrived. We lived in metal barracks across from the Mess Hall, but between there was a really tall antenna tower that had a 3-4 foot depression around it that would fill up quickly during the monsoon rains. After a night in the bars, we would race the small horse drawn buggies back to the post gate. Highly frowned on by the "brass." I have a story to tell of how we traveled to Kagnew, but not enough space, so I'll out in another post or two. SeeYa!
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