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Dave Goggin 
Humboldt County, CA.
Sunday, 20. September 2015 10:09 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I had been assigned Kagnew for ASA (Ft Denver) late in 1959. I arrived to learn that I had just missed only real strike against U.S. military by enlisted. They had begun creating a new religion that would prevent such things as haircuts & working on weekdays. It was to be a fun time. I was MOS 059 but not my thing really. We were registering our new religion w/ state of So Carolina but they informed us that to be a recognized religion in SC we would need. One of our own, a corporal named Todd began campaigning w/posters "Todd for God" His motto; "If there had to be one why not him" A major blow to the movement when Army shipped Todd off to Psychiatry in Europe. I would be transferre3d to R & R center in Massawa where would serve most of my time but frequently driving Duce & a 1/2 back and forth between Massawa & Asmara.
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