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Bill Foley 
Bristol, pa
Tuesday, 14. July 2015 15:37 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Arrived at Kagnew Station in Dec 28th 1963-departed May 1965. My MOS was 058 intercept operator. The Army was looking for volunteers to teach at some of the local schools. I wound up teaching 9th grade biology at Comboni College. I was on A trick and Sgt. Eugene Wiltanger was my trick chief, Don Snow was the ATC. Don also played in one of the bands at the Oasis club. Shared quarters with Don Lumus, also played in one of the bands. He still does gigs down in #@*%!. Don Snow was from Florida and I remember that he extended his tour so he could be discharged over there so he could tour Europe before heading home. His goal was to ski the Materhorn. Sure do miss those days and the great folks in the ASA.
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