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Jim Missenda 
Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, 6. June 2015 11:12 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Served in STRATCOM, Tract B, COMSEC (MOS 32G20), 4/69-3/71. Trick chief on 3rd trick (mids)1/70 until ETS. Was also the only qualified AUTODIN Mode V maintenance on site, attended Signal school in Bad Toelz, Germany 6/60-7/70.
Have many fond memories of my tour there; definitely one of the more unusual tours of duty during that time.
Reading some earlier posts, there definitely was a water shortage. Rationing started around 5/69 and lasted thru most of 1970. If I recall, both the Oasis Club and Top Five Graders Club were selling Old Milwaukee "pounders" for a nickel (hard to shower and brush your teeth with beer)
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