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Kagnew Station
Images of Asmara

Downtown Asmara

Upon landing in Asmara, this would have been one of the first things you saw after you left the airport.
Courtesy of Dan Harper

A great ad for the 1967 VWs at the local Asmara dealer.
Courtesy of Mary Morris, wife of SFC Joe Morris of HQ Co.

Chuck shows us it "does" rain in Asmara. [1] [2]
A postcard of Avenue Haile Selassie I, or Haile as we knew it. (Front | Back)New!
Courtesy of Chuck Moulton

Inside the Olive Wood Factory, 1972: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

If you drove North from Tract E (Kagnew), headed for STONEHOUSE, you drove past these two locations, major landmarks in Asmara:

Soccer Stadium

Two views of the soccer stadium, taken from the road, looking South-West (above), and North-West (below). Even with weak lighting from the four towers, the night games were so heavily attended that the overflow crowd would be standing room only inside, with groups outside listening to the public address announcer. On the satellite view, you can still see the four light towers (shadows from a Southern Sun angle, right to left).

[1] [2] [Current satellite view]

Prince Makonnen School

Administration building, you can see that someone got the flag up even on a day off.
Some of the classrooms, must have been a weekend or holiday.
The main gate "entrance" to the Prince Makonnen School. Most of the children attending this school seemed to be teenagers, so the H.S. may mean High School, not sure.
Notice how barren the school grounds appear in the classroom picture. A few planting areas near the road leading from the main entrance to the Admin Building. Compare the above with this satellite view from this past year.

Courtesy of Ray Mitzel