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James M. Conroy '68-'70

You can add me to your list of vets from Kagnew. I served in the Navy there from late in 68 to 70. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour in Eritrea and have always enjoyed springing my few words of Tigrinean on some unsuspecting cab drivers. I have already seen some names of guys I knew from Asmara years ago. I also have been in contact with several other alumni through the years and recently visited Craig Varden in Singapore where he lives now. Craig is the one who notified me about your site. My home address is 3053 Woodside Meadows Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.
Thanks for the memories.

Sarah Walden McClure '56-'59

I lived in Asmara between 1956-59. My father was the mess sergeant and later the butcher at the comissary--SFC George Walden HHC. My mother managed the beauty shop for AAFES. I attended 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at the American Elementary School. I would like to find descendents to Ms. Magniani who owned the villa where we first lived. She had a marble refinery out towards the airport road. I would also like to locate some of my teachers, a Mr. Cowan, and Mrs. Gallagher, and my sisters teacher, a Mrs. Schelessinger, her husband was a medic. Anyone who was in school or lived on post. Some names that I remember are Phillip Campbell, Wilcox, Peggy and Perry Finnegan, Jody Walton, Byron Roshtoe, Kathy Jonalyn. I would like to know what happened to some nationals that worked with my father in the mess hall. Tommy and Guernsy. Also, Tommy's sister, Lucia Gurasus was our housegirl. She should be about 57 or 58 if she survived.

I have many memories I would like to share. The memories of this time in my childhood are precious and I lost contact with my friends. Last I heard the Roshtoes were in Massachusetts.

Thank you,
Sarah Walden McClure

Teresa Burk '69-'71

My father John R. Burk Spec. 5 is now deceased. However, could you add him to your roster, so that any old ASA buddies that are trying to locate him or my mother Twila Burk (still living) they will know he is deceased. We would love to hear from anyone who served with him in Kagnew Station. He was there from Apr 69-Aug 71 and he was a communication specialist and the NCO of the gas chamber. I am the Eritrean daughter that he and my mother adopted while stationed at Kagnew.
Teresa Burk

Tommy Tolbert '64-'66

My name is Tommy Tolbert and I served (partyed) in Asmara from Nov. 1964 till May, 1966. I was an 058 dropout. In other words an 059. I served with the likes of Randy Burton, Wayne Bryant, Wayne Withrow, Reynaldo Abrego, Carl Coggins, Wayne Dickerson and many other good guys. I have been trying for about two months to send you an e-mail message but it never made it through. So today I asked our conputer guru what the problem was and he said we do not have a mail server here at work!!! Well hell that was wonderful news! And I had been trying for ages to get hooked up with the Kagnew Station home page. Well, what ever, here I am now. It is great to read about all the great people who had the pleasure to serve in the "island above the clouds". I will write more later on when I have the chance, but please sign me up for now will you?
a friend from Africa,
Spec.4 ( and lucky to make that)
Tommy Tolbert

Walter G Sandell, Jr. '63-'64

Walter G Sandell Jr, Arrived at Kagnew Jun 63 E2 711.10, assigned to Hq Co / S1. Eventually assigned Admin Asst to Deputy Commander, LTC Wheeler. COL Wilson was CO; LTC Schuhart - Asst CO for Admin; Maj Huff - S1; CPT Eskridge - Adjutant; CWO Watford - Pers; Sp4 Dan Berry handled TSC vault; Sp4 Bill Beers was in S2. Maj Ryan was IG; CPT Joiner - S2; LTC Ford - Judge Advocate; CPT Norcross - Deputy Judge Advocate; Maj Derringer - Provost Marshall; Maj Courant - CO Hq Co.

Off-Off Broadway Players did "Arsenic and Old Lace" I taught First Aid on post, at Prince Makkonen High School and Iteque Menen School of Nursing. Joined Medical Team with CPT Drennan and many others to set up weekend clinics in villages once a month.

Left as Sp4 in Nov 64. Later awarded ARCOM. Some contact with 3rd RRU in Saigon, Aug-Dec 65 Attended ASA Alumni luncheon in May 97 and saw LTC Schuhart and others.

Web site fabulous. Congratulations and THANKS. Will try to get picutes organized and send descriptions before trying to send files.
Walt Sandell

Judi Compton (Lages) '59

I was a dependent stationed in Kagnew Station during 1959. My name was Judi Compton, a dependent of Jim Sheehan, RCMS, (1959-6l), Unfortunately, Jim passed away two years ago, but my mom (Barbara..but sometimes called Pat) is still the picture of youth and now lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. She is not very computer literate, but was thrilled when I told her of finding the Kagnew homepage and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her. (E mail me and I will copy and send along) Since I was one of the few females that was of a "datable" age in Asmara, most of my friends were either GI's or sailors.(Got kicked out of the Oasis Club by a Sgt. Harry McCracken on one notable occasion..I was only 16 and he called my dad and told him I was drinking beer) Other dependent teenagers I would love to hear from included Kathleen Scanlon, Judy Hord, Dixie Wright, (She dated Guard Company's Jody Wright) Diane Kuyper. Some of my favorite Guard Company guys included Bobby Shealey, his cousin Bill, ..and people who worked at the receiver site ( think we used to call them "tape apes".).Milton Beland (NC) William Daniels (TN) Rod Trego (USN)..(we won a dance contest at the Special Services club) Bob Novo (CA) (he was a lifeguard at the pool and taught me to perfect my stroke so that I was good enough to swim competitvely in college). Also remember a "Mac" McGuire who worked at the post office and received some brig time for taking a joy ride in a piece of heavy machinary and driving it off of Massawa Road. There are many others whose names escape me right now, but would love to take a trip down memory lane with anyone who remembers me. I now live in Denver, have two grown children, and am VP of Marketing for Amfac Parks and Resorts. We have all the concessions for most of the National Parks (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce and Zion, to name a few) so I still spend a lot of time in some of nature's most majestic sites. My favorite will always be the mountains of Asmara.

I have already located my long lost best friend, Kathleen Scanlon, from Kagnew Station High School days.
My eternal gratitude.
Judy Compton (Lages)

David L. McCall '63-'64

I arrived at Kagnew May 63, a month before the change of driving lanes. I was a 98C20, straight day Company, Commanded by Capt Crouch of Ky., who was an alcoholic I heard. I got an article 15 from him for not reporting to work immediately when I was told I could not pick up my field gear in the morning. Instead going out to the duty site I stayed in the company area until I could. That was a no-no. My OIC was John C, Ball, an adopted son of Everett Ball, Undersecretary of State in the Kennedy administration. I am looking for names of men who were there when I was but have yet to find one. I now live in Austin,Tx.
David L. McCall

Alan Fenick '63

I was stationed for a short time in 1963 in both Headguarters and Operations company. (Transfered form one side of the mess hall to the other). I have some photos of the Emperor visiting Kagnew Station, Photos of Aksum, and Massawa. One photo shows the literina that I took form Asmara to Massawa to the R&R center. I was at Kagnew Station when our mail clerk was arrested for stealing achialogical treasures near Agip. I also have some photos of the Highlands. If these are of any interest I will scan the and send them to you or make copies. I traveled extensively in the highlands on a Moto Guzzi 500 and a Norton 500 Atlas great bikes and a great country to travel in. I must say that the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia at the time were the frienliest and helpful I have ever met. I miss the Melotti beer and the nights in town sitting at the sidewake bars and cafes.
Alan Fenick

Placido Borruso '66-'68

Ever since I have gotten on lone and located Kagnew Home Page, I have searched using links to locate other sites I am still amazed. I feel like I am back at Kagnew and the feeling is great. I had some great experiences there and met some great people. Not only military but the "indigidents" as we called them. I remember Casius from the Oasis Club. I was always amazed how they never wrote down our orders there could have ben 20 guys at the table but everyone got the right drink. Loved those chit book covers. Thanks again. I have my scanner and I have sent the pics to Zazz. But I will wait until you say send then let me know how to send with the least amount of download/upload time.
Keep it up.

Rusty King '72-'74

Great Job on the Homepage.

Who'd believe!!??

Listen old friend, I still trying to track down some old friends. I 've talked to some guys who were there, who've actually seen the home page but did not log in with you. Sad!!

There were two fellows in the Navy who left in '71, I met them in Norfolk VA. When I got my orders telling me I was going to Asmara, these guys prepared me for my mission. We partied like big dogs for a month....... but I digress. J. R. Purcell and his buddy was nick named "Kink". Both were enlisted Navy and ,Any help?

The other buddie of mine was a Navy Corpman named P. W. "Griff" Hughes. Griff was one of those guys that we've all known who helped us survive the insanity and the boredom.

One other thing, has anyone discussed with you the posibility of a chatroom?. I don't know what's involved, but it might be an interesting twist.

Keep up the good work, the photos are great and have jostled many a brain cell, and freshened too many faded memories.

I've recently dug up my memorabelia, a copy of the History of Kagnew Station booklette, the one with the B/W image of Stonehouse on the cover, AND a copy of the Gazelle, circa 1973.

Has anyone come up with a map of Asmara? (It's here now!)

Well that's all for now, Stay in touch!

Roy King, Tract F '72-'74

Kevin Becraft '66-'67

I was at Kagnew (army site c, com center) for a little less than a year April 66 to Febuary 67. Believe it or not I got bored and 1049'ed for Vietnam. In Viet nam Mar 67-Mar 68 in the 303 and the 337th RR. Thumb nail update since ten. finished out service at NSA Ft. Meade (Sgt. E-5) till I got out in August 69. Graduated Cornell Univ. 1973. Married, two teenagers 15 and 17. work at IBM (vice pres global employee relation). Travel a great deal in my job but not in Africa (may go to S.A. later this year) and might even get back to Vietnam in the fall. Run into ASA and Kagnew vets in the strangest places. Thanks for doing this page, the pics are a great idea (lost mine somewere along the way) Pls. add my name to the list.

Bruce Cook '67-'68

Hi Rick,
My Name is Bruce Cook. I live in the small Northern New York Adirondack Village of Tupper Lake. I was pleasantly surprised to have surfed onto your page. I thought Asmara, Ethiopia was a closed page in my Life. I would like to appear on the Kagnew Station email pages. I was assigned to Kagnew Station USAH (Hospital) in March of 1997 as a SP4 71G20. I was discharged there in 8/68 as SGT and travel back to the US as a civilian. I have many enjoyable memories of my time there and our excursions to Massawa. I would be interested in hearing from anyone stationed there during the 67-68 time frame. Especially some of the guy I worked with, Frank Pozer, Ron May, or Rick Schmidt.
Email me or phone (518) 359-2356.

Patricia Jean Hooper '58

My name is Patricia Jean Hooper and I was born to Milton (Gus) and Amelia (Millie) Hooper on September 22, 1958 at Kagnew Station. My dad is a retired Command Sergeant Major from ASA who lives now in Eustis, Florida. I have printed much information off of you site and mailed it to him, he indicates it is fun reading. My brother and sister attended school on base, they are 13 and ll years older than I respectively.

Thank you for the work you put into this page. I have heard stories about where I was born but have never visited seeing the photos helps put things in perspective. I was delighted to see a photo of the road my dad described as "the road with 14 hairpin turns."

Now that the family is alerted to the site, we will make an effort to gather photos and stories and become active contributors soon.
PattiJean Hooper
Asst. Prof. Public Relations
Syracuse University
(315) 443-3369

Al Rayl '58-'64

Thought I would mention my two daughters born there.

Mary Elizabeth (Rayl) Sisk born Jan 5, 1959

Laura Sue (Rayl) Bucknam Born Feb 27, 1960

Parents Al Rayl and Joy Peters

Are you aware that the children born there had to be naturalized citizens and therefore are not eligible to be President? When born there they were Ethiopian Citizens. A funny thing happened to Laura when she was about 28-30 and married and going to Germany with her husband. At the time Mike was an Air Force Captain and Laura went to the Passport office in DC and wanted to get a passport. All she had was her old passport and a copy of her birth papers. She was told to come back in a week. When she went back the Passport office had a manila folder with all of her original papers, complete with the passport photos that I took (since I ran the photo Lab) and all the naturalization papers. She got her passport with no problems but the surprising thing was that the Government could find a folder after about 28 years with the original documents.

Of course being in charge of the photo lab and being responsible for the making of the Ethiopian ID cards everyone had to carry, I made all the kids one before we left, they still have them and I still have mine. Kind of a nice souvenir.

My oldest Daughter, Janice, attended kindergarten and first grade there.

Thanks, this page is a good idea for the site. You all are doing a fantastic job.
Al Rayl

Joetta Drummond '69-'73

My name is Joetta Drummond, my father was stationed at Kagnew from 69-73. I would like to locate friends stationed there during the same time period.

My father is S/Sgt Herbert Drummond (Ret. USAF), he worked at the Kagnew Station post office from 69-73. I attended AADS 4th grade to 7th, from 69-73. Please add us to your roster. Thanks alot for your efforts in creating a link for many.

Give me a call sometime, I would love to exchange stories of Kagnew and Massawa, I was there when the ELF started taking American hostages, I remember seeing them on TV blindfolded around a campfire. I also sang for Haile Selassie with our church choir, and I can still sing the national anthem, "Ethiopia Hoy."

Please forward any response for my father care of me, at my address. I have extremely found memories of Kagnew, would like to talk more sometime, thanks again.

George Moore '66-'67, '71-'72

I was a 98J and stationed at Stonehouse. Both tours were enjoyable, but the highlight was the Asmara Grand Prix in January of 1972. I owned the red (with white racing stripe) Austin Healy Sprite driven by Bert Bertrand and prepped by Rino Sampieri. We didn't finish the race but had a helluva good time trying. Between Asmara tours, I hit Korea (twice) where I got to use the CHAOS van and Vint Hill Farms. Afterward, I worked with the DIA at Disneyland East (the Pentagon) where I really got disgusted with the BS and transferred to the Field Artillery. I retired as a 1SG at Fort Hood and stayed in the area.

Larry Fahrendorff '71-'73, '74-'76

Hi Rick;
My name is Larry Fahrendorff. I've contacted you earlier, my memory of my years in Asmara are so vivid, both during my military years, then as an "ETS'D" tourist living off the local economy and dealing with the Ethiopian immigration dept. and finally winning the right to remain in country when the job promised in Dec. '93 became reality.

I met my wife in Asmara, an Indian girl born there, and she has relatives there still today. If you talk to Todd Conley, you might mention a fellow Wisconsin native remembers him all to well and 20 years later still awaits the time when the two of us can re-unite in Chippewa Falls, WI over a cold Leinenkugals (sp).

Will talk to you again later, keep up the good work.

Francesco De Leonardis

Ciao Rick,
I had this in mind for some time but for various reasons I have always put it off. Just wanted to say: Kudos, tons of kudos for your Kagnew Web Sites. It is one of the best sites I have ever visited. One gets the immediate feeling that it is done with the heart. Congratulations, you're doing a terrific job.

News of our reunion: it was held in May in Riccione, 800 people turned out for the occasion. People came from the four corners of the earth, even the States.

I got e-mail from someone who lived in Asmara, went to Collegio La Salle, visited your site, thinks he knows me from there and now lives in Philadelphia. It's a small world.
All the best, Frank.

Mike Hopkins

Can't believe there is a web site for the ASA much less Kagnew Station. Next I'll find there is a web site for Two Rock Ranch. Keep up the good work. It's great to take that long ride down memory lane.

y name is Michael D. Hopkins (aka Hoppy). I was RA all the way. Joined the Army after high school, 1960. Did my basic training at Ft. Ord, Ca. then on to Ft. Gordon, Ga for Military Police training and then much to my surprise got my orders for Kagnew Station. When I enlisted it was for the ASA to be an M.P. but I never figured Africa.

I (we) arrived at Kagnew Station in 1961(I'll have to check my orders for the month) and were met with a bunch of not so friendly guys from "Guard Co." It seems that most of the guys there were infantry or some mos other than 951.1, M.P. It had been quite some time since there had been any genuine M.P.s sent to Asmara. We were given a hard time form the old timers for awhile. One of the guys named "Woody" I think short for Wordward, and there was a guy by the name of Phips or something like that. I will drag out my old photos and try and get more names.

There were three or four of us that arrived that day. One of the guys was a Doug Mulligan, William Stubler (I think he came over with me) and a Burnbalm. After that everyone that was assigned to Guard Company was a 951mos (M.P.)

One of my favorite Sgt.s was K.B. Barton. He was an old timer from WWII. He had been an enlisted man, became an officer during the war and was "rifted" back to Sgt. Best NCO I ever worked for, with or encountered. Town patrol was done by"Sgt. Atherton" You did not want to cross Sgt. Atherton. Visions of him driving around in that l957 Chev. od & whit color was enough to stand the hair up on the back of your neck. I think his line was "my name is Sgt. Atherton, your comming with me."

I guess I am starting to run on so I will close for now. I'll get back to you with more names, photos and stories that are fit for the internet. Nothing about the roof top bar in Massawa.

I am still in touch with several of the guys from the M.P. Company, (Joe Tubbs, Paul Romano, Jim Merritt} as we preferred to call it. I will call them and ascertain if they are on the net. Or at least drag up some more names.
Until later
Mike Hopkins/ex Sp4/Kagnew Sta. 1961/1962
Pasadena, Police Department, Retired