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Al Rayl '58-'64

Yes, Al is on email page 1, but he has a special request and this is the most likely way to get it noticed! There is a beautiful young lady in Dallas (Lidia Giusti) who is trying to find her father. Her father is LEWIS D. REED (Lew). He was Navy, probably a Petty Officer, and worked at AFRTS around '74-'75. Lidia does not want anything other than to meet her father. She went to High School in Dallas. Lidia is doing well and absolutely does not and is not looking for anything financial, Just HER DAD. When she was born Lewis wanted to bring her to the States, but her mother wouldn't hear of it. After a couple years of trying, apparently Lewis gave up and no more contact was made. Lidia has been here 7 years, and may have to return soon because of visa problems, but the search goes on to find her father. Her mother never told her much about her father, but she believes he was from West Virginia. Marshall Stark was supposed to be a good friend of Lew's. If anyone can help, please email me soon. Thanks! Al

Gary Morin '71-'72

After my tour with the 371st in Nam, I rotated to Kagnew from August 71 to the station's closing in May '72 (and my early out). As usual for the population of this station, I was a dittybopper. Served there with Charlie Smith, Moran Dunlany and David Small; plus our resident speedfreak "Butch" Cassidy. The ELF insurgency was supposed to be hot enough to require convoys to Massawa and back. Cheren was bombed out by Haile a mont before my arrival and the road permanently closed. Of all the pix I've seen on this page so far, I haven't seen one for "Tit" hill. Once I can get it scanned, I'll submit it.
former Sp/4 GarMo -. .- .--. .- .-.. --
371st RR Co ... - .. -.-. -.- ...
'70 Phuc Vinh '71 - --- -.- .. -.. ...

Steve Healey '70- '72

My name is Steve Healey and I was stationed at Kagnew from June, 1970 to January, 1972. Before that I was at the 8th RRFS in beautiful Phu Bai. First, I want to say thanks - I think this site is tremendous! I've seen a couple other ASA sites, but this is definitely the best. I was in HHQ Co. and worked at both Stonehouse and the main post. After ASA, I was in the music, audio and computer business and now have a shopping site on the 'Net at I'd like to hear from Jim Melton, Joe Zorn, Bill Nichols, Tom May, Jon Sofranek and Mike Combs. Keep up the good work. Obviously, there are a lot us out here that really appreciate it. And kawmelaha to all the Asmara "alumni".

Jaye Keith (Judy Phillips in Asmara) '62-'64

My name is Jaye Keith (Judy Phillips when I was living in Asmara). I lived there from 62 - 64 and was in high school at the time. My dad was Raymond Phillips. It's so nice to know that you're doing this page. It brings back so many memories. I saw Roger Coday's name and gave him a call. Of course he didn't remember me at all, but I remembered him. It was so great to talk to him. I check every day to see if the page has been updated. I love to read what people write. The person I would like to find the most is Bunny Rosenberg. If you ever hear from her (or her brother, Terry) would you please let them know I would love to get in touch with them? Thanks very much. Jaye

Jim and Helen Petty '61-'65, '66-'68, '70-'73

Jim and Helen are people of few words. Assigned to STRATCOM, according to his message. Look for their snail mail address on the roster page. (Editor)

Les Coleman Mid '64-Mid'66 (Navy)

Ata Tahonka, Talk about having a flashback. Here I am playing on the web of the future, and I stumble across my past. I was stationed at Kagnew from mid 1964 to mid 1966 with the Navy. It's funny, when I was there I hated it, but seeing it now, gives me a strange longing to go back. My name is Les Coleman, a.k.a., L.C. or Chooch. I never really took any photos while I was there, so it was really cool to see it again. I still work in communictions. I just don't run around getting wasted anymore. Anyway thanks for bringing back some memories.

Duke Klassen '67-'69

Great job on the Kagnew site!! I was in Asmara from Dec. 67 to May 69. I've only been on the Internet a few months but also connected with quite a few people from Tract "C" over the years: Mike Hyder, John Holthouse, Steve Lantry, Gary "Mac" McGoey, Tom West, Jon Rodgers, Doug Ray, Fred Knipe, Joe Puckett and others. Some of us are still looking for Bill Bakken, John Kupersmith, Tom Gumpp, Mick Johnston(formerly of San Diego) and other Arab linguists from the 66-67 era at DLI at Monterey. Keep up the good work.

Richard Bowling '68-'70

I ran across your page by accident. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. I was assigned to Guard Company from March 68 to June 70. Like Joe Gillam, I lost track of most of my friends too. I just dropped him a line. Keep up the good work, I look forward to visiting the page again and reading new information, stories and seeing the photos. Thanks.

Russ Zaino '68-'69

Not sure if this is the correct procedure, but I would hope to be posted on your list of Kagnew vets looking for others. I am Russ Zaino. Was an 05H at Kagnew from July,68-DEc,69 and went from there to Vietnam. Basic was at Ft Jackson followed by a cold winter of '67 at Ft Devens. Some of the guys I remember are Mike Cline, Mike Gregory, Randy Stephens, Will Ward and Luke Luna. Drove a 1958 Rambler station wagon that spent more time trying to run than actually running.

Bill Corrie '68-'70

This is Bill Corrie , I was stationed at kagnew from 23 Sep 68 to 25Jun 70. Worked out at the big comm. center beyond the antennas. Not sure if that's site c or not. It was the building with all the dittybops in it. My best bud was an Arabic linguist there at that time. We worked behind the locked doors and always had to have name badges and all that stuff, like something out of the movies. Do you remember a W.O. named Antuna? He was in charge of the comm center at the time, and was nick named Spotted Pony due to some bad burns. Had pink spots all over. Also worked with SP5 who had a bright red and white 65 mustang conv. At the time, probably only one in africa. Also maybe some one remembers a guy from down in lousianna whose daddy was in oil. He drove a water tanker for a while. Also knew a guy in B company known as Snoopy, thought he was the cartoon dog slept with a water dish on floor and ate dog bones all the time. He had come over from Ft Monmouth. He lost his wife to botched surgury there. Always kept trying to get to Nam. If I remember correctly he got there. Hope he got home ok. Do any of these guys ring any bells ? I now live in Ormond Beach, FL.

David Whitehurst '61-'63

What a suprise when I stumbled on the web site and related links last night. I can hardly wait for all of the photos to start showing up on the homepage. I've always kicked myself for not taking any pictures while I was over there. I've still got my passport...that picture of me with the buzz cut is a classic. Maybe I can send a copy of that picture and my visas. circa 1961-63. Just turned the big five-five a couple of weeks ago. Sure don't look the same, do we!!

Vince Amy '54

I was at Kagnew in'54 in the 9479 TSU, along with Dave Boyd, Harry Tyson, John Gardiner, John Rinker, Master Sgt. Jim Main. Our CO was Capt. A Gravelin. We lived in the tents that were to the left of the PX as you looked from the HQ building. I have an enormous collection of photos & Negatives as well as slides. I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else who drank Melotti beer. I've lived and worked in Florida (geologist) for the past 27 years.

Larry D. Lawrence '68-'70 (Navy)

My name is Larry Lawrence, I was Navy, stationed at the Gura transmitter site from Nov. 68- Apr. 70. I often wondered what happened to Kagnew Station, then low and behold I was surfing around and found this sight. What a surprise and the stories brought back so many memories. Please send me more info on how to get on this page and how to get in contact with the Asmara Alumni Assn. This is so cool I can't believe it. Thanks for keeping the old gang together. Incidentally, I got my orders to Asmara along with 12 other submariner radiomen, just what the hell we were doing there still buffalos me to this day. As a young kid then, I wasn't really too concerned about it, but now I am, and the role we played in the Vietnam Conflict. Send me all the info you can. Thanks again. Larry

Donald W. Jones '60-'61 (O58)

Don has been working with Willie Fitzgerald to organize an early sixties Kagnew reunion. They are still looking for some folks: Lynn McFadden(MN), Jim Campbell(MN), Walt Hudson(MA) and Bill Russell(TN). Please send any information to Don at email above.

Bill Cross '50-'53 (ASA)

My name is Bill Cross. I was with the ASA in Asmara from 1950 to 1953. Would like to correspond with others from that same time period. Also any persons left around that may have served in ASA in Kyoto Japan (1949-1950)

Gerald Pry '49-'52

I am anxious to see a map of Asmara. The one I have was made in the 40,s and was not accurate when I was there. I love the Kagnew pages. (Editor's note: Jerry sent several photos, received from Charles D. White Jr. As soon as I can get these pages under control, they will be added.) (Forgive the delay, Jerry.)

James Boyce '66-'68

My name is Jim Boyce and I too spent time in the clouds of Kagnew station (1966-68) A-trick @ Track C. I would like to join my comrades as a member of your duty roster. I've been in contact with Mike Doran and have been working to coordinate action between Mike and the USASA National Capital Area Alumni Association. It's suprising how many ole ASA'ers there are and to find them on the Internet. You got a great page and if you are interested in what I am trying to coordinate, just send me an E-Mail. Again, thanks.

Robbin Lee Meade Moore'65-'67 (10th Grade)

My name is Robbin Lee Meade Moore and I was in Asmara from September 1965 until June 1967. My dad was a SGM with STRATCOM (James "Jim" Meade). My mother's name is Joyce and my brother's name is Dan. I was in the 10th grade when we arrived, and left after graduation, but was delayed by the June War in 1967. I am so glad to be able at last to try to locate ANYBODY who was there in Kagnew when we were. The pictures of the Massawa Road were great to see. I have an old STRATCOM patch and also a Kagnew Station Patch. Have a handbook and post telephone book as well as some receipts from Alfa's and an old Chitbook. Also have an old license plate. Would love get e-mail from anyone out there who was at Kagnew Station!!

George Zasadil '67-'68

It was great to see the Kagnew Homepage back up and running. About a month ago John Harris wrote and told me that you would be taking it over. I'm glad that have taken the time to work on the homepage. While surfing the net on Mothers Day, I found "maddog's" ASA Homepage, and have been in communication with him since. Mike and I were both on A Trick at Tract C in '67-'68 . We were in the same 8-man room for a while and did a lot of partying together. He told me that I was the first person that had written to him that he remembered. Since that time I been searching for our old buddies. I have found 5 (actually I found 4 and one found me) out of 12 so far, and still looking for the rest. We've been swapping Asmara stories for about a month now. Only two of them have internet access and I shudder to think about my next phone bill. My name is George Zasadil, but everyone called me Zazz. I was a SP/5 05K working NMSD on A Trick at Tract C. I arrived in Asmara on May 4, 1967 with Harry Osteen and a guy named O'Flarety. Originally assigned to D Trick, I was transfered to A Trick shortly after the 6 day war. I hung out with Harvey Nichols, Steve Popko, Mike Doran, Fat Mike Powers, Spook Mckay, Jerry Wilkinson, Claude Barton, Bill Hunt, Don Joy, Mike Andersson, Jim Boyce, John Hurtebese, Charlie Casdorph (Wilk's Shadow), Bill Atwell and Chuck Fairless (Chuck died in a car accident in 1975) just to name a few. I PCSed to Fort Meade, after a great 18 1/2 months at Kagnew on October 18, 1968. Some of my best memories were made in Asmara although I didn't think so at the time. When I tell old army stories, people can't believe that I was really in the Army. They usually ask if I was in a M.A.S.H. unit. When I tell them that I was stationed in Asmara Ethiopia, they say where? And then ask why? If you tell them you were in the ASA, they either give you a blank stare or ask where you surfed. I tell them in Massawa on the Red Sea. Keep up the good work, I'll tell the others that the site is once again operational. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. Zazz

Bob Graler '61-'63

You and Rick are doing a great job with this site. I found it my first day of surfing the internet and was happily surprised to see the names of some old friends. My name is Bob Graler and I was an 058 on B Trick from 1961-1963. It was great to read Don Tipton's monkey story as I remember when it happened. Your site let me reestablish contact with "Old Man" Tipton after 34 years. Please add me to your locator list. I live at 378 Grantsdale Road, Hamilton, MT 59840. Keep up the good work. Bob

Pete Morton '63-'65

What a kick to find this page. I searched it on a whim but I'm surprised and happy to find everyone here. My name is Pete Morton. I was in the ASA with MOS 058. My period of residence was from Oct 63- Mar 65. I've never run into anyone else who was there until just recently- - an air force guy who was regularly in and out of the area. It would sure be neat to renew some old acquaintences: Joe Yosua, Wally Oki, Tim Keck, Frank Pyburn, Joel Hoeltz, Vernon Brown... where is everybody?? You have my e-mail address and my home is: 59784 Calgary Dr., Bend, OR 97702. I look forward to hearing back.

Luther & Betty Smith'64-'67

Thanks for the e mail. I am new on the net, but not new with USASA. I am very proud and was honored to be among the men and women that serve in that great organization. I began my career with USASA in 1961, with the 34th USASA Liaison Det. Ft Sam Houston, TX. Served with: SGT Armand Gautier, SGT Noah L. Beckner, Col Edward Rompot, Col James D. Hall, CPT Elmer J. Weems. In 1963, I went to Ft Devens, and took the 286, course. M y family and I Were assigned to KAGNEW STATION!!!, In 1964. Boy what a culture shock, at that time. SGM Don Fields, was the command SGM during my tour. The man was a great leader in my eyes, and cared about his personnel. I can honestly say, this was the best assignment i ever experienced. The Eritrean people were the kindest and most gentle people that I ever had the honor to meet. My family and I had many local friends in Asmara.We t;hink of them all the time. I had to give-up my ASA, MOS, due to a severe left eye problem. Changed over to an admin MOS, assigned to the hospital on Kagnew Station. MAN!! Was that a blast. Talk about MASH on TV. John Harris woke us up in the morning and the Wedding Drums put us to sleep at night. My wife Betty, son Keith, and my Precious Daughter Donna left Asmara in 1967. Went all around the world, I retired from the US Army in 1979, We really enjoy your Home Page. Brings back many memories. Long Live the Memory of the USASA, And The great people that served. Thanks: SMITTY.

Gary L. Hada '63-'65

My stats to add to the Kagnew roster. Stationed in US Army there from April 63 to April 65, single enlisted man and lived in the barracks during the entire tour. Was Teletypewriter repairman for Army Security Agency. Now Supervisor of Vocational Instruction at Folsom State Prison. Address is 705-2 E. Bidwell St. Box 262, Folsom, CA 95630-3315. Name there was Gary L. Hada but known now as G. Lynn Hada on the net and at work at least. Friends that I knew best were Mike Seitz and Steve Bishoff, both code intercept operators. Also had many Italian friends such as Mario, Ugo and Gugliema (sp) Ascari. Have lost touch with all of them. Thanks, Lynn

Bruce B. Burpee '60-'62

I may be a relic but I would be proud to add my name and address to the roster. I worked Operations Co., 05h. Would also like to know if any others from there are ham radio operators, besides Don Jones, N4TN. Might be possible to get a conversation going on the amateur bands.

Hugh DePaolo '72-'73

Hi. My name is Hugh DePaolo. I was with Stratcom at Kagnew. '72-'73. Finding this website a couple of days ago was incredible. Whoever is responsible, a big hand-shake!!! Serving in Asmara was something I'll never forget. When I came across the page and browsed the pics and stories, I was brought back to a wonderfull time in my life. I'd love to get in touch with some old friends from there. Also I have lots of pictures of travelling the country. I only stayed a couple of months till the navy took over. I remember ducking low in the bus every morning and night travelling to work. I live in Exeter, CA. Peace

Tom McCandless '66-'69

Stationed with ASA at USASAFS, Asmara from June 1966 to Mar 1969. Worked out at Stonehouse as a 26K Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman. Worked 6 and 2 with a bunch of CRAZY 05's and 98's for most of the time. Even drove the trick bus occasionally. Ah, the Fiore Bar! Main occupations were drinking, chasing the girls downtown, and riding the motorcycle(s) up and down the mountain. B Company. Have 2 or three trays of slides of the area and a few Kodak pictures and a whole lot of beautiful memories. No question it was the best tour of all that I had in 22 years with ASA and INSCOM. Now? Retired E9 in 87 and have been working as the civilian contractor equivalent of MOS 33 at Hayes Hall (INSBD) Ft. Huachuca, AZ. What's funny is the Maintenance Training Department for MOS 33 is right across the street from where I work. It's all I can do to keep from going over there and running down the halls screaming "ASA, all the way!" and "TRADOC S----!" BEAUTIFUL SITE! and it's already on my Favorites list. Tom McCandless