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Bobby Nugent 63-65

I have just made contact with several fellow ditty boppers and I have sent a lot of photos to Byus, Hamer, Perillo, Porterfield, Bigson, Oki and Lenny Thomas, who I played in "The Group" with. I have the best collection of photos around. I would be glad to share them with anyone who would like them. Just email and you shall receive.

Dannie Taylor 66-67

I was station there from June 66 - October 67. Met and married my wife the former Arcangela (Tula) Cristoforakis. Been happily married for 37 years.

John Sparks 70-72

Would like to hear from some old shipmates and girls I partied with.

Roy Goodman 57-59

I was living in Ocala,Fl. at the time i was at Kagnew. I enjoyed the hunting trips and the good times with the friends i had there.Some of the guys i hung out with was-Alvin Johnson-Kenneth Reber-Ted Grimm-George Bringle-Charile Tynes-Joel Foust-Jim Thompson-Keith Parrish-John Hathaway-?(Big Foot) Horton-? Horchek-and others whose name i can not recall at this time. Alvin is the only one i have been in contact with. Would like to here from any of the old gang if they should see this.

Judy "Kathryn" Bourland (now Paquin) 63-65

We arrived in Asmara June '63 and our son Christopher was born in September. We had three wonderful years, living first on the economy with a party line telephone which rarely worked - scarey when you are due to deliver any momenthen on post. The wives club published a cookbook called "Kagnew Zighini Pot" which I still use. We had wonderful friends and our son Michael was born in August '65 before we left in November. Kagnew Station was one of the best assignments of the 23 years we spent in the Army before Terry retired in '83.
Kagnew sponsor: James Terry Bourland, USA Finance Corp

Steve McArthur 69-72

I was stationed at Kagnew in 1971. I was a Microwave Communications Technician in the Navy. Actually, I worked at the Navy site down the mountain called Gura. I remember vividly having to ride down the mountain every day on that old rickity bus... many times I wondered if we would make it back alive!

A few of the names I remember are Michael Crockett (Army), and Scott Jackson (Navy). Scott and I were discharged from the Navy on the same day at Kagnew and traveled back to the states together... I haven\'t seen him since we landed at the Boston airport in 1971.

Oh, I just rembembered one other name... Josephie Louigee Geovian Devaglia. He was the drummer in our band.

Dina Michels 73-74

I was in 7th grade at AADS in 73-74 while my father, Joe Michels, did archeological research in Axum. I remember classmates, including Arlene Pelletier and Mike Farber.

Robert Tassinari 73-74

I managed to get in touch with my old roommate, Tom Bennett, as well as the OIC Mel Sundin and Peggy Ellis (also AFRTS). Tom and I went to a very large high school and graduated the same year without knowing one another. Bumped into him enroute to Asmara in the Athens airport! Small world! Wound up rommates for our entire hitch, and his fiancee was at my first wedding. We're going to get together for dinner and hash over the old times (like when we got drunk and he stabbed me in the hand with a souvenir spear!) since he's not too far from my current residence. Thanks for all the work you've done. I'm currently between jobs and needed a pick me up---finding the Kagnew website was just the ticket! bt

Veral Gamble 63-64

Kagnew Station Jan 1963 to July 1964. Worked at the radio-tv station along with Garner, Black, Grosch, Pena, Burton, Sgt Smith, Sgt McNish, Proctor and some others that I don't remember. Was really happy when I found this web site. Wasn't aware that any one remembered the old site. The Army dosen't seem to list it any where. Found several of the other field stations but #4 was missing.

Jutta Robeson 65-69

Hello Rick, my ex-husband Mike Robeson (Leo F.) was in Stratcom and if my memory serves me, his office was right across the Tennis Courts on main base. His MOS had "Zulu" in it, but that is all I can recall.

We were there from Feb. 65 to June 69, when he got orders to Vietnam. My great fun was going to AFTRS station in the evening and joining the guys as the only woman on TV and offering a weather report. An easy task with "13 months of sunshine". But it was lots of fun being the weather girl!

First we lived on the economy right behind main base and then in the housing tract across town with the Swedish Duplexes, but I forget which Tract that was.

I have very fond memories of our four years there, some of the best...

The person I am trying to track is Major William J. Dishner who was the TTU Officer in charge of the Massawa detachment during the last year there. He was so very kind to my mother when she came to visit us from Austria and I have always wanted to tell him how much his kindness meant to her. If you hear anything about him, please let me know.

Your website is so great. Stumbled on it last night and am glad to be connected to a time in my life that meant a lot. Thanks for making it happen!

Cheryl Brainerd 69-72

Father: A. T. Brainerd, Public Affairs Officer

I delivered the Gazelle on the main post, I believe it was Tract E. I was the girl on roller skates you would see every Friday, and many of you would pay the 25 cents for my delivery services, but many tipped me tremendously. Thank You! My dad did the Armed Forces Day festival every May and even got the horseback competition as well as the parachute jump ride and carnival activities. I'm sure he had something to do with the bands as well since he was in charge of the radio and tv station, as well as the news paper. I'm so glad I found you.

George Gammon 63-65

Just surfed in to this site and though I would drop some info for the vets page ... Was stationed with the Navy at Navcommsta Asmara from November 1963 thru July 1965. Have fond memories of those years at the Oasis Club, Bowling Alley, Guru and the surrounding mountain roads ... This site brings back many good memories of my first military duty station ... If I can find the pictures I have, will share them with the site ..
G. Marshall Gammon
North Charleston, SC 29405

Rebecca Reaves (Davis) 70-73

I attended 2-4 grade in Asmara and was there when Haile Selassie visited our school. I have an older brother that attended 5-7 grade and a younger sister that started K and 1st grade there. I remember the 3 hour trip via convoy to Massawa for vacations. We had a wonderful housemaid named Amlisa (sp?) and lived next door to the Petty family. My best friend was named Regina. We were involved in Girl Scouts.

I am Davis now. My husband is also in the military so I have the AKO email account. My dad is Jimmie Reaves. They're listed on the roster in Hazel Green AL. Dad was CID when we were there. For some reason I remember 306 B Tract A as our address. Strange thing to remember! I LOVED looking at the pictures on the scrapbook page. I've asked my dad to scan some of the ones he has for the site. We have several great ones from a trip we took to Massawa and a few around the housing area.
Becky Davis

John Scott Porterfield (Peace Corps 71-73)

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia from 1971-73. In 1971, my roomate had a motorcycle accident on the way to Asmara. You guys sent a chopper to medevac him out. I waved you down to this field outside of Adwa with my blue sleeping bag. It was way cool! Two years later I showed up at the MP gate with a real bad case of hepititas. I was in the base hospital for almost 3 months, most of it flat on my back. During that time an MP was shot in the chest playing quick draw with one of his colleages. That would be about the summer of 1973. I believe he survived. Got to know the orderlies in the hospital pretty well. The base commander gave he duty free priviliges and a card that got me into the officers club. I recall they didn\'t like the length of my hair very much. LOL!

Asmara was a very cool place to hang out. I used to take the bus up from Adawa once a month where I was stationed. I used to see some of the guys from the base driving big american cars in downtown asmara. When I left the Peace Corps in August 1973, the SOP was to get your final pay in Ethiopian dollars which you took to to your local ethiopian bank to REALLY screwed on the exchange rate by to the dollar. On my way to the bank to do this, I swung by customs to ship off my personal belongings. The Ethiopian officer in charge demanded a bribe to send this stuff through about $700 ethiopian as I recall. And I had enough. After dressing him down in my best Amharic, I pulled my stuff out of the customs terminal and flew into Asmara. I marched onto the base(from which I had just left 2 weeks before) went to the base bank where, after looking at the post commander's decree stating that I had full base priviliges) they counted over a great exchange rate in US dollars. I then went back to the hospital where I knew everyone who worked there. One them was more than happy to help me ship my stuff back to the states courtesy of Kagnew Station. Cost me $28 U.S. and a beer.


You can find out more about my stay in Ethiopia by going to this link:

Mark Kowal 69-72 Stonehouse

An interesting thing happened several weeks ago. I received an email from a lady in Italy who was surfing the web and found the Kagnew website along with my shark article. She knew both of the Italians in the article, Reno and Giovanni, and emailed me to thank me for bringing back old memories. I sent her back several pictures from our fishing trips and she again emailed me back and informed me that I was standing next to her former boyfriend! Small world. She loved the Kagnew site which is a credit to you. She's asked Almaz and me to visit her the next time we're in Italy. (Because of my work I'm usually in Europe several times a year so this is quite feasible.)

Thanks for all your hard work. The website brings back a lot of good memories. I'd like to write a few more articles, maybe one about the band Max Bugsby. Would you please add to my name that I was a former bassplayer for that band. By the way, I visited Mike Naylor (ASA Stonehouse 70-72, Leader of Max Bugsby) last year in Bemidji, Minnesota. I don't know if you remember him. This was the first time I had seen him since 1972. He really looks well but he had had a heart attack two years ago. My God, but we're all getting old. He owns his own business and is still heavily into music. He must have over 30 guitars and has his own sound proof recording studio.
Keep the faith and again - THANKS!!

Doug Forester 64-66

Duty station #1) 058 & P.A.T. school FT. Devens, MA. 63'-64'
Duty station #2) 4th USASAFS Asmara, Eritrea 64'-66'

Great website thanks for doing a great service to and for all of us old "spooks"--what a wonderful tool to renew old friendships/acquaintances-"thanks for the memories"

James Kerestes 68-69

I was stationed at Kagnew June 68 to Nov 69. What an awesome web site. I have been trying to locate a couple of people that I knew in Asmara for quite some time. Jim Downton, Danny Huff, Don Mathis, & Bob Hiserodt. There are also some faces I remember but the names have left me. Had some good times in Asmara. Please add me to the list. I live in Phoenix AZ
Many Thanks

Danny Stockwell 71-73

i just wandered onto your web site the other day and have been enthralled ever since. i have spoken to dean tiernan and a few others and am trying to compile some stuff to send to you. my name is dan "chick stockwell and was in asmara navcommsta from november 1971 through may 1973.

i worked as an sk and handled the shipment of supplies to ships coming into massawa. great job. i am sorry i have not found this site earlier as i probably would have attended the reunion earlier this year. my friend, tom jenkins who i have kept in touch with has a treasure trove of memorabilia and pictures. when i can get him to get some stuff together i will get it to you. this site is absolutely wonderful. i registered on saturday and am looking forward to seeing my name out there so maybe someone will remember me and get in touch.

i am from ct, but my sister has lived in springfield fo 35 years and i have visited numerous times. a great city. her married name is mizeur.

David E. Bush 64-65

Thanks for the info. I can't describe the memories that started to come back to me as I went through the site. I really enjoyed it.

I remember being stationed there when Haile Selassie came on base. I had my camera snatched from my hands by his body guards for being too close to him. I had a picture so close to his face that you could see every imperfection. He had just came from what we felt was looting the PX with his staff.

I recall the messhall being under construction and someone going up on the roof in a drunken state and attempting to leap over into a tree only to hit the electric wires and frying.
Thanks again,

George Cook 60-62

I was part of the ASA contingent at Kagnew from June, 60 to June 62. I appreciate all the work you have done on the Kagnew website. I've been reading and reminiscing. Its been 40 years but it seems like yesterday - seeing those gherry carts, smelling the "BBQ" ziggny and pulling the one-armed bandits at the Oasis Club. Most vets look back with memories that fade with time. Not many have the luxury of going back with the aide of a website as detailed as yours.

Some time ago I put together my own autobiography, for the benefit of my kids. It includes my time at Kagnew, including some material that had been classified. Before I gave it to them I cleared it with NSA (Approved for release; NSA file PP-03-0012 dated 4/22/03). They have "no problem" with it since its been 40 years, Kagnew is closed, the equipment is obsolete and the cold war is over. I suspect it will be an unusual addition to your "stories" section. Before you use it I would like you to read and edit it and then get back to me with any changes/deletions you propose.

The story is 16 pages long, in WORD format. I can send it as a WORD document it you would like. That would be preferable to cutting and pasting so many pages. Let me know if I should send it and in which format.

Again, I appreciate the work you have done and look forward to discussing adding my experiences to the website.
George Cook
Kagnew June 60 - June 62
Kansas City, MO 64117

John Stahl 58-59

I would like to be added to your email roster, and any other place you can put me. Thanks for the work on the site. have been following it for some time. I was at Kagnew from 1958 till Jan, 1959. Operations co, mos 058.2 and was the guy larry freeman said bought the new VW from an Asmara dealer. I have tried to contact him at several email addresses but no luck so far. I have current(Oct,2003) addresses for Harlan schultz,Leonard Crizer, and Ervin Chesney, all 058's there with me. Am looking for about 15 more for a mini reunion. I have movies, transferred to vcr tape, of Asmara,Massawa, people and places about 45 minutes long if anyone is interested.
Contact me (info on roster pages)
John B. Stahl

Edwin "Skip" Evans 63-64

my name is [skip] edwin evans i was in kagnew station 1963 1964 stratcom tape ape i have names of men i served with and louie nye is the mp at stratcom i cant get to his email and get thru to him there are a few names of men [bouchard] [boutin] [kahrs] [absher] [louie nye m p] [bradley] [pounds] [beria] [sgt sullivan] i have3 picks of the whole gane but cant send them at this time will try to get this out and i want on the email list i would like for u to put me on the list. edwin evans tape ape 1963 64 i now live in manila arkansas where i was borned i would love to hear frou u men asap

Raymond Eichmann 60-62

What a surprise to see a bumper sticker for Kagnew Station in the parking lot at a hockey rink in Rochester. It has been over 40 years since I spent two years at Kagnew and that sticker brought back many memories. I'm going to break out the old 8mm movies that my family used to dread watching.

Windell Courson 62-64

I was stationed at Kagnew with the 4th USASAFS from Jan 62 to Jan 64. I have fond memories of that time, some which I shall choose not to repeat. I worked in the commcenter in those days. Some names that come to mind were my two buddies that went through basic and AIT with me: Lual Barr, from Alabama and Cardon (L.C.) Frazier from Tennessee. If anyone has contact with them I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. Some other names that come to mind –Humphreyville, Bosch Barrett, “Fast Eddy” (Can’t remember his last name), There was a little short guy named Jack that was the “king of motorcycles”. I remember Kidwell and I am sure that as I put my mind to it I will recall others. I just recently discovered this website and I think it is great. I have my Kagnew bumper stickers and will hopefully attract attention to some of you out there. I left Kagnew in Jan 64, went to Russian language school and became a 98G. Later on changed to HUMINT and counterintelligence field. Retired in 1981, I have been a DoD employee since then. I am currently on the OSD staff at the Pentagon.
Windell Courson 62-64

Steve Holden 71-73

Hi Rick,
I was Navy. I was an E3 when I was sent, and an E4 when I was sent out, I was at NavComSta from 1971 thru 1973. I loved my years in Asmara. I miss my friends and lovers. Thank you very much for your site. I am perfectly willing to tell what I lived and felt....if you need it.

My job was in the personel office, I was the Classified Material custodian. I also was trusted with the office was my job to fight...... until the place was blown up by the Comm Officer.
Steve Holden

Robert Frost

Hello Rick;
My name is ROBERT FROST, I was stationed in Asmara Kagnew Station in 1964-65. I am working for the Army at Pueblo chemical Depot in Pueblo, CO. Thanks for the great web-site.
Robert Frost

Peggy Ellis 73-74

I was one of only few active duty enlisted women stationed in Asmara. As a young Navy journalist I spent my first overseas duty at the AFRTS in 1973-74. I remember the first PSA I recorded for the station. I wasn't a trained broadcaster at the time, and it too many takes for me to get it right. I can still remember the tag line that was so difficult for me to say without stumbling: "Action line, wrecker of rundown rumor and disseminator of direct dope." I didn't write, just had to say it. I remember the first trip I took off the mountain, riding along with an escort for a mail delivery to TTU Massawa. I was a ghost in the AFRTS Halloween show. And I got the worst sunburn of my life boating on the Red Sea with some fellow AFRTSers. After I left Asmara, I went to DINFOS for broadcast training, then headed to Misawa, Japan and duty with FEN. Then I went to Guam, Norfolk, Sigonella and ended with four years with the base PAO in Rota, Spain. I managed to run into some of my former shipmates from Asmara, including Steve Hiney and Perry Brandt, but has always wanted to know what happened with the rest. As a civilian, I worked for a couple of small newspapers in Michigan. Now I am living in Florida working for the newspaper in Daytona Beach. I was 21-22 years old when I was in Asmara, now I am a 50-something grandmother. Anyway, if any of my friends from Asmara see this, e-mail me.
Peggy Ellis
AFRTS, 1973-74