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Jimmie L Beal 65-68

I was stationed at Kagnew Station from 1965 - 1968, I worked at Stonehouse. Our story was that we were there to collect and record deep space electronic phenomena. What we actually did was track Russian satellites. I was there for lunar 8 and I don't remember the rest. Also watched and taped Russian satellite TV. Watched the Olympics on Russian TV. I really don't know what I was doing there because I was a radio teletype operator (05K40) and most of the people stationed there were radar operators or linguists, but there I was. My son Robert was born at the Hospital on Kagnew Station 25 Mar 1968. I will always remember the time I spent at Kagnew Station.
SFC Jimmie L Beal USA, Retired

Al Trautman 66 TDY

I was a USAF TDY in the 66s. 6 months and I really enjoyed Asmara. I played in a band (don't remember the name) but there was a keyboard player named Danny Keiser, I played bass and the lead guitar was named "Danny"..

I also played piano, hung around the "White Horse" and stayed at the "Continental" hotel...(separate rations)

I'm still playing piano, doing safety consulting and doing LOTSA computer stuff now...anyone out there did any USAF TDY ?? I got out in 67...:0) AL

Al Trautman
New Iberia, Louisiana

Sebastian ---75 (Officer's Barber)

hi friends,
i'm Sebastian the officers barber in kagnew up to the last '74/'75. if somedoby knows me or remember of me, please respond to this email address which is the email of my son.

i'm looking for Mr.Lewine the US Hospital commander. can you help me to find him??

bye, my friends. i'm waiting for you!!!!

2nd Note from March 30th, 2003

Dear Rick, ...dear friend of good times.........
what a great emotion after so much time!!!!!!! in all these years, i have never stopped to think to all my friends of Kagnew Station. I would be very happy if we could met! ....

You know, Rick, the memories of my years (the best of my life) passed with you at Kagnew Station, are always in my mind ....... and my heart! Since 1975, we, (me, my wife and my son), live in Ostia. 20 Km. near to Rome.

And what about you? .. were are you living now? Rick, let me tank you very much for having passed my message to the other friends of the STRATCOM Unit. I'm waiting for their messages!!!! Do you remember of col.Levine of the US Hospital? do you have his news? Can you send me a picture of you or some pictures of Kagnew with other officers? i'll try to do the same next days
Bye Rick, Sebastian

Charles Alan Voice 60-62

I was surfing the net a few months ago and ran into this web site and have had a ball with it. I was over in Asmara for 25 months as I got extended 7 months outside of my 18 month tour of duty. I was real "short" and then got another 7 months tacked on me. I worked in the "Crypto" room. I have been in conversation with a lot of guys that some of you may remember. John Matino...John Bartosik...Tom Hertz...Bob Palombi...Marty Grant...George Heazlett...John Sell. I remember a lot more guys too and should list them. Frank White...Norman Smith...George Terell...Tim Hirschinger...Ken Zinzer.

I had a good time over there and probably should have sayed in. I got out though and ended up working in the coal mines here in Sourthern Illinois for 29 years and am now retired. I'll be 62 next month and social security will kick in.

I played in a dixieland band with Bobby Gardner as lead horn for quite awhile over there. I loved to play that music. I've played very little since then.

I married a home town gal in 1964 and we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Life has been very good to me and my family. I sometimes catch myself thinking about Kagnew and the good times and good friends I shared time with over there. I would appreciate hearing form any of you folks and wish you all well!!
MESA Crypto

Lee Thurner 67-69

I stumbled across your website, and it was like a trip back in time. I was stationed at Kagnew Station from May '67 until June '69. Initially my wife and I lived in a rented villa on Airport Road and then moved to base housing when it became available. Our daughter, Jennifer Sloane Thurner, was born in the base hospital on 10 May 1968. Parents' names are Lee and Stacie Thurner. The attending physician's name was (no kidding) Capt. Killam.

I was responsible for the Navy's base infrastructure, utilities, and transportation at the Tract F receiver site and at the transmitter site at Gura, and with the 8,000 mile supply lines it was a challenge. We depended on C-141 flights from Italy for a lot of stuff which would otherwise have taken five months to arrive by ship (the Suez canal was closed). Only the U.S. government could afford these airlifts.

Some persistent memories were (1) being escorted at rifle point to the transient lounge in Cairo to await the Ethiopian Airlines flight to Asmara (the red passports were a dead giveaway that we were "government officials"); the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel within a couple of weeks of our arrival and the tension that generated at NAVCOMMSTA; the great weather on top of the mountain and the hellish heat in Massawa; the spectacular snorkeling in the harbor at the TTU; the great ravioli and cappucino at the Caravelle; Trying to learn enough Italian to converse with our "Ethie" employees (Amharic was impossible); a quote from our expert carpenter, Haptemariam ("Meester Turner, some-zing is better zan no-zing") and going driving in my little Sprite on the twisty roads to Massawa and Keren, dodging the AGIP trucks and the adghi's (donkeys).

All in all it was great duty and a wonderfully enriching (although NOT financially) experience.
Thanks for the great site.
Lee Thurner

Reino "Ray" Sutela 70-71

I have a great life and family as I hope you do as well. I met my wife Ann at my next duty station, VP-30, and we have been happily married since 1973. We have two sons, Chris and Ed. Peace to all.

Rick Lyddon 69-71

I was at Kagnew Station from July 1969 to December 1971. My wife was with me and my daughter was born there five weeks before we returned home to California. I found the link as I was browsing for webpages that had my name in it....just an idle exercise while I ate my lunch.

I am presently a United Methodist pastor at Tempe, AZ.
Rick Lyddon

Guy Mullendore 70-71

I was in the 9th grade there and thought it was the absolute worst place in the world. I was pretty young and immature then and got caught up in the wrong crowd, but those were really strange times, even back in the world. I ended up spending 20 years in the Navy, 14 of those running with Marines, and still never managed to see a place like Asmara. And the weirdness never stops-last weekend I got a call from a girl I knew over there and she had two other girls from Asmara I knew-at her house!And only an hour away. Try explaining to your wife three girls are coming over to see you and one just happens to be an old girlfriend. But they told me about the website and I managed to find a lot of classmates and even a guy I met in England in '75-Jimmy Hulse, his dad was CIA also. Yeah, we had some fun there, but it was definitely strange. I wouldn't trade my time there for anything.

Vickie Wright (Gagnon) 67-69


I am a former dependent of Kagnew Station. I am listed on the dependent looking for page. I am the former Vickie Wright. My married name is now Vickie Gagnon.

I spoke to Mark Pellitier last year. Have not heard anything else. Would love to hear from everyone who was at the Dependent school from l967 - 1969.

Darrell Large 65-68

Linda Carolyn Large (now Young)
b. May 28, 1957
Parents: Darrell and Rheta Large

Historical note.
Linda was the last child born in the little hospital at Radio Marina. I recall all personnel and equipment had already been moved earlier that day or the previous day to the new post (Kagnew Station) except Captain Arlo Bloomer, MD, and the minimum staff and supplies required for her delivery by Rheta. Upon delivery, Mother and Daughter were loaded into the WW 2 vintage ambulance and moved to Kagnew to become the first patents at the new hospital. What makes the incident more fascinating is that months later we were having dinner as guest of Captain and Mrs.Olie Raymond in their "new" quarters which had been converted out of the old hospital. During dinner Rheta glanced up and recognized the operating room light had been left. That's when we realized the room table (government issue of course) was centered exactly where the operating/delivery table was located for the birth of our beautiful daughter Linda.

Thomas Tompkins 51-54

Our daughter Teresa Lee Tompkins was born at Radio Marina (Kagnew Station) on 30 June 1953. We, Milea and Tom Tompkins are the parents, we were married in Asmara at the Cathedral on June 21, 1952.We were assigned to the 9434TSU from December 1951 until July 1954. We can also be contacted at (707) 462-4436.

Eddie Howell 68-70

Rick, what ever happened to Steve Shupe? What about Jeff Turner?

You don't remember me but I kind of remember you. I was on the Stratcom softball team 2 seasons in a row. I believe you were on the team the season before I played. I don't believe you were on the team when I played. I started in right field but played left and center occasionally. I remember Steve had the best arm in history and had the most power too. He could hit the daylights out of the ball. I always tell my friends of his tremondous display of strength when hitting his homeruns. I also remember him having one heck of a temper.

Just wondering. I thought he could have played professional baseball. When I got out of the service I was always looking for his name. Do you know what happened to him?

I was on the track team which competed in Ankara, Turkey and Massawa. I was on the volleyball team too which competed in Ankara, Turkey and Weisbaden, Germany. I played football (which was my best sport) but I remember not liking the Stratcom quarterback. Jim Brown and I were the fastest runners in Kagnew and the QB never threw us the ball. He always used Jeff Turner to do all the running. Even though Jeff and I were good friends I still wanted to catch the ball. I didn't play the whole season because I couldn't stand the QB. I played basketball nearly 2/3 of a season. I had to quit during the season because I joined the Volleyball team and traveled to Turkey and Germany with them. I remember that year Stratcom beat Navy for the championship. I remember some of the team too. Nat Wheeler was the guard, Harris was the center, and I think one of the forwards was Skeets. I'm not quite sure though. I was a guard but when Nat Wheeler joined the team he was soooooo good I did not mind sitting on the bench. His first game he scored 88 points. Do you remember any of this?

Take care.
Eddie Howell
Stratcom 68-70
I worked in the Crypto room at Tract B.

Mike Waddle 63-66

I lived as a dependent to my father, Capt. Dave Waddle in Kagnew from 1963 to 1966. He was the person responsible for stating the pee-wee football league and coached the Gazelles that started the first year with all losses and the third season with all wins. I knew during this period the Wilkersons from Texas and would like to get in touch with Ann or Trey Wilkerson. Another person would went in on a horse was a Capt. Taylor from Texas??? Anyone know where I might find any of these fine people?
Mike Waddle
(330) 630-1468

Wayne Homer 58-60

My name is Wayne J. Homer and I was an Sp-4 stationed at the 4th USASA Fld. Station from March, 1958 to June, 1960. I lived in HQ Company and worked as an Engineer Spare Parts Specialist for the Post Engineer, Major Francis. I believe the Post Commander in those days was Col. Little.

I also had a part-time job at the Post Theatre. I have a lot of black and white photos of our time there at Kagnew along with a lot of stories and memories. (Including moving from the old Oasis Club downtown to the new one on base and the building of the swimmng pool on base. I will blrng my scrapbook with me to the reunion).

I learned about the 50th Reunion from Sp- 5 Jack Hill (East Liverpool, Ohio & Bonita Springs, Fla.)whom I got to know real well having toured Europe with Jack during May-June, 1960 on leave. Jack called me last Sat night out of the blue, and I talked with him just like we did when he would call me about some accounting glitch from the Finance Office. My wife and I will make every effort to attend the reunion in Las Vegas this June. I am holding off registering yet until I get my computer email hooked up at home so that I can utilize it for all future messages and corresepondence (I'm writing you from work right now during my lunch period).

I have enjoyed looking at the recent photos from Kagnew and have been comparing them with mine from 58-60. What a difference! Thanks for all of you and your committee's hard work in putting together this website. Jack and I will try to track down some of the other guys who were with us and see if we can get them to come to Vegas. We have already located the twins Jimmy and Johnny Lyttle who went over on the same plane and were our buds during our duty time.

John Pinkham 65-67

The truth is, it never occured to me that there would be a web page about Kagnew. I got my dates wrong. I was there from Sept 1965 to Feb 1967, got to the Nam in April of 67. I used to have a couple of Kagnew patches, don't know what happened to them. I still have slides of Kagnew I took. Have some slides of the Church In The Tree,, The British war cemetary, the road to Massawa and to Keren, I used to have the Stars and Stripes with the story about the transmitter site at Gau, It got misplaced over the years. Kagnew was a really different experience, espically for a 17 year old kid, who had never really been away from home. I think it's really super all the work you have put into the web site. I can get copies of my slides if you would like and send them to you, might be able to use them on the web site. Let me know. Thanks again for all of your great work on the web site.

Mike White 73

(Listed correctly as James White in Roster)
I arrived Asmara with the Helicopter det personnel in April 73 I believe. The Helicopter det never happened why we do not know. We ( Det personnel) were all eventually transferred all over the base. Look in Customs, Top 5 , Golf course , NIS , Shore Patrol and all these airdales abound. I was Joint Patrol with Stramiello we had some wild nights. Endured the Tank at the Main gate, the numerous ELF alerts and the Navy military departure.

I claim my wife at the time was the last military dependant to leave the base. Because I was on an unaccompanied tour my ex wife was not eligible to fly on the dependent flight out. We departed on the Ethiopian Airlines flight after all the dependants left. We stayed in Guest housing for the last week at no cost.

I lived in base housing by the back gate. Anyone remember the Vulture hitting the transformer and knocking out the power. That vulture ended up in my backyard. We thought it was dead until we opened the door and it shook it self off and wandered in the yards for about a half hour before it flew off. Some of my most wonderful memories come from there. Best was a care package with Mexican Food fixings which turned into a house party.

I still remember the trip to Lallabella with Father Kelly and Riley to tour the Christian Coptic Churches. I have pictures which I will forward in the future. Sorry to see he has passed away recently. We used an Italians airplane (Twin engine Beech) that the airdales had worked on (Illegally) in return for flight time and gas.

It was always a trip to ask for orders after Asmara duty. I would always call my detailer and I would hear them say Ethiopia. " who did you piss off to get sent there". Even when I asked for an extension my detailer had me send a certified copy from my spouse saying she was willing to stay there. But I always got good duty assignments after that. Never got the extension cause we were closed down shortly after I sent it.

Any of the Shore Patrol or Helo det personnel I would love hearing from you. I now live in San Diego and travel extensively in PAC ASIA. Retired 1986 as ADC from USN.

Ben Motion 65-67

Referred to site by both Rusty Dionne and Fabio Fantozzi (son of Italian who built the Massawa R&R center)

Jim Anton 55-58

Life is truly a school. I have six sons who have benefited from my ignorance: A minister, stock broker, MD, US Army Officer (2LT Ranger, Airborne), college sophmore, high school junior, 3 grandsons and a granddaughter. I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to share time and space with all the wonderful people of my past - and I mean all the people. To all of you who offered hands of friendship to me during my darkest hours, and did not judge me, and to all those who rejoiced at my degradation, I wish each of you love, health, peace, prosperity, and happiness- especially love.

Don Davis 49-52

I was surprized when I recently discovered your Kagnew Station Page. During the period 1949-52 ( I'm not clear on actual dates. I'm 85 now and not remembering dates too well) I was commander of Radio Marina, Consisting of FS 8604,9434 TSU, a Navy and an Air Force det, and a civilian force of Italians and Eritreans. In 1951 I published a "Handbook of Eritrea" which I didn't see mentioned in your coverage of events, but I suppose you do have a copy. I was proud of such a thing from just a rinkey-dink command. I've also just come across an 8X10 official Navy photograph of the Inspection parade and the Admiral (Name forgotten) as he looked over our MP Det. I could attach some photos of some unusual events from the old days if you are interested. Congratulations on a fine PAGE.
Don Davis, Col.(Ret)

Sam Hale 57-58

Hi Rick,
I really enjoyed the "history" that you have displayed on the Kagnewstation website. In addition to having my memory refreshed with some datails of the time I was there (1957/1958), I learned some new facts. I had not known that KANU-TV was the very first TV station operated by the army. The story speaks of that and of its instituting a newscast (simulcast with radio). I was the newscaster on the premier of that program; thus, I learned that I had the 'distinction' of doing the first TV newscast in the history of Army Television! In the FedEx envelope you will receive today are several photos of the facilities and the production of the Saturday night TV show. My memory was refreshed that the name of this show was "Kagnew Kapers". I have a review of that program published in the local Italian newspaper .... "Sunny Hills (should be Sammy Hale, of course) smiles at the invisible audience ..". I also have a photo of my doing that newscast on the set we constructed.

Thanks for all you are doing (and have already accomplished). I shall look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas.
Warmest regards.
Sam Hale

Jack M. Kio 57-59

My father was the one who had the pet deer that he walked around on a leash. Would like to from those who knew him and anyone who knows about Sgt Allen Kuha.
Thanks, Butch Kio

Dick Perry 63-65

Dear Rick,
My name is Dick Perry. I was a member of SRU#9 from 63-65. We were a small independent unit in the yellow concrete building by the railroad. I was company clerk most of the tour. Have you received any correspondance from other members of SRU#9?

George W. Boylan 57-59, 61-63

I just found your site...very nice....I am George W Boylan, I was at Kagnew Station from Jan 1957 to Sept 1959 and again from Feb 1961 to Aug 1963 , I believe that I may have been one of the only ones to have belonged to "the Oasis Club", the EM Club, the Top 5 Club, and the "O" club, I was prom'd to sp3(sp/4) , sp5, SSG, then WO1 during my two tours there...My wife Sherrie (we have both remarried) was a member of the Womens Basketbaall team, and one of the woman Bowlers....for a short while I played for Maury Swords band...and the Post marching band...some of our friends,,,MSG Warren Noble,SSG Jim and Juanita Ryan, SSG Jim and Patsy Tillman, SSG Freeman and Ohma Graham, (SSG>MAJ?) Dwight and Thelma Devoss, just a few...three of our four children were born there...I left Active duty in Aug 1966..Looking for poss contact w/MSG Noble...thanks, nice job.