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Howard "Butch" Salada 66-67

Just stumbled on the site. I was stationed there in 66-67. Got lucky and met my future wife there (one of those brown-bagger dependents). Her name is Chris (Morgan). While there I played in several bands at the top 5 and the Oasis as well as a few of the clubs down town. First with the Counts, then the Mauroks and then the Remains. We had a good time. The Mauroks joined together again in 68 in NYC and made an attempt at the BIG time. The other members of the group were: Lary Keiser (linguist) Tom "Tuck" Kaup (Navy), Vic D'Amore (?). Bobby Ward, who was there before me also joined us in NY. Our first drummer was a Navy guy called Willy. The only one I've kept in touch with was Tuck. The others are lost in America. Maybe someone knows where they are?

Suzanne "Chris" Morgan (Salada) 66-68

I was 16 and 17 while there, met my future husband there. He is Howard 'Butch" Salada. Yes, I did go to school there. My parents are Harry and Shirley Morgan, we lived on Track A. My best friend was Wanda Filler. Her Dad, Richard 'Dick' played cards at the top 5 with my future husband and the rest of the guys.
This is really nice....

Al Noe

Great site, having flashbacks, my wife, Chaney and I were married in 1972 in the chapel by Major Whiteside. I worked at Tract "F" tech control facility. My wife worked in the exchange (both army and navy). I remember several people listed here. Have a fond memory of Bob "animal" Payne and I trying to take out the main gate guard shack at the front gate with animal's M-37 army truck (almost suceeded too).

I worked as a autovon operator starting out, until RM1 Tracy Riff decided to trust memaking coffee and playing with patch cords. My wife has an iron clad memory so she can answer anyone's questions about the exchange personnel during our tour. It was the "Best Damn Tour" out of twenty one years in the Navy. Anyone remember the motto? "A MILE HIGH, A MILE AHEAD" (as I remember there were a few variations on this)

Once again Great Site, would love to hear from any of ya old swabs!!!!!
Al & Chaney Noe

William Ziegler 62-63

Served in Guard Company until leaving in Sept 1963. Had many interesting trips (both sightseeing and hunting) all around the country. Had a good time there, but after leaving, sort of missed the place. Was a very nice post.

Frank F. Trapasso 64-66

Initially assigned as NCOIC of Crypto Next assigned as NCOIC of the Transportable Communications Division(AN/TSC 18}Then as Station Chief, Remote Radio Site and lastly as NCOIC< Plans and Engineering. Great people, good times and wonderfull assignment. My wife Mary, who worked in the office of the wonderfull NCO club sends her regards.

Robert Gomach 66-67

I was in Asmara from appox. April 1966 - September 1967. My MOS was O4B3L27 - I worked as a French Linquist - I was also a member of the Asmara motorcycle club. I have had contact with Dave Engstrom and Barry Dryden since then.

Angie Barkalow 56-68, 62-66

My name is Angie Mitchell - was Barkalow, and I was the daughter of SFC Joseph L. Barkalow who was a cryptanalyst out at Tract C. The years I remember most of course are 62-66, 2nd through 6th grade. I say even today what a unique experience I had living in Asmara. We lived off base during our stay there and were surrounded by Arabs, Italians, Dutch, and of course Ethiopian. We of course went to Asmara American. My parents had many parties at our home which was quite huge. My father spent a great deal of his free time coaching the basketball team, and softball team. He also spent a great deal of time at the NCO club of course as well as the bowling alley where I learned to love Strawberry Soda. Although my father is deceased now, my sister and I are attempting to renew acquaintances from then. We have thus far found Glenn Logan, Clinton Smith, and a few others, and of course we've been browsing the roster, etc. And of course if anyone out there knew my father and had any stories to tell about him, we would like to know that too. My sister got an e-mail from Joe York who worked for my father, who had some very kind words to say about our father.

I of course would like to get in touch with some of my peers, and have been looking in particular for a Mary Landon who was the daughter of Captain Landon and Debbie Wheeler, who was the daughter of Lt. Col. Wheeler who was the assistant base commander at the time (I believe 1965). When I see some of the names on your roster, I say, Oh, I knew them, but that's easy to do, cause there weren't that many of us that we didn't at least know who each other was.

If anybody is ever looking for a Sgt. R. B. Canter, he is also deceased, as well as his son, Dennis. He died from Cancer about 8 years after returning from Asmara. His wife and daughter are in the Atlanta area now.

What a wonderful web site you have created, and it certainly looks like it's very successful by the amount of people that are interested in finding each other. I feel very fortunate to be able to be among those who did get to go to Asmara, and will never forget my experiences there.

Angie Mitchell (Barkalow) 56-68, 62-66 Dependent,
SFC Joseph L. Barkalow ASA (cryptanalyst)

Judy Spencer

I was very sorry to hear Sonny Lewis had passed away. He is one of the few guys I remember very well and he brought to mind one of my anecdotes of Kagnew Days.

The radio station had extended privileges to the Kagnew "Brat Pack" to D.J. a weekly 1/2 hour radio show where we worked in pairs and took live requests from our counterparts. I was on with Roy Tabbi one night when he did the lead in to the song "Quite Village" (remember it went " the jungle, the quite jungle, the lion sleeps tonight").

His intro was: "Next song up is 'Quiet Village' played by Haile Selassie and the Ubangi Five. This intro took everyone by surprise. Sonny turned white, and the phone started ringing!!! Col. Harris had heard it on the air and was on the phone to Sonny before the song was over and ordered us off the air. I though for a moment I was going to the the center of an international incident!!!!! So much for my D.J. career.

Hanging around the radio station was a favorite pass time and I remember when a new batch of records came in and Barbra Strisand was first aired over African radio waves. Sonny made the prophetic statement as he introduced her song...."This girl is going to be a SUPER STAR!" For lack of meaningful entertainment on post for the "Brat Pack", another pass-time (which pushed the envelope of freedom from "rules" imposed by parents) we would catch the downtown bus at the main gate and do down town unescorted to seek that wonderful forbidden Italian Ice Cream sold by street vendors. When I made it back to post, smugly thinking I had broken a cardinal rule without detection, within 24 hours "Montezuma's Revenge" would set in and my secret was no secret anymore!!! And by the way, thanks to all you MP's who didn't snitch on us!

And the song "Kansas City" keeps playing over and over in my mind. Who in the Guard company was from Kansas City?? This was his "theme song" (as they say on Alli McBeal). In reacquainting with old running pals from Kagnew, the most memorable entertainment that each of us remembered was sneaking out of our bedroom windows in the dark of night, roaming the post until the fear of being caught was unbearable, and retreating back thru the window to the safety of our bedroom. Only once did I think I had been detected when I heard a noise, jumped back in bed with clothes still on and held my breath for what seemed forever! Terror had paralyzed me as the shadow of my father stood in my doorway. But the shadow never moved and neither did I. I still can't be sure he was really there, because I must have slipped into unconsciousness from holding my breath so long!! We have ALL laughed to learn we ALL did it. While we would only sneak out in groups of 2 or 3, apparently numerous groups of the equal number shared the same spirit or adventure. I am amazed that these half dozen or so mini-bands of delinquents were never caught. Oh, wait! I think I do remember either Marty Naser or Ray Tabbi being put in jail one night!! Well, better them than me!

When I became a parent of three myself, my kids did the same thing, but were CAUGHT. They always thought I was psychic and I never let on any different!! My three years in Africa were the most memorable of my life and initiated me into into a very unique fraternity (or sorority, if you will). That adventure set in place my lifelong wanderlust, determined to experience my life in all corners of the world and appreciate so very much more what I have at home! It made me understand the treasure of friendships that were made at every stop along the way, and now as I see my life coming full circle by reuniting with those who shared a part of it.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!
Judy (Hord) Spencer

Annette Martinez '71-'74

Hi Rick,
My name is Annette ( Martinez) Whitaker. My sister Teresa Lynn Martinez was born February 18, 1972 to my Dad Joe B.A. Martinez and Mom, Trini Martinez. My Dad was stationed there from November 1971 through May 1974. We were with the last families that left Asmara, closing Kagnew Station.

Trini Martinez '71-'74

Was married to Navy Chief Joe B.A. Martinez stationed at Kagnew Station from November 1971 to May 1974. We were with the last remaining families at Kagnew Station. We had four children, Annette, Robin, Paul and Teresa who was born at Kagnew Hospital on February 18, 1972. I have been trying to locate some of our closest friends while there. I lost track of them completely and would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Eugene (Gene) Cummings married to Alice Cummings had to children, Dawn and Tony. Last heard from them in late 70's or early 80's from someplace in Massachusetts probably the Boston area. Have had people look in the Boston Phone book for them and they are not listed. Paula and Mac Wentworth, last heard from them from Norfolk, Virginia. Bob and Gail Miller last lived in Texas, three kids, Kim, Scotty and Dawn. All three of those families were Navy. We also lost contact with Russ and Renee Garecht, they were from Northern California. I believe Russ was Stratcom.

Pamela Sue Henson 70-73

Pamela was a dependent. Her Sponsor was Donald Henson. She attended school under Henson but her last name was Cornelius. She arrived in January 1970 and departed August 1 1973 (got caught in the overthrow and did not get to Greece until August 4. Married Johnny L. Corbin, Navcommsta Asmara in June 72. Somehow we failed to get her on the dependent roster. She may have school Classmates who would like to contact her. Thanks much

Wanda Filler (Ruble) 65-68


Don Lummus 62-64

Have to find my old I can remember which Company I was in! Looking mainly for members of my band, "The RoadRunners", or anyone who might remember us.

Hugh Tidler

Until my present profession and college years, my most rewarding years, vocationally speaking. Best and most loyall friends I will have ever experiencend.

Craig "Barny" Barnhardt 70-71

Was on all navy sports teams, would like to hear from old shipmates.

Ron Green 67-69

I was Mess Sergeant and would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time.

Constance Carte Hirth 63-65

In 1994 my family and I returned to Eritrea (Ethiopia), along with twelve other people. The Eritrean people were very kind and most hospitable towards our group. They were not happy with our government with supporting the Ethiopians during the war.

Asmara was like time had stood still. It wasn't touched by the Ethiopians by aerial bombing and ground fighting. On the other hand, the beautiful port of Massawa, was war damaged badly. It made our entire group depressed and sad to see the destruction and hear stories such as people being killed and their bodies thrown, floating in the harbor. You'd see in Massawa and in the countryside, burned out tanks.

Eritrea is beautiful in country, people and spirit. The Eritreans are to be much admired. Hopefully, in the near future, I will return to Eritrea, a country which will be in my heart for the rest of my life.

David Condit 70-72

Two good years with friends we have kept since Asmara. We greatly enjoyed the time and have enjoyed your site tremendously.

Alorson W. Fussell 70-71

I was the American Red Cross Field Director at Kagnew Station from May 1970 until June 1971. I was accompanied by my wife Angela. It was one of the best tours (though short) that we experienced in 35.+ years (military & ARC). I, with several others, formed the Kagnew Diving Club, which I understand was active until Kagnew Station was "phased out". I would enjoy hearing from any of the military, civilians, and ARC volunteers (God bless them) who might recall me. You, and all concerned, have done an outstanding job with the Kagnew Station site.
Alorson W. Fussell.

Gary T. Love 62-65

Great site, Brings back good good memorys. I was an OR Tech. at the hospital.from mid 62 until late 65. I would like to hear from anyone from the hospital. Would like to hear from Dan Douglas,Col. Hogan, Dr.Drennen, Sgt. Zook, Mac Macarty, Sharon Swartz and anyone else at the hospital during that time.Since I sometimes have CRS(can't remember shit) other names escape me at present.

Marion Dixon 56-59

My name is Marion Dixon and I was in Asmara from 56-59. Allen Peacock called me today and this was the first time I had talked to anyone from our old group in probably 30 years. Was great to hear from Allen and am looking forward to talking with some of the old gang, now that I can find them.

Spencer Graves 68-70

Thanks for the great web site. If I can swing it I hope to make the the reunion along with the 1939 Moto Guzzi motorcycle I rode in Asmara. Still have the original Asmara license plate, registration and insurance papers. My daughter was born on Kagnew and I hope I can bring her along.
Thanks, Spencer

Bruce Riccitelli 68-70

My name is Bruce Riccitelli and I was at Kagnew from Nov. '68-April '70. I remember many a night playing away at the "Oasis Club". I was the drummer with the group "Blues Expression" with band members Al Tiecher (Keyboard/Vocals), Dave DeGerald (Bass/Vocals), Frank LaMonica (Guitar/Vocals), Marv Fuellas (Guitar/Vocals) & Carl Carlson (Vocals). What a great time we had! Of course, at the time all we were doing was counting the days we would return to "The World". But in retrospect I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Judi Compton (Lages) 59-61

In viewing the memorial wall on the Kagnew site today, I noticed the name of Rodney Trego, with no Kagnew dates and no military affiliation. Should you want to correct this, I remember Rod well, and he was USN, and was there in 59-60. He and I won a jitterbug contest at the Special Services Club in 1959, and I still have the little trophy somewhere. By the way, you may know that a bunch of us "high school girls" joined the recent Guard Company reunion in Myrtle Beach and I can't remember when I have enjoyed myself so much. Thanks for the good job that you do and all of the memories.
Judi (Compton) Lages

Ed Davis 67-69

I got to kagnew oct 67 left feb 69. Because i had built up leave and travel time i had 42 days to get from kagnew to philadelphia to be discharged. The navy gave us a brown passport, and inside next to our picture in civies it said "ABROAD ON AN OFFICIAL ASSIGNMENT FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT". Had a great time in europe, everytime someone asked for my passport , they would look inside, then look at me, and either salute and/or apologize for bothering me. Africa was great as was europe but as they "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME'' ED

Allan R. Corkum, Jr. 65-67

I was there from Aug 1965 to Feb 1967 and work at the Veternary clinic which was part of the Hospital Corp. Came over with Mike Murphy with whom I talked about a year ago. Just talked to Bob Long also of hospital corp two nights ago. He now lives in Wichita Kansas and uses the first name of Neil now. Wouldn't mind hearing from others in the hospital corp who were there around that time.

Leo F. Balk 56-59

I am the son of Leo T. and Alice R. Balk. We arrived in Ethiopia in late 1956 and stayed through Summer 1959. Initially we lived in town, but soon moved onto the new base. My father was a First Sergeant My mother taught in the school on base. I attended first the British kindergarten in town and then first grade on base.

I remember showing up to watch Heile Selassi come to the base to go to the dentist. I learned to read in the school, watched the new flags representing statehood for Alaska and Hawaii go up, and was Master of Ceremonies for the First Grade's Dutch ceremony at the end of the year.

My parents are both 86 and both still alive. They are in Sewickley, PA, and may be contacted as follows:

Leo T. and Alice R. Balk
320 Shields Lane
Sewickley, PA 15143
412 741 4258

Thanks, Leo F. Balk

Allan Smith 66-67
I was stationed in Asmara in l966-l967 as a 05k. I knew Spook Mckay, Mike Powers, Hoyt Couch, Wayne Dickerson, Ron Van Ness, Val Zibung, Sgt Keener, Junior Chewey,Don Hudson, Pygmy Warren as a few. I helped with Univ. of Asmara downtown then and received a gold medallion dated l967 from the priests there. I knew some missionaries downtown named Reed, and used to visit them. I live in Davenport, Iowa now and enjoy all the stories about Kagnew Station.
Allan Smith
6129 Sheridan St.
Davenport, IA 52806

Bill Prout 64-66
Am looking forward to the reunion in September. I had lunch today with Dan Meade, the son of Sgtmaj Meade of Stratcom HQ Co. It seems we work about 15 minutes from each other. He called after seeing my info on the Kagnew page. He was there during my tour and for a year or so afterward. We had a very nice chat about those days at Kagnew, and it was interesting to get a view point of a dependent male. He brought along his high school yearbooks from the dependent school. He has quite a bit of knowledge about Kagnew. Anyway, it is ironic how this site has brought us together. His sister is also listed on the roster. Tragically, she died suddenly in the last couple of years. Maybe her name should be added to the memorial wall just under her Dad's name.

Dan and I hope to get together on occasion and swap stories and look at pictures, recalling what memories we can. By the way, one of his yearbooks had a great aerial photo of the entire post. Hope you and your family are well. See you in September.
Bill Prout