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Mike Arsenault

I was a student at the time. I went to 7th and 8th grade in Asmara. I do have quite a few memories of Ethiopia. I remember a lot of my classmates, but I have not seen many of them since then.

I did run into a classmate in 1987 and recognized him from Asmara. He didn't recognize me, but we talked about it for a while. When I initially saw him and asked him if he had lived in Ethiopia, he almost fell off the chair.

We lived right outside the back gate of Kagnew (Navcommsta). As you came out the back gate, their was an open field where a lot of the locals met in the morning for meals. We affectionately called that field "Howard Johnson's". We lived in the house directly behind that field. I could look over our wall and see the field and the back gate of the base.

Toward the end of our time there, I vaguely remember hearing bullet shots while we were at home. They locked the base down a couple of times while that was happening. Our school year ended early that year. We got out about 3 - 6 weeks early so that the dependents could leave.

I think it is great that you have the web site. My sister, who was there also, told me about the reunion and the web site. I probably won't make the reunion, but would be interested to hear from others that were in Asmara.

Jim Munroe '69-'71

Visited Asmara and Kagnew in 1996 with our daughter Victoria who was born there 10/20/70. Always told her I would take her back to see where she was born.

Ron S. Selset '53-'56

I was the guy who found the many pieces of a 1939 Alfa Romeo Tipo Lungo in a farmer's barnyard on the outskirts of Asmara. After 3 months of assembly, a big black Alfa limosine was seen driving around Asmara & Massawa. This lasted for six months until the "sport's car" bug bit and the car was dismantled again. The chassis was shortened & modified into a sports car type, crated up, trucked to Massawa & shipped to the U.S. labeled as "machinery". Currently the chassis is having a roadster body built for it in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the Alfa Museaum in Milan is still looking for a Tipo Lungo to display. No comments on "hindsight". Does anyone remember the Italian sports car races on Via Roma?

Ron Buckhalt '70-'71

Although I registered on the site several years back, I finally decided to write a note for the world to view. I was with ASA and worked as a radio and television newscaster while in Asmara. Lived and worked with one of the best group of guys I've ever met. Have kept up with a few folks since I got and early out to go to grad school (Rick Glasby, Tom Horton--the well know author--Mike Edwards, Rod Madden). Was not able to find others. Since 1972 I've been working in Washington, DC in one communications capacity or another. I still have the photos of the trips to Massaw and the country side around Asmara. Will have to get my teenager to show me how to use the scanner so I can send them to you. I also have some video (16mm film--we didn't use video then--of newscasts) which I would not mind sharing with appropriate parties. If you were around in the 70-71 time frame would like to hear from you.

I was only in country 13 months. Early out to go back to grad school. I think Rod Madden and Lou Kreiger were the only two left of the "old" radio television crew when I got there. Have seen Rod several times. He is a hot shot with Disney in Orlando. Kreiger I heard on the radio from Baltimore 25 years ago. He may still be working there for all I know. Thanks for the posting, I really would like to get up with Pat Pipes and Mike Rogers, two of the AFRTS crew I lost contact with.

Robert C. Frost '63-'64

I was stationed at Kagnew Staion in Asmara. I worked in the Commissary warehouse and in Cold Storage units at the rail-head and next to the theater. i had been a member of Kagnew Station a few years ago, but got off track and lost everything as far as News and Addresses. I would like to rejoin the organization, I was living in San Antonio, Texas for several years working at Brooke Army medical Center, I have transfer to Pueblo Army Chemical Depot since last August, I work as a federal employee, for over seventeen years. I had some fond memories of Kagnew Station, its been years ago. I spent three years in the Army Security Agency, then I left the Army only to join the Air Force and was sent to Bien Hoa, Vietnam. I don't remember names of people that I was with when I was in Ethiopia. I would like to try to find people who were there when I was stationed there.

Albert Abrams, Jr. '63-'64

Hi Rick,
My name is Albert Abrams, Jr. and I was the last Army offset pressman at the Kagnew Message Distribution Center. (I was training a sailor for the job when I had to leave.) I was promoted to Sp5 while I was there and I was assigned to USASAFS HQ Co. I grew up in Sumter, S.C. and now live in Odenton, MD.
Good site. I like it.

Harvel H. Martin, Jr. '66-'68

I drove a Corvair convertible that I bought from one of my Company Commanders. I cant remember his name, but he was a LT at the time. A big, heavy set man. I also had a small Zuzuki motorcycle I drove for a while. I retired from the Army in 1985 and reside in Tennessee near Ft. Campbell Ky. I work for TVA as an assistant Unit Operator. I look forward to retiring again in a few years. I am married with three children and one grandchild and another on the way.
Harvel Martin

Darwin J. Taylor '70-'74

Was cruising the net tonight...I had just added some pictures of ours cars while we lived on Tract A and E....and for the fun of it, searched the net for Kagnew Station. Wow...I am impressed at finding a home page for Kagnew Station. My Wife and I along with two daughters lived on both tracts from 1970 - 1974, leaving in mid Dec 1974. I was a Tech Controller with the Navy. One of the commanders I can remember is Cdr Noggle. We have pictures of H.S. visit to the base in 71(?) I would love to hear from some of the tech controllers I worked with while there.

A wonderful site. I have spent hours going through all the links and reading all the comments. We have always refered to "NKA" Asmara as our favorite duty station. It was fun to see all the names of people we knew and had forgotten. I have many items we purchased while there, and thousands of pictures. I worked at the Navy site at a tech controller, and moved over to take over the Army site towards the end. We lived on tract E for first year, moving to tract A, and then back to E in the final days.
Darwin J. Taylor

David A. Junge '72-'73

I was the last Army medical physician at Kagnew Station before the Navy took command of the post. We have maintained friendship with people from Eritrea who have since emigrated to the United States. We are currently working on relief efforts for the people of Eritrea.

Rick Prado '71-'73

Just to let you know the email page on the kagnew site is really great. I was perusing the email's and was really surprised to see that another kagnew vet lived in the local area. I had bought 5 of the bumper stickers from you a month or two ago and sent him on as a way to introduce myself. Mailed it yesterday, he called me this afternoon. James Wilson is his name. he was there from 71-73? Wanted to know where I got the stickers(who knows, maybe more sales?) Got to talking and made me remember a funny story, I married my wife at Deven's in 70. She was a cashier at the small PX between 1st and 2nd Battalion USASATC&S. Named Carmen. She was 17 and we were in love??????? Anyway I found out my whole class was block allocated to RVN except for me and so other poor guy who went to Shemya. (wadda deal) Anyway she had never been any further than Fitchburg in her life. She found out she was knocked up and that i had to be in Asmara on friday afternoon. I had to be in Frankfort the next monday. She gets to Kagnew in July, 6 months pregnant and 6 feet from lost. She waddles off the plane and we get into a 3/4t truck (no small feat) We get out of the airport and we have to stop for a huge herd of Sheep. She gives me the "What the F**k have you gotten me in to!) look. Got her to the Oasis Club for lunch, and as we walk into the place, my best bud John Stimmel was playing the quarter slots. I give him the intro and he says "here have a quarter. Just put it in the slot and pull the handle" She does, hits the jackpot. She wouldn't even split the pot with John. Finally got here to at least give him back a quarter. If I would have known how she was about money then, instead of when we got divorced, I would be a much richer man. (She left me for a engineer when I was at the 7th) but thats another story. Thanks for the work you put into the site and I sure is good to know that there is still some of us old Kagnew types around. No matter if you were ASA, STRATCOM or whatever, we are all a part of a small exclusive fraternity. Would be glad to hear from anybody who was there at the same time or remembers me or my ex-wife (#1)
Rick Prado

Ron Kilgore '67-'68

sp5 33b20. went on to 83rrsou bangkok. let's hear from domo & uncle larry. a long and winding road , eh? Thanks for your work this site has helped put my past together and make it real.

Allan C. Smith '66-'67

i was at kagnew from june l966 to nov l967 and was an 05H interceptor and SP5. ibought my first motorcycle (ducati) downtown and had my first accident on it by hitting a goat on my way to massawa. i also knew Dr. Reed who was amissionary downtown. his wife was a teacher of my mother syears go in washington iowa. i helped with the sports program at the college downtown and received a gold memorial coin from the Italian Fathers for helping them. Haille Selassie visited our post one time and we guarded him with shotguns and only 2 shells each. we had pets at our compound, such as Virginia, the gazelle, and David,the DikDik, also alarge turtle that you could ride. i played fastpitch softball there with val zibung, gary brown, chris frazier, robert townsend,bob widmann,dennis greciese,CPT barbee,hoyacen kennedy on june 12 l967.

Ed Prince '69-'70

Me and Don Sprague were part of the I&M group at the receiver site. Along with Jerry Dertz and an sarge whose name I can't remember for the life of me. to many manhattans over the years ! The sarge was in the band at the EM club and played 2 or three nights a week as I recall. along with a sp4 from the microwave group. The faces in your picture look familiar along with your name. but the only face I can Identify is Dick LaSage. We must have ridden together at some point, I had a 175 Honda most of the time and later bought a 1949 Matchless 250. { I have a Harley Sportster now, trying to relive my past }Spent many weekends at Massawa. Did a lot of crazy stuff back then. I have a picture of myself on that same camel of yours. I really would kike to come to the reunion next year but I have to work out the details somehow. What line of work are you in now ? Im with Avaya Communications doing kind of the same thing i was doing then. (foolin them)
Nice talking to you, Ed

J. Frank Hickam '65-'69

Attached to Rcvr site Tract F then at xmtr site at Gura. Wife worked Oasis Club as bookeeper. Daughters Theresa L. and Paula E. were attending the AADS. I did the pictures for the yearbook I believe in 1968. Wife Pat passed away 9/88. Enjoyed fishing trips to Massawa as well as hunting trips. Operated the ET3USA station at Tract A along with the Opns boss during the Worlds Fair.

Returned from Asmara to USNTC Bainbridge MD as instructor to the job I held prior to coming to 'NKA'. Retired 1/72 as RMC USN. Presently insurance agent, and active amateur radio operator, call sign N3RSD, Extra class working 99% CW. FISTS CW Club member. Like to hear from anyone who shared such a fine tour.

Jim Hulse '73-'74

Hi Rick;
I thought I was on this listing but I must have been mistaken. I was in Asmara 73-74. A junior in highschool. Had some good times. I haven't met anyone from Asmara that I knew, but have gotten in touch through e-mail with Laurie Robinson and Riki Leonhardt. I just have to find Scott Packert and Dawn Shanks for our class to be complete.
Jim Hulse

Clay Webber '73-'74

Wow, this site is unbelievable!! I was a RMSN at Asmara from June 73 - July 74. I worked for RMC Wentworth and a LT Greybill in the cryto area. I skated at the pool a lot with Summerfield who was life guarding. The guys from "A" school in Bainbridge were Jim Tiley, Bob Warren, Blitz, and myself. We had a great houseboy name Kazai and made the customary trip to Massawa. Some names from the past are Dorrichi (Jersey), Carr, Chico, Bobby (nicknamed CHANG),Nuerendorf (ET),Buerke (ET), Hammonds (texas), Gobble, and Hansen. Great times were had by all. Keep up the great work.

Tom Belt '63-'65

Stationed at Kagnew as 058.1. Would like to chat with others that were there during my time.

Lee Tuttle '64-'66

It's hard to believe that that people even remember Kagnew Station. I talk about being stationed there and people look at me like I am pulling their leg. The Stonehouse was one of the easiest duty stations I was at. The only guys I have been in contact are Glen Coburn and Ted Domery. Remember a lot of good times going down the mountain to Massawa. Thanks for the memories
Lee Tuttle

Booker T. Cabell '67-'70

Would love to hear from all old friends especially those who worked in the Transportation Department.

Tony Jackiewicz '68-'69

Just happened upon this Web site. I was Stationed at Kagnew Station from 1968 to 1969 and the went to Phu Bai Viet Nam, and finished my tour at Arlington Hall. I was amazed to find out there was an ASA web site. Always wondered what happened to some of the people I was station with.
Thanks for the memories
Tony Jackiewicz Spec 5
Perry Hall Md

Fred Fricke '48-'50

I was stationed at the old USARS Asmarea Eritrea in 48-50. Think that was before it was called Kagnew Station. There were 97 of us souls there and we enjoyed a relaxed and happy time as I recall. Sunny days--and in winter--downpours at 4PM. Had many wonderful friends there and happy trips to Keren and Adi Ugru. Would like to contact some old friends from that era---namely Louis Borghasani (sic) DeLucca Zujas the fat boy - Albie Bell etc--Contact me.
Best to all our friends from Asmara---Fred

Wilbur Peak '57-'59

I would like to added to the kagnew station e-mail page. I was over there from May 1957 till May 1959. I live in Lawrenceburg, In., just west of Cincinnati Ohio. Would like to hear from any of the guys that were over there.
Thanks, Wilbur

Joe Cravotta '56-'59

Just found out about this web site.

My name is Joe Cravotta and my wifes name is Mary. We were stationed at Kagnew Station from late 1956 until Feb 1959. I started out at the old facility in town before the new post was built. Our son John Michael was born at the new post on June 26 1958.

I was assigned to the Crypto center and spent 30 months in Asmara. My wife flew in later and was there for 24 months. We had a maid named Zodie, and lived in town. Truly enjoyed our tour in Asmara. We did a lot of sight seeing and many hunting trips to various locations.

Keep up the good work. It was wonderful to find this site. A friend named Allan Peacock from Mississippi recently contacted me after 40 years to inform me of this site. I was totally aghast that he located me.
Joe Cravotta

James Larsen '69-'70

It's been a few beers and many years but see if anyone else remembers some of this. 70 1 of 2 piper cubs going between massawa and asmara crashed in the mountains. Of course since there was no military there at the time (according to big daddy in washington) the 4 or 5 sgts killed in the wreck which wasn't found for weeks did not have bullet holes in the plane or the bodies!!! Looking for newspaper clipping about small town of 5000 wiped out by haille's troops. (orders were not to leave 1 brick on topof another) The Liberation front was supposed to have occupied the town. I believe the Gazelle emblem was started this year and was the asa Kagnew station patch. We were also put on alert because the liberation front got some free rockets from red china to give us a nice fire works display (count approx 200). Also we were always finding left over WW2 arms caches from all sides. Some GI's rented the old touring lodge downtown and discovered some. I believe Mike Cupp kn! ows about that one 1st hand. Just got online so some of this is all new trying to get done sorry for inconveniences. If i get a scanner I can snd you some interesting pictures (1-kagnew station license plate from the retired massawa beer van. Along with all of the coppies of registration to go along with it.) I mostly travelled south to axum to see the ruins (Queen of Sheba's palace and bath. Kings burial tombs and the new and old churches (men and womens (women were not allowed in the mens church and their church was a dump). Also all of the kings crown's past and present.

Albert E. Haines '56-'58

Hello. My name is Al Haines, the oldest dependent son of Albert E. "Ed" and Thelda Haines - Kagnew Station, 1956-58. He was a Major and served as the Adjudant General for the post. We were a large family and occupied both sides of one of the first duplexes on the new base. Two siblings were born there. Dependents included Al, Joy, Douglas, Jaydene, Jeffery, JoElla, and Jennifer.

My address, etc. are:
Albert E. Haines
5910 Miller Valley
Houston, Tx. 77066
Any body out there from those days. Add me to the roster. I found you through and alum Michael L. Alexander.

Michael Stramiello '73-'74

Radioman 2nd Class --- When SPECOMMDIV was decommissioned was transferred to shore patrol --- worked Joint Patrol with the local police --- transferred to SPECOMMDIV Rota, Spain Used to play poker with Claudio and a few others in the club --- anyone remember ROCKY the bar tender with the catcher mitt hands !!