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William T. Spencer '60-'63

David Harold Spencer was born July 15, 1961 at the base hospital to William T. Spencer II & Wanda LaJune Patton Spencer. Both are native Tennesseans. The doctor who delivered our son came in drinking to deliver him.

We were there during the attempted overthrow of H. S. We arrived July 1960 and returned to the states December 1963. While there we were Ethiopia and Eritrea. We lived off post and also on post. Wonderful part of our life was spent with our three children in Kagnew Station.

I returned to Ft. Devens to become an Instructor in the Second week of training for 058's. Had served as instructor from January 1957 to 1959. I was recalled to active duty with consent in May 1960. Sidenote! All but three of us who graduated 058 school December 21, 1956, were reported to have died in a plane crash in the far east. Number 1 and number 2 men were kept as instructors and number 3 man was shipped to Alaska.

Anthony K. (Tony) Rhodes '72

Was Shore Patrol during 1972. Now Registered Nurse in Dialysis Unit in Marietta Ohio. Would love to hear from others that were at USNAVCOMMSTA during 1972. Please drop me a note.

Louis C. McKinney, Sr. '70-'72

Worked in HQ CoCompany as Company Clerk under CPT Robert Whitmore. Met a fellow GI there named SP5 Willie Wicks, who came from the Oakland, CA area I think. I sang for a time with the Shades of Ebony band that played the Oasis Club a lot. Looking forward to talking over old times with members from the station. I was also in the Honor Guard at Kagnew. Thanks for keeping the memories alive.

I had some great times over there and hope to hook up with some old friends from Kagnew. I did talk with Don Gleichman who lives and works in Mechanicsburg,PA and he sent me a roster about a year and a half ago and one of the names on there was ironically one of the last people I ever expected to talk to again, and his name was Furman Jenkins from South Carolina. I met Furman and his wife Mary while stationed at Ft Hood, TX. I called his phone number and we had a great time on the phone. So thanks to everyone who put this roster together. There are still a few guys I would like to talk to again and hopefully with this roster I can do that.

Again, much thanks to you and please keep in touch. Louis

John E. Mohatt '70-'72

I was Company Clerk at HQ Company from November 1970 through March 1972. Thank you ASA for the great assignment – 17 months of adventure. One of the first things I did after arriving at Kagnew was to buy a 360 Yamaha dirt bike to explore the area. I put over 10,000 miles on that bike making trips to Keren, Axum, and Massawa. I spent a lot of time biking camel trails that connected small villages in the senic mountains and canyons of the region (some off-limits). During the rainy season I got really good a drying out the magneto, points, and coil on my dirt bike when they got wet from fording streams. I also participated in some of the oval track and drag races that the bike club sponsored. I was a member of the scuba-divining club and spent many wonderful hours diving, snorkeling and spear fishing in the Red Sea.

I especially remember several one-week drive trips that we made to the Dahlak Islands. The first dive trip we rented a small boat that held about ten people. We slept on deck and ate sea-rations that were washed down with lots of beer. We really roughed it but had a great time and made lots of dives. The second dive trip was more like a cruse on the Red Sea. We rented a much larger boat that held about fifteen people and came with a shower, propane refrigerator, sleeping cabins, galley and a crew that included a cook who made some wonderful dishes out of the fish that we caught spear fishing.

Several buddies and I made a tour of Ethiopia flying on Ethiopian air. Ethiopian air had some old DC-3’s that they did not mind landing in fields and dirt runways. When the engines on those DC-3’s would start blue smoke would just billow out and the plane would shake and rattle down the runway. As near as I can remember we made stops at Axum, Gondar, Lalebella and Addis Ababa. Rented a car in Addis Ababa and headed south to see a game preserve near Awasa. Hit a donkey on drive to Awasa – only minor damage to rental car and donkey. Stayed in tents at t! he game preserve and relaxed in some hot springs. When I wasn’t biking, scuba diving, water skiing or traveling I was bar hopping in down town Asmera. Don’t know how I found time to complete that Morning Report for the CO. I have lots of good memories from my short stay at Kagnew - it was a great assignment that I will always remember.

Robert Payne '71-'74

I was a radioman at the navcommsta. I was an RMSN at the time. Nickname "Animal" I played a lot of sports. My wife, Gail, and I got married in the chapel in '72. I have loads of pictures I would like to share.

Mark Weber '70-'71

98c 70-71 co b
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Steve Bolnik '71

I also look back fondly on my time at Kagnew and I believe it permanently changed my outlook on life. The last month I was there I wrote an article about a motorcycle trip some of us made to Axom and it was published in the Stars and Stripes. I have it around somewhere and if you want I'll email it to you.
Thanks, Steve Bolnik
Stratcom Rcvr. Site (operations) Spec. 5

Alan R. Duff '70-'73

What a cool site sure brought back a lot of memories. I have about 50 gazelles and many pictures would love to share.

I was assigned to AFRTS saw a lot of old friends none of the emails seemed to work. Warren where are you? Saw Mike Edwards about 7 years ago still in radio in Charlotte NC. Pat Pipes is in St Louis and still alive. I live in Atlanta Ga and travel a lot would love to hear from any of the second floor fire department. Atlanta has a very large Ethiopian population so I'm reminded Kagnew often.

Thanks Alan Duff

Fred Wolf '58-'59

Worked in Purchasing and Contracting for Captain Roderick J. Frasier, and at KANU Radio and TV for Lt. Paul A.J. Bue. Later "detached" to do investigative work for State Department, then went to NSA, Ft. Meade.

Melissa Jones '70-'72

Hi Rick,
I check by your web pages pretty frequently (a great resource!) and thought I would finally come out of the cyber-shadows. My name is Melissa Jones, the youngest daughter of Col. Russell B. Jones, Jr., who was CO at Kagnew from around '70-'72. My mother, Lora B. Watson, and my brother and sister, Michael Jones and Victoria Rutherford (nee Jones), were also at Kagnew. Vicki graduated from high school there, and I attended the first grade and part of 2nd grade before we had to leave (because of my father's illness).

My dad died on October 3, 1972. Kagnew Station was his last posting.

I really love the Kagnew Station site, especially the photos and stories.
Sincerely, Melissa

Phillip Hopkins '56-'58

I started my tour in the old station. The new station was completed in 1957 (I believe), and we moved there. My working buddies were Bob Tracy, now living near Austin, Texas, and Don Braun, who I cannot locate now. I would like to receive e-mail from old spooks who might remember me.

Jim Kimball '69-'72

Served with ASA at Kagnew Station, October '69 through February '72. Worked at Tract C in Teletype (31J20) Radio Repair (33F20) Maintenance and was in training and received (34F20) before Univac computer system and equipment was repacked and sent back to Germany . Ham operator at ET3USA and also held ET3USD license until departure. Currently am K9JXW. Oldest son, Tim, born November 1971 at Kagnew. I have two Kagnew patches but am looking for the ASA patches with eagle claw on lightning.

Carol Johnson '56-'62

Contacted you earlier on someone I'm looking for; then got onto the email pages. Wanted to post some info about my Dad. He worked for USAID from 1956-1962, and served as the Director of the Trade School for young Eritreans. (Don't remember details.) Taught skills such as woodworking, welding, automotive repair, machine shop, etc. Our family was with him and we attended the school on the Base. My parents' names are: Leroy A. and Helen M. Sands. They are still living and live in Walhalla, SC. Went on to serve in Nigeria for eight years after Eritrea. I met my husband in Asmara (he was the one who came from San Antonio with a tan during the rainy season), and he stood out like a sore thumb.

When I graduated in 1960, I was the sole graduating class (others had headed back to the states with parents) and the Stars and Stripes sent a reporter from Germany to cover the event. Still have the newspaper with the article and photo. Makes me both valedictorian and dunce, I guess. Rode an Arabian stallion at the Consulate stables there and never forgot it. Led to my present obsession, breeding and raising Arabian horses.

We are living in Greenville SC to be of help to parents, but have had a varied life following the fortunes of a basketball coach (now retired). Hope to write a book about Kagnew and coming of age in such a place when I retire in about two years. Would be interested in personal stories or contacts from dependents who were there during the same time. I dream of visiting Eritrea again. Thanks for the work you are doing. As we get older, it's comforting to know that others share some of the same memories.
Regards, Carolyn Johnson (Sands) & Frederick C. Johnson (PFC in Special Services)

Linda Vroman (Jumper) '60-'63

Hi Rick,
I was a high school student at Kagnew between 60-63. At the time I was Linda Vroman. I would like to have my name put in whatever place it needs to be so that my class mates can get in touch with me.

Larry A. Silves '63-'65

I certainly appreciate the time and effort you have put in to the Kagnew Webpage. I have been in contact with three people that I served with that I never would have been able to find without the webpage. The only thing that I have noticed on the new webpage versus the old is that you do not have an update option. I found this to be of great importance to me; all I had to do was go to the webpage and check to see what was updated and then go to that section. Again, thanks for all of your time and efforts. I love the page.
Larry A. Silves
Hoping to meet you and the rest of the folks at the next reunion.

Terry Winfrey '72-'74

What a surprise!!!! this is an incredible site..

I have often told my kid and yes grandkids of my days in ethiopia that was a experience that will live forever. i was a gura rat as a transmitter operator..and to jack goss ..i think i bought a ducati bike from you if u see this..the way i found this site was trying to find the ship that i was transfered to usns marias t-ao-57 mildept then i thought about typing in asmara and behold, here i am with freinds and memories that only a person who survived it would know about. im sure everyone remembers the time when the transmitter site (tract b i think) with the army personell was sealed off from the main base,,,well i was one of them persons. i will be a regular visitor to this site from now on,,,what a great idea,,for info i am now a machinists and tool and die maker. i will never forget the flight home from asmara, if any one is interested i have a lot of pics from around the base and transmitter sites, oh by the way does anyone remember "mad dog" the pet hienna at the base?
again thanks rick for the effort and time for this site,,,if u need any help let me know.
best regards RMSN Terry Winfrey

Hi Rick,
Thanks to your web site I have located Jack Goss, What a shocker! I also found another fellow kagnewite living 30 a short 50 miles from me which is only 8 miles from my boyhood town. Anyways I phoned Jack and he brought up a name that maybe you would recongnize,,Norm McDonald, ring a bell? Jack and I along with a couple of other guys rented a house outside the back gate. I have a picture of me and Jack at the house. Im the one not wearing glasses, when i get brave enough ill send a now photo.
Best Regards,

Rick Hatcher '63

Strange as it seems I just heard from Linda Jumper (Vroman) last Sunday. First time I've heard from anyone from Kagnew since I left in 1963. I appreciate the work your doing.
Thank You,
Rick Hatcher

Charles Krumbein '67-'75

I served at Kagnew's ASA B Company from June 14, 1967, until Sept. 4, 1970. I then continued on overseas as an English instructor with Uof Maryland from Sept. of 1970 until May of 1975, making several return tours, until May of 1974, to Asmara. My current job is as an English instructor at an Iowa community college. My address there is C/O Clinton Community College 1000 Lincoln Boulevard Clinton, IA 52732 if anyone wishes to write me. I live in Madison, WI, and commute weekends. I am building a house there and will provide that address after the closing in January. All of my Kagnew memories are fond ones.

One of my sons, Christopher, was born at the base hospital on Dec. 7, 1972.

I did have a few questions, too. Does anyone know the current whereabouts of some of my old B Company "Roommates" such as Chuck Dickey (last known to be somewhere in Missouri), Mike Stoffers (in Dallas area in 1984 or so) or Don Chester (Bashai Tesfai! who went home to Tennessee in 1970)? Because I was at Kagnew much longer than most GIs, I have lots of memories, artifacts and pictures to send along. Will let you go for now. But add my name to the members list and let me know what is the best way to get any pics, etc. to you.
Thanks for a great nostalgic website. EL K

Carl Metzler '60-'63

Hello Rick,
Thanks! I Guess I Would Be Called A Civilian. My Father, William Metzler, Worked At The Sattelite Station (The Huge "Soccer Ball"!) My Brothers & Sister - Mike, Bill, Marguerite & Joe Metzler Were Going To School On Base But Living Off Base - Christopher De Gamma Street.

Lots Of Really Good Memories... I Think I Was In Every Little League Sport I Could Do! My 'Girlfriend' Was Kim Nogle - I Think Her Dad Was The Naval Commander(?) I Was Pretty Young - 5th & 6th Grade. I Made Some REALLY Good Friends & I Thought I Would Never Be Able To Contact Them.
Thanks For Lettin' Me Rattle On... Carl M.

Edward Musal '69-'71

Hi Rick,
Sorry it took so long to respond. Better late than never. Thanks for putting me on the roster. My name might be familiar to you because I sent you an e-mail some time ago when I first found the web site through another tech control buddy (Paul Schember) who prefers to remain anonymous for the time being. In that e-mail I offered corrections and details about the demise of Ricardo Echendia (who was a friend of mine) whose entry was corrected on the Memorial Wall. I doubt whether you remember me from tech control. Most of the time I was doing the log using a manual typewriter. I only got to use the tty on lunch relief. When initials were assigned to each individual (AA, AB, AC ... BA, BB, BC... etc.) They forgot to assign me initials, so I gave myself the initials "NI" (for no initials) which I used for the rest of my service.

I do remember Joe Wilder. I arrived a few months before he left. I doubt whether he remembers me. He was a MSG and I was a SP4. I tried to do my job, keep my nose clean, and keep out of his way. SFC Hardin was in charge of Control and my trick chief at the beginning was SSG Carr. I left AEZ a few months before you did. I separated in June 1970 at Ft. Dix. I left Asmara in April for my grand tour through Europe. I knew Jerry Niemier well. We stayed in contact after Asmara. Once he went to Staten Island on business and I met him there to spend a few hours with him. After he moved to Long Island my wife and I had him over for dinner once. Sent him a few e-mails since then with no response, but must follow up more diligently.

What prompted this response was a question you raised in the web site about the gazelle patch. Yes, it is the Kagnew station ASA patch. I remember seeing it on the shoulder of Col. Mosser (post commander when we were there). It was worn by all army personnel except STRATCOM. Shortly before I left I went to the supply and bought one of those patches for myself (I think I paid $.25 for it). I sewed it on my boy scout patch jacket along with a 3rd army patch (which I bought at Fort Jackson--basic training), a signal school patch (Ft. Monmouth), and a STRATCOM patch. When I was in Asmara I was an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 392, Kagnew Station and went on a few hikes with them and the Ethiopian troop in Asmara. I also have the unique "Transatlantic Council Ethiopia" patch on the jacket.

I am tempted to bring my wife to the reunion next year. Am following developments though I have not expressed interest until now. Anyway, thanks for putting me on the roster.
Regards & keep up the good work--Ed Musal

Cheryl Comsia '71-'73

Hi Rick,
Thought I'd sent this info once before but I guess not (it was on the old web site). My dad was in the Air Force (Ed Koschalk) and I (Cheryl Koschalk) attended 5th--part of 7th grade while we were there. I've enjoyed looking at all that has been put together - a lot of work, but wonderful for those of us with the memories! I'm looking for other dependents that I knew during the years 71-73: Arlene Pelletier, Kim Noggle and Arianne Laviene. I see that a few others are looking for them also. I've been in touch with a sister of one of my other classmates Margot Morpeth (SPELLING?) and she didn't have any info either. I would appreciate you adding their names to the list of looking for...
Thanks for all that you've done!
Cheryl :)