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28 March 1998

Danny Simms '64-'65

Full name is Danny Lee Simms. My wife is from Kerney Mesa. We live here in Phoenix now. Another by the way ...... after nam. I was on a TDW team and went all over the world and yes by damm I was in Asmara in 1964. And no I was Not a ditty . I was an orangatang . Built and serviced those antenna arrays all over the world. Matter of a fact I have movie film of Hiley and the Queen of England when she visited Asmara in 1964 or 5. Been a long damm time. Yes great to here from people of the secret world. My kid thinks I was a hit man because of her need to know status. Guess I'll be ASA til I die Ha ha.

Joe Ziebel '68-'70

Glad message got thur...I'm new to this computer stuff...Jim has incourged me to get involved...My kid worked a summer job at Applied CD they make custom photo CDs...Soooo...all the old E-3 slides that were starting to rot are now scanned to Kodak Photo CDs...bout 300 in all...taken 68-70 time frame...still have zignie pot...ethie coke blanket bush jacket...etc... Never thought I'd run into anyone from over there...not in contact with anyone I knew then...

Jim and I were in a meeting at work and we discovered our common past... Worked at Stonehouse...drove water truck between missions...also played in the bush with the guys with the surplus army trucks. Reading the bio on everyone...I also worked part time at AFRTS...1475 KHz...We put on a production ofBye Bye Birdie...mostly with army brats...Don't know how I can help you...but would like to get involved...

Work for AT&T in Conyers, Ga. W 770-602-2345 H 770-918-8063.

Michael Swain '71-'72

I served at Kagnew Station from 1971 until 1972, USN Seabees, Public Works, Tract C. Great memories and still stay in contact with an Ethiopian (Eriterian) women I assisted in getting to the states to meet her soon-to-be husband.

Along with two other ex-Kagnew residents, we re-opened the Oasis Club for a short period of time (we called it "Our House") as a place for amature performers to try out thier skills. Maybe the three guys that were on staff at the radio sation will recall the "promos" they ran for us.

Michael Swain Irvine California

"Cactus" Mike Doran '67-'68

Kamilaha Atah's, and Ahti's! After PAT training at Devens, I arrived in Asmara Jan 67 with Tom Leonetti, Bill Atwell, and Thomas McCrea after almost getting blown away on the Beirut Airport road by some dudes in fatigues when we stopped to take pictures. Nothing like an M1 Garand , locked and loaded, in your face, welcoming you to the Middle East! Tom McCrea, his quick thinking, and high school French saved our lives. Was a "ditty bopper" in Co. A on "A" Trick. Extended to attend the NSA National Cryptologic Schools Morse Search and Devlopment School in Frankfurt, Germany.Our NCOIC was Dan Czarapata who lives just a few miles away from me here in Dallas, Texas. My classmates were: "Smiley" Dunlap, and John Castilow. Just of a few of the many , many friends I had in my 2 years at Kagnew: Legendary "Spook" McKay (King of Grossness), "Grossmack" Gomach (Prince of Grossness), my old roomate at Devens who was always mistaken for an Eritrean, Daryel Daniels, another roomate when I got to be an "old timer", Gilbert T. Rocqemore ( the "Fresh Prince of Cleveland"), "Wilk" Wilkinson (the "Old Man" all of 24!) philosopher and adventurer, "Fat Watt" Watkins, raconteur, projector operator at the theatre and selector of rock songs for KANU, Navy equip. repairman "Fat Herb" who got us all call signs and Navy bluejackets,"DJ" Don Joy , the holy man of the mountain...only guy I knew who could stay stone cold sober at the trick parties and still party down, and who undoubtedly saved us from even more Article 15's, Glenn Kodera, former Devens "Menahunie" who, with the other Hawaiians, knew how to throw a matchless beach party in Massaua. So many good people .. so many good times. I went to Okinawa, Torrii Station in '69 and left the good times behind for the grim realities of the Vietnam war from the relative safety of "the Rock". ETS'ed on Dec 7,1969, and its been downhill ever since!!!!

Charles D. White Jr. '53-'54

Organization when I was there was 8604 AAU, I was a part of the ASA contingent. I presently live in the Washington/Baltimore area in the boondocks of Howard County, Maryland. I was in Asmara when they changed the name from Radio Marina to Kagnew Station so I am not familiar with all the amenities such as Kagnew TV. However, there several people in the area who were there later and they have brought me up to speed on the great additions associated with the new

Jack Haley '56-'57

I live in Newcastle, Okla. I retired from civil service as a automated test equipment technician at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City. A couple of my best friends at Kagnew were R.D. Smith from Pasadena, Texas, Bill Sills from Lake George, N.Y. There was a Sgt. Sanders. Also, "Tiger" Atkins from California. Many other faces come to mind but can't remember many names. The Oasis Club was my hangout. I loved the gin fizzes and was hooked on the slots.

Donald E. Lewis '49 & '63

When I first went to Asmara in '49, it was quite an adventure, just getting there. Flew out of Westover AF Base to the Azores, from there to Rabat and an RON at Tripoli. Then to Cyprus and Dharan, Saudi Arabia. Another wait for a C47 to Jeddah and then on to Asmara. I started out as an 058, but didn't like shift work. I transferred to the Motor Pool and had what now seems like a lot of fun driving water tankers and other heavy equipment down to Missaua to meet the ship every 3-4 months. I went back to Asmara in '63 and was only there for about 9 months until I made WO in '64. I went to Asmara on the same set of order with Holmes (can't remember his first name, but he was from Ohio) who was riding the train and was killed by a shifta sniper. I'll never forget that old road with the switchbacks where we had to sometimes back the truck up to get around the curve. Hunting for Dik-Dik, Gazelle, Kudu, and Hyenas was no problem in the early days and we used to take 1-2 Italians from the motor pool who could speak Tigeranian and could ask the natives where the game was last seen. (Editors Note:I am assured that in the spirit of the true hunter, Don ate everthing he shot!) For more of Don's great vignettes of the Asmara Experience go to the Kagnew Chronicles Page

Ralph Reinhold '61-'62

I was on A Trick as an 058. Sgt. Ed Human was trick chief. Bruce Burpee was asistant trick chief. Some of the people I remember are: Tony Conwill Lived in West Texas in has unlisted number. Billy Ray Lowery Lives in Indianapolis...Retired. Reggie Young Lives in Nashville...Session guitar player. Has been on Glen Campbell "She's Gone, Gone, Gone" and Highwaymen album and TV show. John Marsegllia Lived in New Hampshire in 1988...I haven't been in touch since.I ran into a few guys at Torii Station in 1965.John Simons and Peter Raynolds. I know two guys work(ed) for Cummins Diesel but haven't been able to remember their names.I am now working on the Space Station. I spent some time trying to get AID interested in developing a solar desalination system concept I created.There are some interesting books out on the revolution. One "To Asmara" is by the guy who wrote "Schindler's Lists

Ron Malear '66-'68

I was at Kagnew Station from Aug 66 til Mar 68. Most of the time I was in company B with the Stonehouse guys, since I worked in the orderly room it was convenient. The last part of my tour was NCOIC at the commissary.

William A. Higgins US Navy, Gura Site '72-'73

My name is Al Higgins and I was an electronics technician in the Navy. I worked at the Gura transmitter site from March, 1972 to November, 1973. It was the best duty that I had in the Navy but didn't realize it at that time. It was a great place to be stationed. I didn't do anything special there, just repaired the the big grey transmitters. I live in Georgia now, I'm an industrial engineer and have a wife and two children.

John Winthrop '64-'66, KANU

John is now enjoying a successful career in Broadcasting on the Central coast of California. John is the Senior Acct. Exec. at KVEC RADIO. We will be including John's address and contact number as soon as we let him know he doesn't really have a choice. I was his room mate and I KNOW THINGS ABOUT HIM.

Ken Schuster KANU, '63-'65

Ken is now teaching Photography at L.A. City College. He has been there for a good while and loves it. Ken is one of the folks who has his own WEB PAGE. We will be updating this info in a day or two.Ken now lives in Tarzana, California. Now, this the person we need at the reunion to take pictures.

Roger D. Coday KANU, '63-'65

Roger is the guy who kept our little radio and television station on the air, such as it was. He was the Engineer Kahuna. Sumbitch had his own phone rigged in his room at Hqs company. (that was right across from the swimming pool). Roger has been with DOW CHEMICAL CO. for about thirty years now. He is the Systems Guy. He is married has one daughter. His wife also works for DOW. Sez he is coming to Re-Union

Jerry Higgings KANU, '64-'65

Jerry Higgins was the guy responsible for all the movies you folks saw on wonderful KANU-TV. This was a great job I thought. Until one confusing time he asked me to help out on a Saturday night..and me on my way to the OASIS CLUB. I was a new guy so I complied..anyway he seemed like a good sort. "WHAT DO YOU NEED ME TO DO JERRY? " ..."I want you to help me spin all these films off the reels onto the floor then we gotta burn em". Yep, that is what happened to all the films you saw on KANU TV. They got burned. Army figured it was too much trouble to register them and send them back. Anyway, we at KAGNEW were the last stop for the films in the cycle for AFTRA Stations. And the records also had to be broken and burned. Some kind of deal the Army had with the producers. Of course it was my duty ...and of course I did not steal or tape any of the good ones. Jerry has been at San Francisco State University for over thirty years now. Jerry is with the Broadcast Communication Arts Dept. (Radio-TV School) He is the Head Tech for Master control. Has one son, still married.

George Wunderly '70-'71

Asmara class of 1970-71 US Army Hospital. Member of the Dirt Diggers INC Motorcycle Club (formerly Blue Knights) After Kagnew, Ft Mac PhersonGA. Currently working at US Army Hospital, Ft Huachuca AZ.Yes, Civil service is better than working. It is really great to have this site talk to folks who have "been there-done that"...Tadawa and shawatae!

Don Tipton '61-'62/'64-'65

Don retired from the Army in 1969 (medical) and went to work for Northrop as a computer weenie. He then moved back into the warm cuddly arms of the Dept. of the Army. Don is now recently retired as a Senior Systems analyst at Fort Sill Oklahoma. As soon as I can find some of my data, I'll post his new address. Don is trying to figure out how to give us some his best "off duty" stories without getting in trouble with his wife. Says: she does not "Have a Need to Know"(?) Thats o.k. Don, we'll just have your old buddies write about you!

Rick "RIPOFF" Glasby '70-'73, AFRTS-KANU

This is the guy who transformed AFRS-AM into "The Rock of East Africa". Rick is now producing CD-ROM titles on contract with the UN

Larry "I LIKE TO ROCK" Snider '70-'73, AFRTS-KANU

After 23 years at radio stations from San Franciso to Seattle. Larry is now Program Director at KHOG in Tucson, Ariz.

Ron Huckhalt '70-'73, AFRTS-KANU

Former newsguy at KANU, Ron is living with his wife and two daughters in the Washington, D.C. area. Ron is the Media Spokeman for the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

Tom Horton '70-'73

Kagnew Gazelle- Former journalist at the Kagnew post newspaper, Tom spent many years at the Balitmore Sun. He took a little extended vacation to live on an island in the Cheaspeake Bay and then cashed back in by writing a book about the Watermen he lived with there. His book may still be on the best sellers list .

Lou Krieger '69-'71, AFRTS-KANU

Chief announcer at our little station. Lou was last heard of working for Metro Traffic in Baltimore. Previously worked as Pgm Director for 98 Rock-Baltimore...Where the hell is he now...anybody know?

Bob Sanders, NCOIC, '65

6321 N. Parker Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220-2209 Tel: (317) 475-1413 Bob and Dorothy are remembered by all who were at Kagnew as among the nicest folks. Bob retired from active duty in '68 then joined the Indiana Nat. Guard. He was immediately commisioned as a CPT...the rest is history. He retired from the Guard as a full Col. "The Col. formerly known as Sarge". Bob was also with Purdue University for 22 years teaching in the Communications Dept., then produced and directed on tape all the classes for Electrical Engineering. These taped video classes are used all over the country. Yep, he got another retirement.

ALAN KOSAK, PIO, '66-'67

4461 Hillcrest Dr. Madison WI,53705 Al is still the same grumpy old man he always was...but with much better humor. Alan wrote and produced our KAGNEW GAZELLE and also appeared in the Kagnew production of the Fantasticks. Of course he played a grumpy old Dad. Claims he does not remember a thing about any off duty antics, can't remember the flight over, cannot remember being in the Oasis Club..even on Poor Man's Night? Hey,sombody contact him and offer a Memory implant. Maybe we should put his tel number on the net without his permission...just to tick him off.

Jim Johnson '72

My Name is Jim Johnson. I was assigned to the USAF Postal and Courier Service unit (USAFPCS O/L 6AC) at Kagnew. We operated the APO and the courier station. I arrived there in January 1972 and was really getting into the place when in August I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident. I ended up in the Kagnew hospital for 3 months before I was put on the med-evac (under protest!) to go back stateside. Nowdays I work for the FAA as an air traffic controller. I work with the med-evac planes on a regular basis. Every time I do, I think of Kagnew and the people in and around Asmara.

Boyce Cox '58-'59

My name is Boyce Cox and I arrived at Kagnew Station in June 1958. An old man at 18 years old. I was one of the MP's that tried to keep you guys out of trouble over there. Spent many a day working the main gate. I too remember the "Shiftas". We had to escort all military vehicles that went down the mountain to Massawa to pick up supplies off the ships that came in the Red Sea. We were supposed to protect these vehicles from the "Shiftas". I never had the experience of a confrontation with the Shiftas. We used to stop at the Halfway House going down and hang around under that big tree out front waiting for the sun to go down before crossing the desert. In the last two years, I have located 23 companions that I served with and I have met with about 10 of them. Hope to find some more. I presently live in St. Augustine, Florida.

Curt Gullickson '69-'70

My name is Curt Gullickson. I survived Kagnew Station with my wife, Laura Lee, from June 1969 until I left with my six-month old daugher, Kim, in December of 1970. Worked at Tract C with the likes of Lee Bivens, Goofy McDonough, George Maslyar, Wilton Sullivan, Tom McDaniels, Terry Redd and Ron Kopach. After Eritrea, went to Vietnam. Got out in February of 1972. Went to college and, at the same time, into law enforcement. Worked with Minnesota State Patrol as dispatcher and amazed the district commander by the fact that I could "read holes". Eventually became police officer in my home town and an currently the Assistant Chief hoping to make Chief when my boss retires next year. I love the idea of this site and would love to hear from anyone serving during my tour of duty. Keep the faith, "lightning fast..."! (Ed: As in "chicken pluckers"?)

Alfred R. Marzian '66-'69

My Name is Al Marzian. I was fortunate enough to be stationed at Kagnew station from Aug 66, to aug 69. I was a ditty bopper, (05h). I miss Asmera, and the good times. I was in company A, worked tract C, drank scotch. I got involved with the bicycle racing, and motorcycling. I had a Ducati road bike and a dirt bike, though I rarely had a license. My pal Wayne Dickerson, a TT man was into bicycling and repairing old cars. The last I heard of him, he took a bathtub sized boat across the atlantic, then wrecked off the coast of Ireland. He was alone in the Atlantic for 140 days. He lived on raw fish and rainwater. The same Wayne I remember. I also hung out with Roger Thompson (Rosie). He was as wild as Wayne. Remember stuffing toilet paper in the canon? I can still remember the old movies at Keren, and the warm water at Gurgusums beach. I am now married to a wonderful woman named Jae, she is a songwriter in Nashville. I am a mailcarrier in Paris, Ky.