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Vince Cominski '73-'74

Was there at kagnew station, not long 5 months. I was part of a small contingent of navy personnel at the end of 73-74 after the army had left. It was surprised finding an email site for kagnew station.

I was a Navy ET assigned to the Army satellite terminal there. I thought all along the last group of personnel to leave Asmara was in May of 74 when the base was turned over to the Peace Corp and civilians. But after reading the letter you received about the guy leaving in 1975 now I don't know. Let me know if we were the last ones to leave or were they having people stationed there.

Bud Wymer '66-'67

Hi, Rick.
My name is Bud Wymer,currently using my wifes computer-and not realy good at it. I was in the 1370th Photomapping wing stationed in Albany Ga (Turner AFB) later relocated to Topeka KS (Forbes) The unit had the mission of mapping the "free"world- via usage of several AST arial survey teams. Kagnew or asmara was AST 4,work was done several miles away from Kagnew around the airport, we were transported there daily for early and late stations. If memory serves correctly we didn"t come in contact with our US army brothers that much. Even our paydays were oppisite, I Digress-we also operated of Addis Abba.I"ve not seen that much on the net about my unit other than it was disbanned mid1970s.-regardless we were at kagnew i was there about Nov 66 for 180 days one of my fondess memorys is standing parade for HighlyS. we the contengent of AF were raunch-any thing but military -on the other hand the Navy guys and Army color guard impressive .--after that parade we marched over and "fallen out in frount of the Oasis Club ether to celebrate or bolster our egos for the nfg show we put on but in all fairness most of us never got that closs to a carbine or a formation that often-we did know what to do at the club though.I don't know about being on a roster of Kagnew , I was a visitor -in my own way of thinking that puts a little vinager in the pot for folks who were there for an extensive time.but this is to let you know that the 1370th. A.S.T. 4 ----USAF was there.
hang in there Rick-thanks for the site.

Roger Mindel '66

If you all came to Asmara in 1966 or thereafter, you might not have heard this story about "motersickels." I had a '49 Matchless and joined the motorcycle club. The president (can't remember his name) had a beautiful "Snortin' Norton" with dual exhausts; you could hear the exhaust "thumping" from one to the other; beautiful sound and mellow. Well, you're probably aware of the curfew they had, telling you NOT to ride up or down the mountain at night; very dangerous indeed. Seems El Presidente didn't listen to anyone. One night, while driving up the mountain, he hit one of those white-painted cement markers along the road -- hit it with the front wheel and, as the story goes, he went sailing over the handlebars to the NEXT marker, smashing head-on into it, his helmet not helping at all. Needless to say, El Presidente was no longer. But what did us guys worry about? Who would get the Norton, was it still in ridable shape?!!!!! What a loss -- the bike, not the president!

Carolyn Maloney (Hooten) '54-'57

I'm Carolyn (Lyn) A Maloney-Hooten, a former dependent of E.T. "Pat" Maloney, Capt/Maj, USArmy, who served at Kagnew Station from 12/54 thru 01/57, as Post Signal Officer & HQ CO Commander. He opened the new communications center and the TV station, at the new base.

My mother is Marge Maloney and we were there with Dad, during his assignment, as dependents. My brothers and I attended school at the old and the new base.

Dad, E.T. "Pat" Maloney, passed away January 1998 in Tucson, Arizona.

Tom Rose '69-'71

Rick -- What fun!
I just found this site. You are the ONLY other person I've communicated with who was also assigned to Asmara! What did you do at Kagnew - or, perhaps I should simply ask, where did you work? Yes, my wife, Carol, and I remember that drought well. We lived off-base. We, probably like everyone else, bought 5 gal plastic containers at the exchange and loaded up on water at Kagnew and then brought it back to our little house (or, was that "villa"?).

I left ASA after Asamara. In fact I returned to being a civilian there and then left to go on to the "parent" organization. After being back in the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. for a fairly short time I went back to Vietnam. But this time attached to the Embassy, instead of the 265th Radio Research Company with the 101st Airborne Div. Weird thing happened while I was with the 101st - we were in a fire-fight where I took a round from an AK-47. I think I was one of the few folks in Asmara with a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, etc. In fact when I first arrived at Kagnew I couldn't figure out why the good folks at HQ checked out my records - ended up they thought I had just pinned the ribbons on my self! But after that things went swimmingly - what a incredible place & time that was!

But the next assignment took me back to Vietnam, where after a few months, my wife joined me. Then I was transferred to Laos for a short period, and finally to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Carol & I were in Cambodia until the end, and it was terrible - things in that country got unspeakably ugly.

We have been back in the U.S. since, although we have travelled a lot. The two places that we always think about returning to are Ethiopia, or should I say Eritrea, and Cambodia. They were the most fascinating of all. Thanks again for the good work you are doing Rick. It is greatly appreciated. Carol and I have spent the entire evening enjoying the photos posted on the Kagnew web-site. It is a pleasure to e-meet you!

Joe Nix '54-'55

I arrived early in January 1954 and left early in February 1956. I was first assigned to FS 8604 Operations as a Cryptographer, then headquarters where one of my jobs was Co-editor of the Weekly Gazelle and a daily recap of the newswires. In '55 I went back to Operations in Traffic Analysis.

I just had a call this am from Matt 'Tiny' Turbes, it's 44 years since we have talked. George Rose is ailing with cancer and getting news and calls to him is a major part of my motivation but we won't say anything about that private matter.

I had not looked at the 'Active Duty Roster' since I took the title literally and figured that many people were still on 'active duty'. I know that was dumb of me but it seems 'Contacts Roster' would be more accurate. I always think 'if I can make the mistake', others can.
Joe Nix '54-'56
FS 8604 Operations and Hdqtrs Company.

Edward ?? '64-'67

My name is Edward served at from 1964 to 1967. Duty was with B Co out at the relay station in the Microwave and Receiver section Left there in Mar 1967 Back to states and retired went to space center to work stayed there for seven years was laid off and went to work for Good old uncle Disney Retired from Disney in 1985 for good We have a Recreational Vehicle and spend most of our on the road seeing this great country. Hope to hear from somebody that knew Rosa & Ed as for me the mind gets a little forgetful. Names I forget but when I see the face memory comes back I think I had better quit --------------ED

Bert Brundridge '64

Hi Rick,
The following is info regarding my short tour of Kagnew in 1964. I was stationed at Randolph AFB Texas with Air Rescue and received orders to Asmara for 90 day TDY with the 1370th Photo Mapping wing.As a helicopter flight engineer, I was given a 100 lb overweight baggage allowance to carry my own hand tools & was advised that I would be forbidden to wear military clothes while on missions out of Asmara & wait and buy civilian clothes at Kagnew PX at government expense.I was there from Sep to Dec 64. We flew several missions to the northern HIRAN sites and usually were in the field about 7 to 10 days at a time eating mostly canned goods we would buy at Kagnew commissary and sleeping in the helicopter or on the ground.Ate vienna sausage by the case!!!@ Were always glad to get back to Kagnew. We rented a house in town and had plush quarters.I enjoyed my short tour there, met some GREAT people, both military & civilian. I was 31 yrs old when there, a "lifer" an! d had spent two tours in Korea and 3 years in Libya and later a year at Pleiku Vietnam but will always consider my TDY to Kagnew my best foreign assignment.Thanks fo a GREAT website.
Bert Brundridge, TSGT USAF Retired

John Kelch '69-'70

Finding that site was an incredible trip in nostalgia that I could not get away from for hours. As I was there in '69 and '70 my recollection of events was similar to that of several of the authors. And I found the addresses of a couple of guys I 'grew up with'.

I was there during the severe water shortage, the MP's killed on the Massawa road, the ELF firefights and sabotage of the roads and bridges, and the alerts where it was reported that we were immenent to be overrun (thank God it never happened as we'd have had a hellova time defending that place).

And a buddy and I may have been the last to visit Karem as we departed on cycles during an hour-long opening of the road before it shut down for the rest of our tour. Hope the article on "...the last days" gets finished!

To most of the world, Kagnew was non-existent, and even to me it was a seemingly vague footnote that I thought had long faded into obscurity, along with ASA. Yet, the bonds that we formed with the folks we shared that experience with are indellible, lifelong. Thanks so much for making the site available and taking the time to maintain it; as a Senior Business Consultant for Compaq, I know what kind of work and resources that entails.
Best regards

Bill Metzler

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the quick reply. I looked at that photo (school), but don't recognize the buildings. I think the school complex was located in that area across the street from the chapel. I'm drawing on some old memories, and without my "High School Yearbook" for reference, I can't be sure. I left Asmara right after finishing the 9th grade (what a great time we had!). There were quite a few dependent's attending school and lots of GI's or so it seemed. A few months after I left, a friend of mine named Steve Pate, wrote me with news that everything was going downhill and many were evacuating the base because of the war. Thanks again for the great web site!

John Sandwick '71-'73

STRATCOM, 1971-73. Great website. Certainly brought back a lot of old memories. Personally, I loved the place. Work was hectic at times but met a lot of great friends and loved touring the countrside, as well as trips to Kenya, Greece and Turkey. My biggest mistake was going back to the states to spend the last year of my tour instead of extending there. A bunch of us had our own patch made up, which I believe I still have - "Stratcom Rangers - We won't fight and you can't make us."

Tom Leonetti '67-'69

At Kagnew from '67-'69 with Tom McCrea, Bill Atwell, Harvey Burge and many more....05H20....Seems like a hundred years ago....

Arturo Lombardo until '74

My Name is Arturo Lombardo; I lived in Asmara from my youth to 1974. I know many Americans that where stationed there. I would like to attend the reunion in 2001. I am also looking for my friend Mr. Holenbeck from Kentucky, he was at kagnews station in 1968. Please pass my name and adress to your Kagnew station web page. I am in contact with other Americans at this time and would like to hear from others that remember the great times we had. I live in Lucca, Italy at this time and have since 1974. I still take trips to Ethiopia when there are no wars. I would like to hear from you and others from the pasts. Thanks for all your help. If someone remembers me please write or email me.
Sincerly Yours,
Arturo Lombardo
Via Don Lazzari 55100
Lucca , Italy

Ralph M. Vanderpool '56-'58

I was stationed at Kagnew from 1956-58. I was trick chief the last year I was there. I spent duty at gynda for six months. Went hunting and was a member of the east africa rod & gun club. My rank was SP5 and my mos was 058.2

Pedro J. Roman-Cuadrado '59-'60

I'll really appreciate if you do a big favor to me add in my data in your page. I remember most of my good old friends at Kagnew Station from January 1959 thru March 1960. I Worked SP5 Larrimer in the old post in the Veterinary Office & Insect control Section. I also keep in contact with Jorge A. Roldan-Carrion (Supply Section HHC) and Hector Sola (Finance Section. Thanks a lot. I'm very happy for finding your page. God bless you!
Pedro J. Roman-Cuadrado

Tom York '68-'69

I served with the ASA as a 72B from Dec 1968 to July 69. At the time I was an E-3. It was a long time ago and I was looking at some of the names from that time but don't recognize any. I do have some pictures from there if you would be interested. Thanks for the site. I just happen to find it while looking up my old unit from Viet Nam-the 509th.

Victoria Munroe '70

My dad just got the internet and did a search for "Kagnew Station" where he was stationed. He told me about it and I looked it up too. I love the pictures. They are meaningful to me because my father and I returned to Asmara three years ago. We toured the base and he showed me all around while telling me about when he was there. It was an amazing experience.

I never thought of how many other people were probably born there. I appreciate the info. I was born on October 20, 1970 on the base. My parents are James F. Munroe and Martha Victoria Munroe. We came back about a year or so after I was born.
Victoria Lynn Munroe

Larry Winter Roeder, Jr.

Great website. I was in ASA, which is the origin of the patch. used to do volunteer work with the leapers. Loved the place. Any labels of beer left? Does anyone remember me? Does anyone remember Asmara Tea or the green house?

Eugene G. Barlow, Jr.

Graduated Asmara American High on the steps of an Ethiopian Airlines Jet at Asmara Airport in May of 1963. The day we were scheduled to ship out the diplomas still hadn't arrived. They must have come in on a flight that very morning, because as we were going up the steps, a blue VW came flying out onto the tarmac. Mr. Marshal ( asst. principal & guidance councilor) ran over to the steps, handed the diploma up to me, and said you're free. I didn't get to look at it until somewhere over the Tessinae Desert.

Eric Akers '72-'73

When I got to Asmara, Eritrea (Ethiopia)it was a swing place. I had lead a sheltered life up until then. My father and mother were devout Christians and never let me go out at night. I was between 18 and going on 19 years old at the time I lived at Kagnew Station. I tried to date young women back in Ohio while attending high school but, I had no success. When the US Army sent me to Asmara, Ethiopia it was like heaven to me. I started getting dates from all sorts of women and, I had a great time. Women of Ethiopia, Italy, and American was suddenly starting to take notice of me. I treated the base like it was a great vacation that I was on instead of a military post. I took pictures of people and historical sites around Asmara. I got to meet Selassie, well at least see him from 5 feet away. I would go to the Top5 Club every chance I got to date the women I met there. The bowling alley was still a place to me young women and I visited there too. As in everyone's life there is always their finest hours. Well, mine was at Kagnew Station in Asmara. I have been going down hill every since then. I haved had four children in my lifetime since then. They are all Ethiopian/American children. Yes, I ended up marring three different Eritrean/Ethiopian Women since, Kagnew Station. Yes Rick, your website is a place to bring back the old memories of Kagnew Station and how our lives have changed since then. My picture of what I looked like back then is in the scrapbook on this website. Maybe someone will remember me back then after viewing my old photo.
Private Carl O. Akers
Post Telephone Exchange
Stratcom Facility

Warren Noble

Hi Rick,
ASA Lifer l948-l970 Retired Oct l970 out of Nam 335th RR Co. I will be pleased to hear from anyone who knew this old hell raiser. I was Opns Sgt and off and on lst Sgt during my stay in Asmara l956-58. I also pulled my obligatory tour at Ghinda Det. We had some interesting trips up and down the mountain.

Brigadier Gen Orman G Charles 1310 N. Greenbriar Arlington Va. 22205-3624 PH 703.538.5746 He is listed in Gen. Roster of the ASA Alumni Assoc. of which I am a member. It is essentially a group of higher ranking officers who keep the torch burning for many of us. They have luncheons and gatherings twice yearly and organize the ASA Picnic yearly which is now held the lst weekend of every year in Maryland outside of Ft Meade. Used to be held at VHFS for many, many years and was attended by retired and active duty members from "arond the world" it was a sight to see believe me.

I will be going to Nashville for a mini-reunion of Korean Vets 329th Comm Recon and the 326th during 5-7 Oct. Also will be up in Sturbridge MA for the Nat. Korean Vets Reunion ASA from 27-29 October. If I bump into any old Kagnew-ites I will put them on notice that we are out there. I am in the process of going over some very old slides and when I can isolate those of interest to you folks I will make copies (Kodak film) and mail a packet to you all.
Brigadier Gen Warren Noble aka Yosemite Sam