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Del Reitz '69-'72

I was glad to discover the Kagnew Station page. I am Del Reitz.(SSG, Ret) Stationed at Kagnew Station from June '69 to August '72, (ASA) with the Public Affairs office. During that time at Kagnew, I served 'officially' as NCOIC of the Public Affairs Office, though my actual function was as the PAO's field representative in the community. Through that work I made many contacts among the civilian population and with representatives of various other countries as well in Asmara. Although nearly three decades have passed, there are some people that I would like to re-establish contact with - - where this wasn't possible or prudent due to world/political circumstances in the recent past. I am now in Tucson, Arizona, and may be reached at the above e-mail address. Thanks. Del Reitz

Kurt Strecker '67

I was from San Diego, California. Have many pictures of Oasis Club, Massawa, RBT! Did many reefer runs down the mountains and chased shifties in Keren. Bar fight in Massawa with the crew of a Russian Frigate in a roof top bar. I don't remember the name. Had a Honda 305 Scrambler, dirt bike and just tore up the country side. Had Hawaiian shirts and knee high leather moccasins. Was a real jerk. Does any one remember me? I was a good time. I got over it. 1049'ed to Viet Nam, with Karl Kugler and Bruce Savaria, both MP's 8Tth. RRFS, for 6 months then up to Camp Evans, with the 1st. Cav. Returned home May 19, 1969.
Live in Scottsdale, Arizona

Robert Campbell, Jr. '61-'62

I would love to hear from anyone who knew and worked with my father-late 50's to 61. Served as Provost Marshall, drove a green Chevrolet Station Wagon. He passed away a few years ago and is survived by his wife of 50 years, Connie Campbell. I was born at Kagnew Station 12/15/60 and delivered by Dr. Glen Bert (Burt?) I cannot tell you how surprised I was to find your homepage. Please post my e-mail address and thank you in advance for your help.

Ray Fansler '60-'61

I really enjoy your site! Great work. I arrived at Kagnew a couple days before Christmas, December 1962, from Ft Leonard Wood where I had been since July. I was in HQ Co and was one of the Bay 19 guys. Some really high level discussions took place in there! My bunk was by the south door and how I ever goy any sleep I don't know.

I worked at the Consolidated Property Booking Office which was located in a corner of a warehouse at the north-east corner of the motor pool lot. I worked under Sgt Lytle and later Sgt Garneau. They did most of the work, I really had little to do. Both were very fine guys.

I played on the HQ Co fast pitch softball team [Pistons] as the pitcher and have good memories of those games, especially the battles with Capt. Waddle and his ACS Relays.

I left Kagnew on April 19, 1964 and returned home to Fairfield, IL where, for the last twenty years, I have worked for the U S Postal Service as a rural route carrier. I am an active ham radio operator [K9IT] and have contacts with ET3USA, ET3FMA and maybe some others. Also, remember hearing NKA and AEZ on my surplus R-390.
Ray Fansler

Andalon SueZann Dowell '73

My parents are Mark and Sandra Dowell. My Dad was stationed at NCS Asmara from Dec. 1970-Dec. 1973. I was born at the Kagnew Station Hospital February 25, 1973. My mother worked at the hospital as a Red Cross volunteer. They both partied at the Top Five Club. We now live in Allen, TX (suburb of Dallas). Would love to hear from others who were there.

Graham W. Bauerle '68-'69

I'm Graham Bauerle and I guess I'm found. My address is Graham W. Bauerle 928 Pumpkin Harbor Road Cambridge, VT 05444 802 - 644 -2019.

I was at Kagnew from maybe May of 1968 and was there until August of 1969 when I 1049'd for Vietnam. Everyone else in my group was on a levy and I saw many of them in Vietnam. I truly enjoyed seeing so many of the names of people I served with at Kagnew. I promise to visit again and post some memories. Someone should tell me the best place to post these thoughts.
Have a great day!

Mel Gamponia '62-'63

Aloha Rick,
I was stationed at Kagnew from '62 to '63. I noticed two names that I remember from my days at Kagnew Station (Jim Lockwood and John Bartowsik). We had a small group of Hawaiians at Kagnew, at the Recvr site, we had SP5 Kubo and SP5 Whitehead, at the transmitter site (Tract D) SSG Tony Miguel and myself(SP5). Phil Gray (32D) was one of our running mates to Massawa. At the Transmitter Site, I remember SFC Chapman, SSG Martinez, SSG Philburn, SFC Henderson, SFC Davies, SSG Sanchez(Royour) SSG Ramel, SSG Tokuda(Antenna team) SP5 Dicks(Antenna team).

I believe our top enlisted was SGM Apple and our Cdr was Col James. I noticed the name "Royal", I believe his father was the provost marshall (Major) during my time there. I heard Henderson and others are living in Fayetteville, NC. Martinez and Dick are living here in Sierra Vista, AZ. If you have time, drop me a line at and hopefully we can get an update of the others.
Mel Gamponia

John Rogers '69-'71

If you'd be so kind to add me to the roster...I worked in maintenenace at Stonehouse from Oct 69 to Feb 71. I've already successfully contacted a couple guys I found in your roster and it was great to re-establish lost contact. Thanks. Maybe someone is looking for me. Was from the SF bay area at the time, but now live in Irvine, CA. Also, if possible, mention my wife of 24 years, Isabella (nee Monaco). Am now working as senior flight test engineer for Boeing but old habits die hard...I still don't talk about work much.

Laurence Miltenberger '70-'74

Hi Rick,
I was stationed at Kagnew from 18 Apr 70 thru 21 May 74. I believe that was the last day. I was on the last plane out that had all the dependents on it. I was an RM1 stationed at the Navy Site (tract F.) I currently live in Fl where I am a Communications Dispatcher for the local sheriffs office. Four years at Kagnew was a long time but I guess I love it there or I wouldn't have kept extending my tour. The site looks great, keep up the good work for us all.

Stewart Evans '67-'69

My Stepfather is Phil Scherck who was CPBO Mar 67 until he retired in 68, then he managed the golf course until we left in May 69. While looking through your web site I noticed somebody was looking for a family named Greenawalt. I currently serve with the Calif Air Natl Guard Counterdrug Hq staff in Sacramento Calif. The NCOIC of the 2 shop is MSgt Danny Greenawalt. His dad married an Ethiopian woman, she now lives in Monterey, Ca. Danny said his dad had died some years ago. His E-mail is

Are there any other Kagnew people in this area. It would be fun to find out. One more thing about Danny and me, his dad and my dad served together in the 50's, now we are serving together in the 90's, small world after all.

By the way, his dad and my dad were good friends. I did my Sophomore and Jounior years at the Hi School. Asmara will always be special to me, and if possible, I'd go back tomorrow. Write when you can,
Stewart Evans, SSgt, CA Air National Guard.

Nickie Lum (Dahlke) '58-'61

Aloha Rick,
I saw the message from Jerry Ingle looking for my Dad. (I've already contacted him.)

I just thought I'd let you know that my father CWO W-4 Nick Lum passed away Dec. 9, 1993 at the age of 83, and is buried at the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery. He retired in 1966 after 36 years of service. He would have been tickled pink to hear from one of his "boys". I'm just sorry it wasn't sooner. He wasn't much into computers but he would have responded in a heartbeat.

We spent 3 wonderful years at Kagnew from 1958-1961. It and Germany were my favorite duty stations.

And I think pages like yours are great! I've been in contact with a few people from our old stomping grounds and it keeps me smiling. It's been like old home week. Please keep up the good work.
Nickie (Lum) Dahlke

Ornan D. Carl '60'-62

Was exploring my system and ran in USAMESA just to see if anything was out there. What a surprise. You are doing a fantastic job with this website. Please keep it up.

I was at Kagnew from 60 to 62 with USAMESA. Went over as an 053 just in time for the Congo crisis. Lt. Col. Joyce B. James was the old man at the time. I cross-trained to 722/723 and worked most of the tour in the peep hole room. Was promoted to Sgt. E-5 on October 6, 1961. Still have copy of the special orders regarding that upgrade.

Also have copies of letter of commendation regarding support given to Ethiopian government during attempted coup in December 1960, my Oasis Club and Top Five Club membership cards, and one of the menus from the Oasis Club. Features included filet mignon (local) at 85 cents, Heineken and Tuborg beer at 20 cents, and the 30-cent breakfasts. Have a copy of the laundry slip from Pete's Laundry and my liberty pass issued by Lt. Robert E. Morris who was the company commander at the time of my arrival.

I remember my first encounter with him when I reported in and he took an immediate dislike to me because of the length of my hair. He ORDERED me to get a hair cut immediately. He should see me now. Just retired in January after 25 years in law enforcement including the last eight as a state narcotics agent for the PA Attorney General. Will forward copies of some of these things when I get my scanning equipment in.

Also have a lot of pictures from Kagnew, Keren, Massaua, Python Valley, the Halfway House, etc. Am presently residing in a rural area 50 miles north of Harrisburg. Plan relocation to the Gulf Coast of Florida in the near future. Saw a few names I remembered in your roster and will be in contact with them. Would like to see more MESA references. Keep up the excellent work. I appreciate having a resource like this available.
Ornan D. Carl

Paul Staley '71-'72

I was at Kagnew from 3/71 to 10/72. I was an 04B Arabic language at Tract C. Later I was an MP when our mission was reduced in the spring of 72. I was a SGT E-5 when I left. I went back to Asmara in 9/73, when the city was attacked by the ELF. I only stayed two months. I then went to Zaire and worked construction for a couple years and eventually spent 24 years overseas.

Kagnew Station was my first overseas "job" and gave me the taste for life in exotic places. It was a great assignment that I'll never forget. Some of the people I was stationed with are Wally Donnelly, Sid Stephens, Phil Daneman, John Cocke, Dan Dickman, Mike Worley, Sam Osteen. I have lost touch with these guys over the years. I find your page fascinating, keep up the good work.
Regards, Paul Staley, Cuba, New Mexico

Larry W. Freeman '57-'60

I was an 058 under Sgt Lenhart. I raced motorcycles at the Decambre Air strip and on several hill climbs. I ran with John Billy Taulor and Jim Garner most of the time..I'm now retired from the insurance business and am interested in contacting JOHN BILLY TAYLOR who did live in Lake Charles, LA at the time.

Patrick T. Regan '69

I salute you Rick for this page.. I was at Kagnew Station in the ASA in 1969. I find your page to be very informative and brings back some fond memories, I just wanted to say thank you and I will be visiting many times and maybe try to lacate some friends I had there as well.. Thanks again and keep up the good and apprciated work..
Patrick T. Regan
Personnel Staffing Specialist
DSCC-KS Voice 692-2153 Fax 692-2479

Nana (Billie) Riley '71-'73

I love your web site on Kagnew Station. I was in Ethiopia from Sept.1971 - July 1973 and even though we were civilian, I attended school on base and made lots of friends. We meet a family who were stationed on the main base and they had a baby boy born to them on May 5th 1972 named Michael Wall. The father's name is Louis Wall, U.S. Army, I don't know his rank, his wife is from Vietnam named May-Li.

I was formerly known as Nana (Billie) Riley and attended 7th and 8th grade in Asmara American Dependent School on Kagnew Station. While looking through the "reunion" pictures on the net, I came across parents of some of my classmates! Amazing, after all these years it's good to see familiar faces. Thanks a million!

Thank you for your web site, I enjoy it tremendously. It brings back many happy and vivid memories.

Roy L. Fansler '62-'64

Hi Rick,
Thank you for the great job you are doing and keep up the good work! My name is Roy Fansler and I was at Kagnew Station from December 1962 to April 1964, assigned to HQs Company. The Post CO was Col. Wilson, HQs Company CO was Major Courant and the Executive Officer was Lt. Newton. I have a twin brother, Ray, and we stayed together throughout our Army service. We both worked at the Consolidated Property Book Office under Major James Bogle and Sgts Hawkins, Ken Lytle, Dyson and Garneau.

Some of the men I remember from HQs Co were Mickey Cabe [TX], Geof Wondergem [MI], John Deideker [sp] from Missouri who was at KANU, Dale Burdick [NY] and Tom Kline [IA] who both worked at the Motor Pool, Wayne Hamilton and a Hazelwood from Texas.

We had a good fast-pitch softball team, managed first by Sgt Ken Lytle [NJ] and after he left by Sgt Roy Conrad [Ky]. Members of the team were: Marion Kinneson [IN], Ron Blembler [CO], Alton Hawkins [OK], Jim Trostrud [WI], Kenneth Peterson [MN], Richard Skates [IL], Bill Mooney [CA], Mike Preseoso [sp] [NY], Howard Smith [CA], Gary Myers [IL], Gerald Park [CA], Bill Gilbert [?], Ray Fansler [IL] and myself. A Sgt. Smith helped coach and the batboy was Sgt Conrad's son Mike.

Ray and I are both active amateur radio operators, Ray is K9IT and I am K9UE. I used to catch ET3USA on CW after I returned home.
Thanks again.
Roy Fansler

Barry (KJ) Kjelland '68-'70

Two notes from Barry-Rick

Stumbled upon website. Great. Was at Kagnew Dec68-May70. Co.B 72B20. Worked Track C behind "The (Green) Door". Site commander was WO3? Antuna (sp). CO Kagnew LTC R.B. Moser who left during my tour. Acting CO, LTC George T. Shearin. Know a bunch of names, have a bunch of photos. Tell me how to put it together for you. I am new at this computer stuff and am still www.confused/novice. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Barry (KJ) Kjelland.

I've been in contact with several people and are swapping photos of our time in the clouds. It is a real treat to be able to show my family part of my past that before now, only existed in my "war stories". Talking with, and sharing old photos from other sources, (the kids have seen mine 1000 times). It is different when they see dear old dad from a different perspective in someone else's photos. There is a new reality that is instilled in them. It is pretty amazing for them, (and me too), to pull up a website, click a few times, and PRESTO, "HEY DAD IT'S YOU".

Wherewereyouwhatwereyoudoingwhywereyoutherewhywereyoudoingthatyousurewereskinny youlooklikesomeofthegeeksfromschool. Ad infinitum, Ad nauseum. Anyway, I've probably bored you enough with this drivel. Keep up the good work and the faith. All will be well. If I recall properly, we had a saying, (at least among the Tape Apes), "Illigitimi non Carborundum". Do you recall hearing anything like that?
I remain,
ASA Co. B, Tract C 72B20 (Tape Ape)
Barry (KJ) Kjelland

Zane Moore '67-'68

With all the recent news about Asmara, I was wondering wether Kagnew Station still existed and decided to search the net for any info. Imagine my surprise. I was ASA, stationed at Kagnew from Feb 67 to July 68 as a 72B20. I worked in the CommCenters at Tract C and Stonehouse. My preference of course was Stonehouse, since that was really more like R and R.

At the time, like most, I counted my days until my return to the "real world", but in retrospect, I can't imagine a better tour of duty existed. I'd like to add a few names which I didn't see on the active duty roster who were stationed at Kagnew in 67 and 68: Adam Rangell, Rick Hansen, Dave Postel, Ron Hagey, "Pop Dobey", Ed? Matthews, ? Zimmerman. Wish I could remember more as there were so many. I did see Jumbo's name on the roster - Hey Jumbo, remember all those nights at the Tequila Bar?

My wife Gail and I live in Alpharetta, GA. We have two wonderful sons ages 30 and 27, one beautiful granddaughter, Hannah age 1 and another on the way. I retired from the business world three years ago and my wife and I recently opened a womens health center together. By now you're probably yawning so I'll spare you any more details. In the meantime, thanks for the memories!
Zane Moore