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Robert P. Awtrey '71-72

I was a U.S. Army E-5 98J at Stonehouse from July 1971 to October 1972. The Army permitted me to ETS in Ethiopia on 5 October 1972 (I got the one year early-out) and hang around for a couple of weeks, which was fun. I see a couple of names I recognize on your page! Please add my name to the roster.

I was actually discharged at Kagnew and spent two weeks there as a civilian. To accomplish this, I had to seek and obtain approval from the U.S. Consulate in Asmara as well as the "powers that be" at Kagnew. I don't think anyone had ever done it before, certainly not very often! I remember going to the consulate to plead my case. I didn't have time to get a new passport, so the Army held on to my red passport until the day I left and gave it to me at the airport. I went home as a civilian on a red passport! It's still in my dresser drawer, stamped "cancelled" because I used it as proof of citizenship to get a tourist passport.

During those two weeks I was living in the home of a DA civilian that I had worked for at Stonehouse while in the military. My main objective in staying was to spend more time with an Italian girl I was seeing at the time. But, that's another story. Also, I came darn close to staying there permanently as a civilian employee of Radiation, Inc. that took over Stonehouse after the Army pulled out. But, that didn't work out so I went back to the states.

One of the pictures on your web site is of George Moore; I was very good friends with him at one time. Have to look him up.

Thanks for your help; I like the web site very much!

Edward F. Perry Jr. '63-'66, '70-'73

I served at Kagnew from 1963-1966 and again from 1970-1973. I met my first wife Margaret (Frank) Perry there. I was a Sargent with the M.P.'s in Guard Company. I also worked at AFRTS with such notables as Mike Edwards, Steve Richards, Pat Pipes and a lot of others that I don't remember after all these years.

Gotta go for now. It sure is nice seeing people that were there and don't want to forget the experience.

Jim Thatcher '64-'65

Hello, Rick!
I am Jim Thatcher, E-5, stationed a Kagnew 64-65, HQ & HQ Co., worked in Special Services, mainly at the Service club and Post Library. Special memories include the "Off Off Broadway Players," who mounted productions of "Romanoff and Juliet," "Arsenic and OLd Lace," and "The Diary of Anne Frank," and my personal favorite, the African premiere of the Moliers classic, "The Miser," which even received a favorable review in The New York Times! I learned to appreciate gourmet Italian and African cuisine while at Kagnew, an art I have persued to this day in my career as a chef/restaurateur here at the Jersey Shore. WE Kagnew veterans all share a very special coomon bond, and let's all do what we can to keep the Kagnew Pages going!

My best wishes that ALL Kagnewites enjoy health, happiness, longevity , prosperity, and the Blessings of God!
Thanks, and stay well... Jim Thatcher

Clinton Smith '64-'67

Hello Rick,
I arrived in Asmara on the 18th of August, l964. Bob Maher and his wife met me at the airport with three cars. At that time I had four kids and was only an E-5 (Sp5). Bob put me up in the big hotel down town where I stayed for 65 days. I bought a l950 Fiat from Harvey Wells and it lasted until I left the country in l967. Went to B Trick and was the 2nd in command to Jungle Jim Wilder. I Worked as an 05H for the first year and changed to 98C and worked for Jimmy Parker.

Some of the people that I came in contact with are Joe Philips with his sweet wife Ann, Joe Barklow, Otis Turner who was my Pinochle partner, Elvis Trahan who was the NCIOC of Coll, Col Eugene Keener who was the Ops Officer, and the whole softball team. Shafer was a clerk to Msg Robinson (Ops Sgt) and he and I had shared some details together in l961 on the way to Turkey.

I could go on for ever but I will say thanks for letting me share some of the old times with you on the net. I retired in l976 in Little Rock Ark and started teaching school at White Hall Ark. I retired for the second time in l994 and have visited all the places where I was assigned with ASA. I Bought a big motor home and my wife and I spent the last five years on the road. To name a few, Two Rock, Vent Hill, Fort Devens, Fort Lewis, Fort Meade, Fort Bliss Tx, all of the Mil Acds.

Well I have bent your ear long enough so if any of you guys want to give me a call or email me. My address is l5 Rockwood, Cabot, Ark, 72023, phone 501 941-3631 and CUL CUL.

Tom Daly '69-'71

I haven't the faintest idea why I typed in Kangew Station while in Yahoo, but I was blown away by the number of web sites dedicated to Kagnew and all those who served there. As the saying has been used millions of times already - it was among the best of times and the worst of times (like when we had no water or when guys were dying on the Massawa Rd)- but I've only kept alive the really great ones.

Tom Daly, USASA, HHC. Worked: HQ Admin & AFRTS & Post Engineers Now living in Tuscon, Arizona
Great work!

Dennis Muzik '69

Glad to hear from you. The older I get the more I seem to mess up. I was there from Jan 69 to Dec 69. Sorry to miss the reunion, but by the time I surfed the net and found the Kagnew site, I had already had vacations plans made for the same time period. Perhaps I can make the next one??

I had my silver, 1966 Datsun 1600 roadster shipped to Kagnew, perhaps someone remembers me riding around the station with the top down looking for ???? As I read the rest of the page, I noticed Duke Klassen's note in the reserve roster. Although I didn't know Duke, three names popped up to me. Mike Wilson, was in my wedding party on October 24, 1970 in Kent, OH. Mike played the piano and always took a box of thumb tacks along to the recreation center ( I don't remember what they called it) when he played. He put the tacks into the felt cord hammers to make the piano sound honky-tonk. It was a real treat. If they found out he was doing it he would have probably got an article 15. The last I talked with him (15 years ago) he was alive and well in Cleveland, OH.

Doug Raly is most likely Doug Ray. He and I became good friends. I introduced him to one of my future wife's roommates and they became roommates. Doug is a law professor at the University of Toledo. I will try to contact both of them and give them the site address. I also knew Jim Kirkpatrick, but never knew him after Kagnew. Also, I noticed in Ken and Jan Love's list. Warren and Sally Hoffstetter were also close friends while at Kagnew. Warren operated the movie projector at the Kagnew Theater while he wasn't saving the world for democracy. I' ll never forget the night he let me work with him when they were showing "2001 A Space Oddessy" I told him to turn up the volume for the tremendous classical music featured in the movie. I lost track of them also. I knew they hailed from Chambersburg, PA.

My one year at Kagnew was the best experience of my four years with ASA. Keep up the good work on the site.
Dennis Muzik, Alpharetta, GA

Don McDonough '62-'64

I served at Kagnew Station from 1962-64. I was in HHQ and worked at the finance office as a SP5. I also worked at the Oasis Club as a master at arms. My current address is PO Box 8577, La Jolla, CA 92038, phone (858)272-5748. I'm in occasional contact with Larry Clark and Paul Brayman.
Thanks for your site.

Duke Wyatt '55-'58

I discovered this web page by accident and may the rush of memories. I was SP3 Duke Wyatt and I served in Kagnew Station from March 1955 to April 1958. I was in Headquarters company. I currently live in Garland, Texas at 313 Birchwood Dr. zip 75043. My phone number is (972) 279-0677. Wow this is really a rush. I am just tickled pink to find this web page. I have quickly devoured everything that has been printed here. I would be interested to hear from anyone wishing to talk about Kagnew Station.

Eugene (Nigel) Keebler '70-'74

I was a Navy dependent in Asmara. My address is 3780 Clyde Morris Blvd., Apt 2303, Port Orange FL 32119. My phone (904) 760-3290 or e-mail me.

By the way i think this is great a big part of my life as a kid was in Asmara.

Thanks for your reply, I remember a lot. I was 11 the first time I flew into Asmara thinking wild animals ect. but flew into a childhood I`ll never forget. Too many to put into words in a short time. I left at the age of 15, I am 40 now but feels like yesterday. In some way this Web site makes me good inside, because it is a link to my childhood that most people can`t understand. I look forward to maybe meeting old school mates and talking to them.
Thanks again, until next time, your Kagnew friend Eugene Keebler.

George Geysen '67-'68

Please list me on your site. What an honor to tour Kagnew again. The photos, names and places sure bring back memories. Maybe one of my old degenerate friends will see my name and get the same rush I did.
George Geysen
Work email:
Thanks, George

James M. Hinds '68-'70

Jim's reply to my note-Rick

Jeez, Rick - it's been 29 years, you know! Let's see - I think I actually ETS'd on 11 August (the Fort Hamilton/Fort Wadsorth deal), so I must have departed Asmara about the 6th or 7th. As I recall, I was the only one on the flight heading back to the States to ETS. I, also, had an over-night lay-over in Beirut; stayed at the Hotel Alkazar (stayed there myself-Rick), which was right on the bay. Beirut (at that time) was probably one of the prettiest towns I ever saw. Not much left of it these days, I guess.

Was looking at some pictures on another web site which were taken in Asmara and Massawa in 1997. Brought back a lot of good memories and, yet, very depressing at the same time. I just hope that Eritrea can finally get things stablized and get that bunch of ya-hoos from Ethiopia off their backs, once and for all. (Kind of ironic that we always refered to them as "Ethies" when, in fact, they considered themselves to be Eritreans. Saw several places on other sites where they refer to the period from 1962 thru 1991 as "the Ethiopian Occupation".)

Better get back to doing something productive. (Like hell - I'm full-time National Guard!)
Ciao, attah! - Jim Hinds
05K2O, Co. A

John Deidiker '62-'63

Just found this by just browsing on the internet. I was with Headquarters Company and worked with Armed Forces Radio and well as the post publications..Kagnew Gazelle as well as the daily Kagnews. I was at Kagnew from April 1962 until October 1963 and left with the rank of Specialist Four. I now live in West Plains, Missouri and my telephone number is 417-256-6839.

John E. Bircher III '53-'56

Was a dependent of CPT John E. Bircher II, the Kagnew Station (Tract A) Adjutant, from 53-56. Attended the school at Tract A and then the first class in the new school at the new Kagnew Station. If needed I have lots of pictures of the dedication including teachers and children from that ceremony. thanks to your list, I just contacted Don Gentry, a childhood friend at Kagnew and hope to renew the friendship.

Although not actually stationed there, I did have the opportunity to go back on TDY for a couple of weeks in 1965. I was part of an MOS evaluation team out of Ft. Devens evaluating the 286 MOS which had been my own as an enlisted man for 4 years. I went to OCS in 1963 and Ft Devens was my first assignment as a new lieutenant.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks ! John

John Bartosik '61-'62, '64-'66

Former 32D. Was stationed at Kagnew Station in 61/62 and then again late 64/66. If any one out there who by chance was at the Receiver site during that time, I worked in tech control. Wasn't able to attend the reunion this year, but maybe next time. Give me a shout and will chat again later. Ten four, over and out. This is AEZ TESTING.

Kilinoe Lum (Okami) '58-'61

Aloha Rick,
All the way from Anahola, Kaua'i, Hawai'i. My family and I were stationed in Kagnew Station back in the late 50s and early 60s. My Dad's name was CWO-4 Nick Lum and along w/my Mom, Rose, and 3 sisters, Christine, Nickie & Lani, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Everyone in our family thought Dad was crazy for taking his family to Africa, but we had so much fun and was very upset when we had to leave. My name's Loreen Lum Okami, but I am now known as Kilinoe. Could you please add me to your e-mail list and hopefully I'll hear from some old friends who were there at the same time. Mahalo (thank you) for keeping us all informed on the happenings of our "little station".
Kilinoe Okami

Larry Rickard

The Kagnew Station home page has more than socially redeeming value. It is a source of mental health, religious inspiration, vocational networking and counseling (after one has networked) and medical well-being (that's a long view not long shot. Think of all those GG shots everyone had to have and the other novel experciences resulting from the local sanitation problems. Remember, three thousand years of history unhindered by progress!).

My now ex-wife, Claudia - who you may remember had a TV and radio show at AFRTS. We used to live next door to Marge and Ed Perry before we moved to Track C (the one off post).

BTW, you can register me with your registry of former Kagnewites. I'm Larry Rickard, aka SP5 Lawrence J. Rickard, 98GLRU (and, former Marine, Uuh Rah!). There are a few folks in the Northern Virginia AO who were former Kagnewites. To name a couple, Gary McMillian (COL, USA, Ret), Charles Alston (COL, USA, Ret and former Dep Post CDR). One each Robert "Bob" Gyger is at USAIC, DCD, Fort Huachuca, AZ. Two guys who I haven't heard from or about lately are the Big E (SGM Ewing) and MSG Eddie Longmire. Anyone know what happened to those guys? Okay,... Have to continue my "blooding sucking off the dole of the taxpayers back." (Guess what that means?)
Ciao, Larry Rickard

Eric J. Staton '70-'72

Thanks for such a nice site. I was at Kagnew in '70-'71. Worked as night shift trick chief at Track B in receiver repair. I'm in touch with Tom Huckfeldt on a regular basis now. Put me down as found and on Active Duty. I'm always anxious to here from anyone who spent time in Ethiopia. I really loved my time there and still have my 450cc Ducati. I'll get around to scanning some pictures to share.
Thanks again, Eric J. Staton

Follow up from Eric after my reply. We worked the same job at Tract B.-Rick

Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge my email and the personal contact is great. I probably took your place at the receiver sight because I arrived in August '70. Do you remember that one of the synthesized tuners could be kept up and running only by a swift kick, lower right hand corner, not too hard but not too soft? We never did figure out what component was loose so we just passed the "combat boot love tap" along to our trainees.

Isn't Tom just the greatest guy in the world? I went through Ft. Monmouth with him then spent a year in Germany. And what a wonderful surprise to find him again a year later when I got to Kagnew! I mentioned that we are in touch on a regular basis ... I'm a full-time stock trader (quit the day job in May of this year) and he, too, is interested in investments.

I will find a way to get pictures of the Ducati scanned and get them on-line for you.

Thanks again for all your effort Rick. I'm working on making enough cash to run up and visit Tom and I would like to meet you. So, I'll keep you informed as those plans come together.
Sincerely, Eric

Marty Garrett '64-'65

I'm blown away by all this info about Kagnew and all you people. I served there for 18 mos. Left there on 1 July 65. And now am so amazed tofind your fantastic web page.

I remembered two or three of the names on your page. Louie Nye, Carol Coombs. Foggy though, a lot of years ago. I have talked to 3 of the guys I worked with there, just a few mo. back. Richard Little, Nelson S. Lockey. I couldn't locate this one but a real great guy, Gary Yakabu, Hawaiian.

If I can be of any help to you all, I can say that, I live in Florida, Just ask.
Keep it up Rick, you're doing great
Marty MOS 271.1

Melvin Whitmire '68-'70

I arrived at Kagnew Station 8/68 and left 1/70. I worked at Tract C and my MOS was 41J20. What is that you ask? It was Office Machine Repair. I had to fix all of the mills that the 05H's tore up trying to take copy. Thanks for adding my info. You are doing a great job with the Kagnew Homepage. I have found a few names that I recognized.
Continue the good work.
Melvin Whitmire

Mike Metras '67-'68

Please add my name to the to the Asmara list. I was at Kagnew from Oct 67 to Mar 68 (when I was snatched for Vietnam) and then from June 69 through Sept 70. It has to be among the best years of my life. I lived two really great years in Eritrea from 67 to 70. I was an ASA communications analyist. This is a great site. I am not sure why I have not registered myself before now. But I have had a link on my site (\coins) for several months. do keep up the good work.
Mike Metras ASA

Danny Douglas '60-'62, '67-'69

Happy to see the Kagnew stuff on the internet including the maternity list. My daughter, Shana Irene Douglas, was born March 28, 1968 at Kagnew hospital. I was there in the Army in 1960-62 (ASA) and returned as an army civilian in 1967-1969. (DET 3)

Yep, there something wrong with the Kagnew list, Im not on it. I was there in Co C, ASA July 1960 thru July 62, got caught up in the big squeeze before the new barraks opened and the Berlin Crisis. 058 MOS. Single and lived on base. Was on the track team formed to compete agains a NCAA group that came thru during that time. Also Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 1 and later Scoutmaster.

I returned as a civilian in 1967, working at Det 3 on the Stratcom compound, and helped move into the new building about a month later. I was (am) married to Janice Elaine Douglas and our daughter Shana was born at Kagnew. Again I was Scoutmaster and played basketball and flag football with the Det 3 team. Was there for the beginning of the big DRY and left sometime mid 69. There it is, quick and dirty and you may publish whatever parts ya need. Thanks for the webpage, surely appreciate seeing what other guys doing to keep our memories.
Danny C Douglas

(Here are some follow-up notes from Danny, commenting on the later tour as a civilian-Rick)

Yeah, there was a change for sure, all downhill to my way of thinking. If you remember where the stonehouse antenna was, we had built a race track for the old Italian cars and also ran gerry carts there right where the antenna was sitting. Also had built a nice park there with tables/benches etc. The old building that use to house the original Italian communications equipment was right there too, and we had built an indoor .22 caliber rifle range in the basement of that building. Took lots of time and effort, and to find some idiot had allowed it all to be wiped out because they wanted to put a big dish there was really maddening. They could have used some of the other 10000 acres nearby for that.

Also we use to be able to hunt down around both Massawa and Cheren and of course the second time they put hunting back in effect, my next door neighbor (lived in one of the duplexes out on the airport road) managed to go out the very first day and get captured by shiftas and put a quick end to that. I was Scoutmaster there and had the building right next to the Oasis club in 60 but when came back in 67 had to go over to tract E - F or whatever it was across town. The second time around is never as good. At least we still had the amateur radio club over there too, and I was active in that. Wasn't married first trip, was the second-so life changed. Plus the first trip, we had plenty of water. Ha. Det 3 was right inside the Stratcom facility for several years, but then moved to the building just behind the facility, in the same compound. Stratcom origionally was called MESA for Middle East Signal Agency, by the way.

Was Scoutmaster both times. People might remember when HIM visited and the Scouts set up a campsite at the baseball field and put on a show for him, including had the Ethiopian Scouts there working with us, had a large Monkey Bridge set in the background and kids were crossing it. ((And people are bitching about a water shortage here in Virginia- they dont know the meaning of the word)) Also sat up ham radio with special callsign ET3BSA and had club members manning it for the ocassion.

Glad you guys are carrying on the Kagnew traditions(have managed only one of the get-togethers but hope more in future.
Thanks Danny