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28 March 1998

Boyce Cox  '56-'60 (Deceased)

Hello John. Boyce Cox here. Would like to give you some names and home state of guys that I am looking for Thay were at Kagnew Station 1956 to 1960 and all were in Guard Co. William Burns Tn. Jody Wright La. George Lambert NC. James Mceroy Ga. Richard Swain Ga. Stanley Maslowski Pa. I think Charies Dickenson Md.and Danny Workman In. Thanks a lot hope we can find some of them. I guess Asmara and Kagnew Station lives on for all of us.

Albert Rayl '58-'64

Enjoy the page very much. I was there from 1958- 1964. Ran the photo lab did a lot of hunting. Was on the last trip in 63 to go to Sudan on 35 day trip. Also made 35 day trip to Kenya. Keep up the good work ALBERT F. RAYL. (ok Al, we want a head shot of you)

Thomas Daniel '68-'71

My name is Tom Daniel and I was at Kagnew Station from December 1968 to 1971? I was a 72b and worked at tract C and remember some names of folks that I shared my time with at KAGNEW. Curt Gullickson, Lee Bivens, Lou Kreager, Larry Barnes, Mike Martinez, Charles Moulton, Otus Mangrum, Billy Billeyou(spelling?) David Mathews, John P. Mcdonough (goofy), Bruce Metzler, Charles (chunky) Kennel, Ron Baggett, and many more that my mind can not recall at this time.

While at Kagnew station I had a 1955 Royal Enfield motorcycle that I purchased fromChuck Moulton. Lee Bivens and myself traveled to Addis and back on our bikes immediatelyafter a drought and were rained on most of the trip.I remember the trips to Massawa and Keren where we would visit often during breaks from work. Has anyone had a Melotti lately ? I would welcome any communication from the old gang... I now live in Johnstown Ohio and operate a small Music store specializing in guitars andaccessories, "Doghouse Music". Prior to starting the music store I had worked 19 years for General Electric in Worthington Ohio..

Lew Colwell '67-'69 (dec. 2003)

Nice job!!! Dave Marcos turned me on to your homepage. Was in Asmara from Jan 67 to July 69. Really appreciate your effort with this. -lew colwell

Dave Marcos '65-'68

I was assigned to B Company and worked at Tract C. Also wrote a weekly column for B Company in the KAGNEW GAZELLE, titled "Best Company Bellow" under the stewardship of the editor, Gabby "Goesit" Gadbois. When I was getting short in March of 68, I reluctantly but confidently passed the column on to the eloquent Dick Gouldey, who gave me a sendoff to remember in the 29 Mar 68 issue of the GAZELLE. Thanks, Dick.

Of course, I remember Larry "Spook" McKay and "Gross" Gomach. I mean, who could ever forget THEM? Spook, if you ever see this, did anyone ever find out the identity of the "PHANTOM - - - - - - -" or that of the culprit who put the dead baboon in the CO's car? I remember, Spook, when you told me that Captain Beckworth came in real happy one day and said that he had great news. Then you said something like, "What, did you find out who put the baboon in your car?" "No'" he replied, and went on to say, " It's even better than that; my RA Commission just came through."

I won't bore you guys with much more of this. However, I would like to add some names to the list that I can remember at the moment in the hope that they might see this and eventually get on board. I'm not sure of all the spelling, and included in the list are some buddies that I've been in touch with right along.

They are as follows: Lewis S. Colwell, Dean Hutson, Dave Engstrom, George "Tom" Cotton, Ray Lewis, John Bennison, Amick, Don Costen, Larry Kaiser, Pete Molan, Tom Peck, Brad Bauer, Joe York, Jerry Kirby, Dave Wilkinson, Smotts, Mike Rowell, Mike Palmer, Mel Rose, Tony Ardelia, Frank Bartol, Larry "Blinky" Blenkinsop and Teresa, Jim Katzung, Joe Kimbro, Kurt Vander Weg, Bob Fisher, Ernie Sears, Jackie Miller, "Moose" Maurer, Anthony Caldier, Vic D'Amore, Dave Bertovich, Crnich, Ray Anderson, Ted Sloan, Bill Palasek, "Sweet Pea" Owens, Bob Madden, Ozzello, Parker, Frank, Yohe, Dave Morrison, Clayton Strand and his famous "ReUp" Poster, Dave Brown, Ed Smith, First Sergeant Snyder, Norman McVey, Mike Alexander, Dave Pierce, First Sergeant Fleck, First Sergeant Hayward Thurmond, Stafford Rogers, Michael Joseph, Wade Cathey, Joe Schotthoefer, Gary Chaffin, John Guyton, Gene Heck, Charlie Hobbs, Dan Czarapata, Captain Ron LaBreche, Milt Sternberg, Vander Kerkoff, Larry Strathmann, Paul Klug, Cline, Fobes, Chuckie, Jim Murray, Coffey and, finally, Mark "Whiskey Man" Shay.

In closing, I'll give a small clue as to my identity for those of you who can't quite put your finger on just who I am, at least to the guys from B Company. I guess you could call me the Houseboys' Worst Nightmare (Asfa, Bucre,Tommy, & Mazollo). I am sure there are those of you who will remember Asfa's nickname, "Chicken - - - -." One might say that my unofficial secondary duty was that of LATRINE SERGEANT.

My best wishes to all of you, and I do apologize to those whose names I fail to recall at the moment; it's been a long time.
Dave Marcos - Warwick, NY -

PS: I am also attaching a few photos for our Photo Pages (the Ft. Ord photo is for ID purposes - I haven't scanned any other personal photos into the system yet):
Best regards, Dave

Joe Gillam '65-'68

Great to see your site and bring back old memories. I was assigned to the Guard Company from my arrival in May 1965 from Vietnam. In October 1968 I departed to Ft Dix, NJ. I retired from the Army in 1984 and have been with the Hinesville, GA Police Department since my retirement.

Without a doubt I remember Asmara as the high point of my military carear. I was at Kagnew Station for the bulk of my tour but spent one year at the MP Detachment at Masawa. I would love to hear from any of my old friends from those days. Over the years I have lost touch with just about everyone.

Again, great site, and I will visit often. (Joe Gillam, 501 Heritage Rd, Hinesville, GA 31313. Home: (912) 368-0969.

Robert Fay '55-'57 (MP)

I'd like to get on your homepage list. I'd like to find Nick J.Sapone. He was from somewhere near Troy,NY. I was an MP over there. Bob

Navnit Desai

Hi John I stumbled upon your site while surfing the web.

I am looking for my horse-riding partner Marian Stratton, rank of Lt. Cdr. - name & rank at the time. Also, Mr. Leonhardt - the stables owner & my instructor. I met both of them in Asmara during 1973-1974. Any suggestions?

Born and raised in Eritrea (Agordat, Asmara), I left in 1988. I often went to the Officer's Mess and the activities there. My school - Comboni College - basketball team used to play the Kagnew team.

I have cherished memories of Kagnew, Asmara, and Eritrea. When moving here I had scoffed at the notion that I would have culture shock. Boy! Was I wrong!!!! Kagnew was, for us, a window to the world. We knew "Archie" "Superman" "Bewitched" "Bonanza" "High Chapparal" ..........long before others knew. FM was common for us. I often reminisce Asmara, Kagnew, Massawa, so you can imagine my joy when I saw your site. I am in the San Fernando Valley, L.A. Thanks and keep up the good help.

Rick Fortney '69-'70

Found your site a couple of months ago and there wasn't much there. Found it again today and couldn't believe what you've put together. Was there in '69-'70 in Stratcom receiver section. I've got some pictures stashed that I'd like to pull out and contribute. Sure was great seeing some of the pictures you have posted, the road to Massawa, gerry carts, the airport when you were just a "wake up" away, etc. Didn't see the Blue Nile though! I'm also the webmaster where I work now so would be glad to contribute any help with the page if I can.

Will be in touch after I dig through the boxes and see what pictures I have stashed. Be great to hear from anyone there in '69-'70. Any ASA fellas remember a Larry Calder from Indiana? Went to basic at Ft. Leonard Wood with him and walked up behind him one day a year later at Kagnew heading down to the Oasis! Small world then, hope it still is. How about STRATCOM; Jerry Heflin (Rockwall, TX?), Craig Stillson (ex LA, maybe Reno), Nino Falco (NY), Dick Lesage (MN).

Dennis "Jack" Horner '65-'67

My name is Dennis Horner, and I served in the ASA at tract C from May of 1965 until my wife, Maria, and I left Asmara on Christmas Eve, 1967. Many people there knew me as "Jack." From Asmara, I went to flight school and became a Wobbly One on the way to Vietnam. After several tours teaching both fixed wing and helicopters, and as a TAC Officer, plus a lot of other things, I retired in 1985. Can't get out of this Army, though; working civil service back here at Fort Rucker, AL. We now have two children, and two grandchildren. (And now I'm trying to maintain this Kagnew Page, as well!)

Maria Teresa Bolsi Horner

My name is Maria Teresa Bolsi Horner.. I am from Asmara. I Married Dennis (Jack), and have been following him around the world ever since. I in particular have been trying to find some people from my home, lost souls whom I went to school with etc... Maybe through your page we can renew an old friendship. ---It works, folks! Maria has found two of her friends from the school she attended in Asmara!

John Harris '65-'66

(John Harris and Mike Doran started this whole Kagnew Page, folks.) I am John Harris, KAGNEW 65-66. Assigned over at KANU. Yes it was I who would awakened the post each morning with " A GREAT BIG GOOD MORNIN HOWDY TO YA". We of the KANU persuasion brought you the news and music we hoped made your stay even more enjoyable. After KAGNEW I landed at Ft. Bragg. Did lots of weird stuff. Then a career at ABC TELEVISION as a News guy, Field Producer etc. Now living in San Diego. Lots of retired military here. Mostly Navy.

Jim Savold '67-'68

Jim is a man of few words....STRATCOM 67-68...but if you go to the photo page you can see that he "achieved" and can read! Jim has his own, very nice, web page at:

Cloyd H. Hardin

My name is Cloyd Hardin, I live near Salem, IN, about 30 miles north of Louisville, KY. I joined the ASA in Jan. of 1968, took basic at Ft. Jackson and learned Morse Code at Ft. Devens, Mass. I was stationed at Kagnew from November 1968 thru April 1970. I was an 05H. (ditty bopper). I arrived in Asmara in time to witness one of the first [dry] rainy seasons. (the start of the Ethiopian drought) My wife joined me in Jan.of 1969. We lived off post and had to haul all of our drinking & cooking water from the base. Water for washing & bathing came (when it did) once per week on Sunday morning, (plus an occasional shower under the downspout when it rained). My first vehicle there was a 3-speed bicycle. I soon traded up to a 65 VW Bug, our first car. After Asmara I was stationed at Ft. Bragg with the 358th ASA Company. I got out of the Army in November of 1971 and joined my Dad in doing farm drainage around Southern IN. I now own H & H Drainage and continue to dig ditches :-) with Laser controlled trenchers. My work takes me from Michigan to Louisiana. I enjoyed Asmara, the weather was great, except for the drought, "13 months of Sunshine". We didn't travel much but got to Karen and Massawa a few times. Its good to have this web page. I hope other will stumble onto to it like I did.

John Cooley '71-'72

I was at Kagnew fron Dec 71 til mid 72. Worked in both ASA tracts and also at AFRTS. I have a newcomers guide from Oct 70, and lots of pictures.

Mailing address: John Cooley 615 Seymour Ave. Jackson, Michigan 49203

Patricia Zook Cuthbert '63-'66

My name is Patricia Zook Cuthbert. My father, Sgt. Jesse "Jay" Zook, was stationed at Kagnew from 1963 to 1966. He drove a peach and white mercury station wagon (with tail fins) that we brought over with us and left behind in Asmara when we returned to the states. He drove that car as if it were an off-road vehicle, like a jeep or a land rover. Whenever we drove on base, dad would swerve the big mercury towards the mp's as if he was going to run over them. They would jump out of the way and yell at him (good naturedly, of course). We lived off base but our lives centered around (and we got our groceries and drinking water from) Kagnew Station. Hospital pig roasts were held at our house once in awhile, so some people may remember my family from that. My mother, Mary Ann Zook, sang in the choir at the base chapel. I went to lower (elementary) school while we lived there and my best friend was John Brackett (whatever happened to John?). My two sisters were in upper school. My eldest sister dated an MP named Butch (anyone remember him? his real name was Edgar Beck, I believe. He married a woman named Suzanne after he returned to the states and I think he lives in the Southeast. He remained in contact with us for years after we returned to the states). My favorite teachers were Carla Carlotti (the Italian teacher) and Mrs. Webster. It was great hanging out at the Top Five Club (anyone have any photos on line of the Top Five Club?). Murphy, the head waiter, served up french fries with gravy whenever we came in. My sisters and I saw Bye Bye Birdie more times than we can count and were amazed at the Italian previews that were also shown. The television/radio station guys (Floyd? & Ralph?) did a great job! I can't believe that we actually missed having commercials and thought that music videos were a poor substitute! Keren was a special treat with the outdoor swimming pool, the stilts, the big baskets of tangerines and the kudu.

Tedros Tecle: Proud to be Eritrean

I visited your Kagnew site and I found to my liking, so I linked it to my page.

I hope you like my Home Page...Tedros Tecles Homepage and Links (no longer found)

Dean Hutson '65-'67

I was in A Company on B Trick @ Tract C serving as an 059. CarlSchultheiss (sp?) & Cliff Bell attended and we had a great time. Dave was an Arabic linguist and the rest were 059's. I live on Signal Mtn which is near Chattanooga, Tn. There are 2 other Asmara Vets who live on Signal Mtn, Ken Bell (ASA 1949) and Randy Gray (USN 72 or 73). Dave Marcos lives in Warwick, NY and his e-mail address is & mine is Al Johnson (058 66-68) called me last summer when he was passing through Chattanooga on his way to the Harley Fest in Memphis. He rode his Harley all the way from Mass. Al isa Mass State Trooper and has been for over 20 years. Dave Marcos is a chemical salesman with an office in New York City. I work for a steel company in B'ham, AL and commute home on the weekends. I'm married with 2 daughters,16 & 1 soon to be 20. I saw the e-mail from Donna Smith Sherill and I think she was in high school when I was in Asmara. I believe she was a cheerleader for the boys basketball team but not certain. I also saw the e-mail from Al Marzian and remember him cycling the roads of Asmara and surrounding area. I've been into cycling myself for over 20 yrs. Many times of thought of him and how he was on the leading edge of cycling back in the mid 60's. If there are OLD BUDDIES out there in e-mail land please let me hear from you. Dean Hutson 1150 James Blvd Signal Mtn, TN 37377

Don Helton '58-'60

I enlisted in the Army July 1957, took basic training at Fort Lewis Washington, and then onto Fort Devens for 0.58 training. I came out of there in the Spring of 1958 and was totally imcompetent at taking code. So, I was destined to be one of those that had to have a machine to do it for me. Our allocations were great: Two Rock Ranch, Vint Hill Farms, Philipines, Germany, Okinawa, etc. I was near the top of the class and had my choice of all of these. And, of course, I chose the excitement of East Africa (shows how smart I was). Glad I did.

A small group of us spent much of our off time heading down to Massawa (dodging baboons and shiftas) for scuba diving -- sometimes when we were completely sober. Fortunately, the SG's were a great bunch of guys (e.g., Boyce Cox), otherwise many of us would have been discharged as privates. I extended my tour six months ( had to, it would have been too expensive to re-construct my original issue to meet stateside standards of dress). The only thing I brought back was a nasty case of malaria, which took about twenty years to run its course (anyone else have this problem?).

After a discharge, it was back to the U. of Wisc, worked in Milwaukee for fifteen years, and then here, Birmingham Alabama since 1979.