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Our members have come across documents to share with you. Althought we only have a few, these are the orders we received to support our movement. If you happen to find some orders, send them in and I'll post them here. By the way, don't worry about SSNs or service numbers, I'll remove them from the scan if you want.
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New! 31 Jan 2023
Hugh Gourley's orders to return to the states in 1956.

Bob Awtrey recentlly came across his ETS orders from 1972. Bob says "The situation at the time was that I had obtained permission from the Army and the US Consulate in Asmara to ETS in place and spend a few weeks in Asmara with friends instead of being shipped back to the US to ETS. "

Found my orders to leave Asmara the other day. Note that the orders do not give a date for me to leave Asmara but I have authorized 30 days leave and I have to report no later than 1 August, 1974 so I must have left Asmara on 1 July, 1974. I know there were only a handful of military left when I left with 12 others, leaving what I would guess to be less than 100, not counting the civilians and the Marines that had arrived to protect the Embassy.
(courtesy of Dan Carr)

This doesn't have anything to do with Kagnew, but Joe Wilder sent in a very interesting Ethiopian document. It is Haile Selassie's Mobilization Order after the Italian invasion of 1935. If you ever thought the US draft was unfair, pay close attention to the last line of this order!
1935 Mobilization Order

Orders for Asmara, ASA A Company M-14 Qualification, May 1969 [1] [2]
(courtesy of Terry Hicks) - (New 4/19/10)

SP4 / SP5 Orders from 1966
(courtesy of Ronn Ellingson)

Leave Orders from 1955
(courtesy of Bob Hart)

TDY orders for Addis, in support of U.S. Embassy operations.
(courtesy of Dwight Gibson)

Rich Angulo's Asmara orders with an interesting date, December 7, 1948. Also notice that the orders are for Asmara, Eritrea.
(courtesy of Rich Angulo)

Dave Nelson's orders to Vietnam from Asmara, dated Sept 21, 1970.

Reference is made to the Image of the SAM Mail posted May 1970
See orders going back to VN.

"On that date (May 1970) little did I know I was on my back for my second tour in VN as shown below. My wife and her hand writing is on that SAM mail item, now passed away, swore that I volunteered for a 2nd tour in VN and I had a hell of a time convincing her otherwise. She ended up staying in Asmara while I left for VN but left to go back to the US before I ended my tour in VN due to the activity of The "ELF" closing in on Asmara. It was routine then for shelling on the outskirts of Asmara and they were attacking Americans going down the Hill to Keren and Massawa. But I and she loved that Asmara and those experiences and that love will remain forever. It was an experience like no other for me and I have lived many and a life time out of the US.

Joe Ewing and I had a remarkable trip adventure that will be remembered probably as the highlight of my life. There were other people, Driefuss, Wilder, me, Ruebush, Col. Higgs and Ewing that were in-country at the same time. We (Col. kept us straight) use to meet in Saigon and fight the war over many beers. Memories of good times and great people who were great Warriors doing what they had to do in spite of a Country that turned on them and ran to Canada. We came back, others did not of course."

(courtesy of Elwood "Dave" Nelson)