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Our members have come across documents to share with you. These are government documents that are related to Kagnew in general. Some have been provided by Kangewites and others have simply been found on the web at government sites. If you happen to find other documents or articles in your web searches, send them in and I'll post them here.
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Another document from John Sabato, regarding the September 27, 1973 ELF attack.

I did find this PDF which is information I have been trying to find for a long time on an attack by the ELF on Asmara in late September 1973... I was there, and my recollections are pretty vivid. We (USA assets) were evidently not targeted, but we didn't know that at the time. We could hear and see tracer bullets flying all around town from Tract-B...some even passed over us...

One American from Stonehouse was wounded. It is great to finally have official public acknowledgement of the incident. Not in this cable is the fact that the Navy watch officer, already in command, called Tract-B, and told ME that since the sector that the station was in was not secure, and that we could lose communications with HQ at Tract-E at any time, that we were NOT to defend the station, and that if attacked, we were to burn the station with the Thermite packs, arm ourselves, and make our way back to Tract-E in twos and threes... I had him repeat that to the other NCO on duty... Imagine giving the authority to Burn Tract-B to the Ground to a pair of E-6's!

We got so far as to place all the thermite packs into position over the classified safes and crypto equipment, but fortunately, the need did not arise to set them off.

Dependents were told to pack a suitcase for each person with food, toiletries and clothing for 3 days and if necessary, they were to be evacuated to the Airport without their sponsors (us) who would remain behind until further evac was possible.

Hope you enjoy reading these 4 pages... take note that at the end the cable that it was dictated by Henry Kissinger no less.

Ken Crouse found a document, subject "SECURITY OF CONGEN STAFF" about security at Kagnew in December, 1975.

John Sabato has discovered some newly unclassified documents at the National Archives web site. Use the link below and try out a search term. Entering "Kagnew" will get yout 915 hits. I read quite a few and there is some very interesting information about the final years at Kagnew. Enjoy and thanks to John for finding this great resource.

National Archives Archival Databases

I just received an interesting document (PDF) that was found on the NSA web site about Stonehouse and it's closing. Some of the text is redacted of course, but it is good reading.
Thanks to:
John Sabato,
SFC, USA Retired
Kagnew 72-73

Mariano Bassotti sent in some items pertaining to his father Mario, who was a civilian employee at Kagnew who painted cars and camions (?).

[Service Certificate] [Letter of Appreciation] [Appreciation Ceremony]

Girolamo Lopes is an Italian citizen and was a resident in Asmara from September 11, 1947 through September 18, 1989. He was employed at Kagnew Station for a few months as indicated by this certificate. He was also employed by Paul Hardman Co. as supervisor for the construction of the Stonehouse project, together with the Radiation Co., involved in assembling the two satellite antennas.

I purchased a document I've never seen before. It is an "Employee or Contractor Temporary Pass" to Kagnew Station, issued to an Eritrean in 1962. If you recognize the NCOs on this pass please email me -- Rick.

Employee Pass

I believe the employee pass you are showing on the web site belonged to "Ziggy," a houseboy who was working at Radio Marina for "D" Trick in 1950 when I arrived. He was working in the barracks at the new site when I left in 1959. He had the laundry market on the old post, but, I never had much time to chat with him on the new base. Ed Norris

National Security Study Memorandum 233 (Future of Kagnew Station)
Provided by Dan Glassner (now linked to the Gerald Ford Library)

Thanks to Terry Hicks for sending in a link which searches the National Archives for documents related to Kagnew Station. Recently, more documents have been de-classified and it is very interesting reading these, although most are very short. It sadly, defintiely maps out the end of Kagnew.

After you select "View Records" for a category, select the drop-down for "Results for Page" and change it to 50. It will take a bit longer to retrieve the documents, but you won't have as many pages to retrieve--Rick.

National Archives

Also, here are quick links to a couple of documents:

Kagnew Station - Tract E - Occupancy by Ethiopians
Situation in Eritrea - 13 Dec 1974

I have stumbled onto some declassified documents from the State Department that give us a lot of information about the high-level conversations about Kagnew. I will add an entire page devoted to these memorandums and add documents to it as I find time. This is very interesting reading so I will be bumping the priority up on ths venture.

Kagnew Station Memorandums

Army Pay Chart (circa 1958)]
(courtesy of Jack Hill) - (New 8/22/05)

Foreign Relations of the United States 1964-1968, Volume XXIV Africa.
  1. Memo 290
  2. Memo 300
  3. Memo 310
  4. Memo 320
  5. Memo 330
  6. Memo 350

Disposition Form 15 April 1970 on the shootings at the Espisito Restaurant.
Provided by Charles "Chuck" Moulton ('67-'70)

Kagnew Station Statement of Non-Involvement
Dated 20 Apr 70 and provided by Michael Roesch.

The US Deep Space Intelligence Collection program (Stonehouse)

Department of Defense Stonehouse News Release dated January, 1964.

Dean Tiernan has sent in copies of an Eritrean province "Title Certificate Book" for his motorcycle.