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Our fellow Kagnewites received numerous awards while at Kagnew Station, so we'd like to honor those people here. If you have any award documents,send them in and I'll post them here. If you know of someone else who received an award please contact them and have them pass it along to me.
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From Robert Awtrey
ASA Certificate of Achievement (1972)

From Walter G. Sandell
Award of the Army Commendation Medal (1964)

From Irving L. McWherter (69-71)
The Order of the Queen of Sheba as presented to Irving's wife, Diana S. McWherter. He also sent another document which is described as the The Legend of the Queen of Sheba.

Donald E. Jaster ASA Certificate of Achievement, August 3, 1961.

From dependent Bob Morris: I have a little diploma, about the size of a 4x6 index card, certifying to my "graduation" from eighth grade on 13 June 1962. My chief memory of that evening is of the misery of having to don a coat and tie.
Asmara Elementary Schools 8th grade graduation certificate

Bonnie Peckinpaugh sent in some documents that she and her husband Gene Peckinpaugh acquired during their tours at Kagnew. (Sadly, we recently lost Bonnie - Rick)