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I've had some special requests for information that I personally can't help with. I'm putting this page online in the hopes that someone out there will be able to help these people with the information they need.

Howard Vanderpool asked about seeing more photos inside the Oasis Club. There is one good photo of the slots, but overall there are very few I can remember of just the interior of the club. If you have some of the dining room, the cage where we got our chits, the back bar, anything in side, please if you're interested in contributing them to the web site.

Joe Wilder, via Dave Nelson sent in an interesting sticker that we need some help to identify. Possibly Special Services? If you have an idea, .

Kagnew Sticker

Help with father's interesting WWII photographs in Ethiopia
Good day
Compliments on a terrific site :-)

My father was in the South African air force and stationed in Ethiopia for part of WWII and later in Italy.

He passed away two years ago and I have been scanning his old photographs for preservation reasons. I came across these that are clearly not his but appear to be Italian military uniforms and construction of road and tunnel works.

I would dearly like to find out more about where these were taken and what was obviously quite an engineering feat as it seems to have been done by hand labour. If you are unable to help me perhaps you could advise me who to contact.
Thanks & regards,

Click here to view photographs

These are some great, rare photos so make sure you check them out--Rick