Kagnew Station Patch

Can You Help??

I've had some special requests for information that I personally can't help with. I'm putting this page online in the hopes that someone out there will be able to help these people with the information they need.

November 24th
Hi my name is Ronnie. when I was a kid I was in a car accident that clamed 2 peoples life (Ethiopian frogman) they were stationed in massawa and 3 of us survived the accident. I remember a lot of people that are responsible saving my life, specially the lady doctor which I don't remember her name, I don't know if you can help me finding her, it is important that I find her. I never got the chance to say thank you. the year was 1972/73 GC and 1964 EC. The accident was on the highway from massawa to asmara. I was the only ethiopian kid staying in the kagnew station hospital. my dad was officer in the eth navy.

November 24th
Have just been viewing your "KAGNEW STATION" web site and found it to be very interesting. Got the info from a ex-army relative who was there in the 50's. I experienced a TDY assignment there with the USAF 1370th Photo Mapping wing in the fall of 63.

I have a marketing and promotional consulting company in Nashville and just recently assisted an Ethiopian-American with opening his new Ethiopian restaurant, Adis Ababa. It's really authentic.

I've been trying to find a coffee table photo book about Ethiopia or Asmara and, thus far, unable to turn up anything. Most of my snap shots are in black & white and not very well organized. If you know of a supply, please let me know when you have the time.
Tony Ashley USAF

November 4th
Brian Hannigan has sent in a special request:
I was born at Kagnew Station in 1960. I collect Coca cola bottles. Is there anybody out there who has an Eritrean Coca cola bottle for sale? If so please contact me at:

October 19th
Do you know of any service that will use an army serial number to link to a social security number to find some one. I have several sets of orders from Kagnew listing friends serial numbers, but can't find the guys now. Would appreciate any suggestions.
Jack Hill

This question has come up in the past so I'm posting it here to see if anyone has any idea how to track these people down. I also have orders similar to this as I'm sure a lot of you do so answering this question might be a key to helping us find some of those "lost" friends.

August 15th
I was stationed at the Naval Communication Station in Asmara 1970-71. During that time, we went through a period that was called the Jordan Crisis. I recall that the station and each of us there received commendations from the Commander in Chief US Naval Forces Europe and have copies of those letters. Now thirty years later, I have been trying to get more information. Apparently our records with the Navy doesn't reflect this commendation. Does anyone have any information on this and whether this was a commendation or a citation or something else?
Jerry Merey

June 12th
I am Dr. Fesshaye Embaye. I am an Eritrean and lived in for over 20 years. I am doing a research on "Colonial Education in Eritrea" and I am looking information: books, news papers, pictures, videos .... etc, pertaining to education in Eritrea during the Italian Colony (1889-1941), British colony (1941 1952) and Ethiopian colony 1952-1991). The information could be on education of native eritreans, Italians, british, americans or other nationalies.
Your Cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Best Regards
Dr. F. Embaye

May 17th
My name is Barry W. "Butch" Kio. My father was posted to Kagnew Station in October 1956 from ASA Ft. Devens. While at Kagnew Station he served as station fire chief and at one point in time took, against orders, the station fire dept into Asmara and helped put out a fire that without the depts. help would have burnt Asmara to the ground as I`ve been told. He also raised and kept a pet miniature deer on base that he walked on a harness and leash with our pet dog. I would like to hear from those who could add their knowledge of the situation. There was also a Sgt. Johnson there that had also been stationed at Ft. Devens that had/has a daughter named Judy that I would llike to made contact with. I can be reached at:
Barry Kio
1455 Treasure Isle Rd.
Hot Springs AR 71913
(501) 767-1550

January 26th
Does anyone remember a GI named Michael LeeMaster that was killed in a motor vehicle accident on a convoy going down to Masawa? Is there any information on him, where he was from? Pictures or records of his death. I think the accident occurred the summer of 1972. I would like to know if anyone knew or remembered him.
thx diana donkersloot

Please let us know if you have any information as I would like to add Michael to the Memorial Wall.

January 21st
Graziella Lambert (wife of Jerry Lambert, 69-71, 72-73 ASA Co. B Tract C Stonehouse, STRATCOM) is searching for any chaplain who served at Kagnew from 1965-1970. If you can help her, please email her at