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I've had some special requests for information that I personally can't help with. I'm putting this page online in the hopes that someone out there will be able to help these people with the information they need.

December 29th
Does anyone remember a GI named Michael LeeMaster that was killed in a motor vehicle accident on a convoy going down to Massawa? Is there any information on him, where he was from? Pictures or records of his death. I think the accident occurred the summer of 1972. I would like to know if anyone knew or remembered him.
thx diana (

December 19th
you have a great site! i am doing some research on asmara. would you happen to know or someone that might know where the united states quartermasters headquarters was located in asmara during the 40's, 50's, and 60's? any info would be greatly appreciated.
kurt (

December 18th
RE: Gazelle Patch

The patch was designed in the '50s and in general use by ASA folks who were supposed to use the official ASA Patch. This Gazelle Patch was finally designated the official patch by the USA Heraldry Branch for ASA Field Station, Asmara Ethiopia in 1972 thanks to some good work by our PAO at that time, Maj A. T. Brainerd now retired in San Antonio, TX and our JAG Maj ?? Wicker now Col USA retired in Virginia where he was the HQ ASA JAG at his retirement.
Donald J Gumm,
Lt Col, USA Ret
Richmond Hill, GA

December 18th
I am now a retired space scientist - nearly three decades working for US institutions ( SAO, NASA, NORAD) - in Berlin (Germany). Now I am writing a new book about the early space tracking activities and I am very interested to have contact with former colleagues of the Asmara facility to hear something about the history and "faith" of the station.
Regards Harro Zimmer
Berlin, Germany

December 16th
I am doing some research on Asmara. Would you happen to know or someone that might know where the United States quartermasters headquarters was located in Asmara during the 40's, 50's, and 60's? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Kurt

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June 30th
I was stationed at Kagnew from July 66 to Feb. 67 when I left for Viet Nam. I was an 05K20. I am looking for an auto license plate from Kagnew Station. Anybody that has one for sale or knows where I can find one, please e-mail at
Thanks, Dennis Ritter

June 18th
Some time ago Bob Hart told us that they were to pronounce the word Kagnew as "ken-you" when the post was dedicated. Lee Ruebush has just sent me a note asking what the word "KAGNEW" actually means. If anyone has heard a version of the origin of this word, send the information to me at my new email address: (link above).

Lee has answered his own question:
The U.S. radio communications facility at Asmara was originally established as part of the Allied war effort against the Axis following defeat of Italian forces occupying Ethiopia in April, 1941. The name "Kagnew" was chosen for its significance in Ethiopia's historic struggle for freedom. The word Kagnew (in its Ethiopian pronunciation, kanyew) means "to bring into harmony" or "to bring order out of chaos."

Also check out Chapter 4 of the Kagnew History on this web page, then search for the word "Adowa" to find the text.

March 4th
I was wondering if anyone from Kagnew remembers the John F. Kennedy School outside Asmara that was established just before JFK was killed? Also, on that note, anyone else stationed at Kagnew November 22, 1963, remember what they were doing that infamous day? Our band was about to go on stage that night at the Oasis, and we called off the dance.
Don Lummus ASA 63-64

From Walt Sandell 63-64

I was watching a softball game between Navy and Air Force when the announcer relayed the word from KANU that JFK had been shot. I went to Major Stone's house to advise him, and he confirmed with KANU and had a copy sent to Col Wilson's home. We then went across the back yards to Col Wilson's and were there when the message arrived. I was sent to open Post HQ, notify the MPs to get everone back to base, and get all staff officers to HQ. We reviewed intelligence for any possible complications, and some people were issued weapons. We monitored the wire services; but it was a few hours before there was anything official from AHS. When it became apparent that JFK had been killed, we began preparations for the Memorial Parade, which was probably the first worldwide due to the time and our location.

Post HQ remained open throughout the night, and we were on alert for any possible international developments. I caught some flack from the Sgt Major for not calling him. He didn't find out until he heard the parade. LTC Wheeler interrupted and backed me up.

February 20th
I would really like to find members of the Kagnew Chorale who sang for Haille Selassie. Please contact me at ALMIKE@SWBELL.NET. Your help would greatly be appreciated.
Michael Alexander 66-70

January 20th
First and Foremost let me introduce my self. I am Dr. Fesshaye Embaye. I am native Eritrean and born,raised and educated (through K12) one street from the station. Let me just say that I was delighted when I found this Web page. Even though it brings a lot of memory. I had a lot of American friends and that is how I came to America. The saddest part is I do not know their name or could not remember their faces.

How I found the Web page was by accident. I am in process researching historical (colonial education) In Eritrea. I am even thinking going back to Eritrea to locate some of the old schools and information. and possibly take pictures of the old schools.

I hope I will meet you guys one day and exchange information (related to education). I am also interested to know more about the school at the station. I hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
Dr. Fesshaye Embaye

January 20th
My name is Michael Brooks. I am a Cadet at NGCSU branched MI detail AR and receive my commission on 11 Aug. '01. My father was an MP at Kagnew from 67-68. He has told me many stories of an NCO they called Maddog. I am not sure if you knew/remember him, his name was Bill Brooks. He was either and E-4 or E-5. He was a GA boy. If you knew or remember him, please let me know.

You can e-mail me at my address that I frequently check: or you can call me at (706) 867-2586. If you can help, let me know.
Micheal Brooks NGCSU AR/MI