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Annual Kagnew Reunion Indy 2017

Update 2 Aug
Hey X-Spy’s
We are getting a bit closer to this years gathering so I will pass on some info and ask for some info.. I have checked the area motels and as of now the Hometown Inn (Lost Name Inn) looks like the best place for may reasons including price.. Although the rate is up $5.00 from last year the $70.00 per night is still the best.. So I have reserved a block rooms for those of you how choose to stay there.. Hope this is ok with all of you.. Next, I need to get some idea of who/how many of you intend to attend this years gathering?? Listed below are the names that I KNOW will be here or NOT going to be here.. Please give me you best answer whither you WILL/WON’T make it this year.. I will update that list as it grows and publish it every few weeks.. As you know we need the numbers for food, etc. Let me know ASAP!
Thanks for you help, JB


maybe NO…

John Byus is putting together the annual reunion outside Indianapolis and wants to let everyone know the dates will be the 3rd weekend in September, 14th through the 17th. He is working on trying to get the best hotel deal he can so I will post that information here as soon as I have it.

John has also told me long time attendee and Kagnew support Bruce Bryda has been having some health issues so we're all praying Bruce gets healthy and can attend again this year.
Camby IN September
Kagnew Reunion 2017

July Update II: BIG NEWS!
Please note, we will be honored to have a very special presentation by Lt. Dick Fahner, USN, OIC USNCOMUNIT, Asmara recalling the incredible "Last Seven Days of Kagnew Station" during April 1977. This is indeed a very personal and special opportunity to learn what happened after most of us left Kagnew & Asmara.

July Update:
Tom sent in an update PDF file with the latest information. You can download it here: Kagnew Reunion Update #3

June Update:
Tom sent me a PDF file with a ton of information and registration form. You can download it here: Kagnew Reunion Update

Tom Daly said he "volunteered" for one of the annual Kagnew reunions that's been held at different locations over the years. He sent me a note and asked me to pass along this information for those who would like to attend. He is getting a late start so if you're interested please contact him ASAP so he can get a feel of the numbers that would like to attend.

Greetings to all,
I realize this may be a little later than desired, but a plan has been proposed for the next Kagnew Station Reunion. Now we need to put some numbers into the mix to see what's possible.

First, some changes - hopefully everyone will be supportive.

1. The plan to make this a ALL KAGNEW Reunion. Specific invites will be going to all units who were part of the Kagnew Community. If you know of someone who was not ASA or AFRTS and would pass this email to them, your help will be appreciated.

2. A survey was taken of those who attended the San Antonio Reunion as well as those who attending previous reunions and from them came several worthwhile suggestions.
a. Keep speeches and speakers to a minimum - unless they had a direct involvement with Kagnew and could shed (unclassified) light on some of our activities, accomplishments or specific history of Kagnew.
b. Be sure to have sufficient extra-curricular activities available for both vets and their family/guests.
c. Be aware that air transportation is the most widely used means to get to a reunion, so make every effort to utilize a major airport.
d. Be mindful that we are an aging group - although still young at heart. As we learned during the San Antonio Reunion, there are so many great stories and memories held that just sharing them made the event worthwhile.
e. And finally, acknowledging the wonderful commitment Pete Richards has made to the Ethiopian and Eritrean people, it was suggested that if any local Ethiopian or Eritrean immigrants live near the reunion location, we invite them as well.

So - that said, here is general plan:

Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Hotel: to be determined - based on number of attendees
Target date: October 13, 14, 15, 2017
Cost: to be determined - based on number of attendees

Please email me ( ) with your intention of planning on attending so we can get a good estimate on a headcount for facilities and activities.

ALSO - If you would rather us use a newer/better/different email address, please indicate the new address in your reply.

Many thanks in advance for your time, consideration and service.
Tom Daly
HHC - '70-'71
Kagnew Station
October 2017