I recently found a tattered "The Weekly Gazelle", Asmara, Eritrea, dated 24 December, 1953. Here are excerpts from it that I can still make out. Our thanks to Robert Hart for providing this Weekly Gazelle.

24 December 1953


My most sincere Christmas greetings go to all aour men and women of the Armed Forces serving at home and abroad. I know our whole nation shares my profound appreciation of your contribution to the free world's dedicated quest for peace.

You and your families have my best wishes for a fine Christmas and for good health and happiness throughout the year to come.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States

By D. Hall

Two thoughts come to mind as I struggle to put forth some news of interest on the EM Club. The first concerns BINGO, the second a matter of policy. BINGO will be held as usual, even though it is Christmas. This fact is indicated on the monthly calendar posted on the club bulletin board, but I mention it because there have been questions. Too many of us pass the bulletin board time and time again without ever taking a look to see what is going on. Most everything the club does is laid out on the calendar. The usual BINGO rules will be in effect as regards the intake of alcoholic beverages which means, of course, no liquor after (???...can't make it out).

Now my second thought concerns tonight's Christmas Eve Dance. There was a slight difference of opinion among the entertainment committee and the Board of Governors as to exactly what kind of a dance this should be. Some wanted it to be a formal affair with everything tossed in while others figured if the dance were to be strictly formal many would not attend. When I say formal in Asmara I mean simply suits. In short, the point was that it did not seem fair not to let those who did not own a suit to come into the club on a night as big as Christmas Eve. New arrivals especially would be hurt as many have not had a chance to aquire any civilian clothes. Still we do want to have everyone dressed up as much as possible, so we hereby request that you beg, borrow, or put the best possible clothes on for tonight's festivities. Christmas in Asmara, as in the States, is the once in a year time to dress up.

9434 TSU
By Pfc. Jim Ebzery

The Relays finished out the first half of the softball season last Saturday by throuncing the winless Bombers 14 to 5 before a goodly morning crowd. The first inning saw the Relays initiate the scoring when they countered with two runs, but that early lead was not to last very long as the Bombers retaliated in their half of the second with four runs. The four runs were the result of a grand slam home run by the Bombers' center fielder, Jackson.

Back in the lineup again after having been sidelined by a fungus infection was Nellie Nelson who immediately reactivated a hitting spree that has not yet begun to show signs of subsiding. His total output for Saturday was a home run, double, and single in four trips to the plate. The Relays as a team contributed an aggregate of 15 safeties to ease the choore of their hurler, Joe Terrion. After recovering from the effects of that ill fated pitch to Jackson which resulted in four runs, Terrien coasted to an easy win. The Bombers were held scoreless until the seventh when a couple miscues by the infielders allowed a lone run to cross the plate.

The Relays are not scheduled next week, but instead will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of that very important game between the Brass and Draftees.


The Decoys struck early in their game with the Queens Monday as they scored six runs in the very first inning, and appeared to be on their way to a rout over the 9434 boys. However, fortunately enough that was not the case, since the Queens reciprocated by scoring six runs in the second inning to tie the score at that point.

Jim Houston paved the way for two more runs in the fifth inning as he lifted a long fly to right field which the rightfielder was able to retrieve in time to hold Houston at third base. Diduch scattered five hits throughout the game, and displayed much better control than he has in previous contests. Both pitchers issued four passes to opposing batters. The Decoys greeted Diduch with two singles in the last inning, and with no one out, tension began to rise as the Queens slim one run lead was in jeopardy. The pitcher and his teammates rose to the ocassion, however, retiring the last three men in order.

Although the Queens will not be among the top four teams at mid season, they can be very opltimistic about the second half of the season. Their team has shown a vast improvement as the season has progressed. This improvement has been due largely to a shuffling of the lineup until each man was playing the position in which he could operate with the most efficiency


By way of an informal introduction we would like to mention the arrival of three new men to the outfit in the past three weeks. Pvt. Hubert Mocadlo is a Wisconson boy who received his Army tutoring at Fort Monmouth after having graduated from the U. of Wisconsin's school of agriculture. He will be performing his maintenance duties with Pvt. John McMillan, another newcomer. John was trained in signal work by the Alaska Communications Training branch in his home city of Seattle, Wash. During the two years prior to his entering the service he pursued a general studies course at the University of Washington. The third addition to the Organization is Pfc. Nick Spitzer who hails from Newark, New Jersey. Nick received his technical training at Camp Gordon, Georgia.


Congratulations and many happy returns of the day to the following men and women who are celebrating their birthdays during the holiday season: Mrs. Morrison, 22 Dec.; Cpl. Miller, 28 Dec.: Sgt. Robinson, 29 Dec: Sgt. Ondick, 30 Dec.


The last meeting was primarily devoted to election of officers. Joe O'Farrell was elected club president, and Charles Larson was elected his assistant. Charles Greene was elected to the post of Communications Manager. Our club President, Marvin Kramer, who very shortly. At present he is on a leave....don't know where he is now, but we all wish him best of luck. At present the line crew is working on our antenna. The beam will be on a seventy foot tower. The added height will do much toward increasing the range of our little station.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
By Murray Leonard



Sunday 0900 Catholic Mass
Sunday 1000 Sunday School
Sunday 1100 Protestant Worship
Sunday 1730 Catholic Mass
Wednesday 2000 Vespers on AFRS
Saturday 1100 Choir Rehearsal




Santa Claus arrived at Kagnew Station Sunday afternoon bring with him gifts for all the boys and girls of the Post. A happy fellow, with a joyous laugh and a handshake for all, he assured the group assembled for the annual Chaplain's party that plans are completed for making this years Christmas in Asmara a happy time. Chaplain Gomke and the ladies of the Christmas party committee assisted in presenting gifts to the children.


Post Theatre: "The Naked Spur" with James Stewart and Janet Leigh
Odeon Theatre: "Hong Kong" with Ronald Reagan and Rhonda Fleming


Yesterday temperature: High 73, Low 50

********************THE END*********************