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14 August 1953


Personnel stationed at Kagnew Station and their dependants can be assured of a real Christmas holiday season this year, with plenty of the atmosphere you would get at home (with the exception of snowbanks).

This has been made possible, we learned, through the successful efforts of the Post Exchange in obtaining many of the traditional things that are part and parcel of the Christmas spirit - such things as tree lights and home decorations.

Prospective Santa's can also plan on filling their packs with paint and magic sets, dolls, carriages, erector sets and many similar toys that delight the hearts of the juvenile crowd.

To add an exotic other world touch to the holiday season (for) the folks back home, the PX will stock locally made items from such out-of-the-way places as Nairobi, India, Khartoum and Aden. Many examples of the craft work of these places has already been displayed in the PX, particularly Siamese silver and costume jewelry pieces and wood carvings from Nairobi.

These (items mentioned above) make very appropiate and handsome gifts to send to friends and relatives in the States. Some other items that will be in stock at the PX in time for Christmas shopping will be perfumes from Paris and Swiss and German made 400-day cuckoo clocks.

Captain Jay W. Worrall, PX Officer, says that he is quite sure that there will be a large enough stock of all these items to take care of the Christmas holiday needs of personnel stationed here. He and his staff have anticipated Santa Claus by several months since orders were submitted in June for all the things that should help to make your holiday season next December a happy one.


It was announced Thrusday that the TWA navigators strike, which has effected mail shipments to this station of the past two weeks, has been settled. Mail shipments which have been held up enroute due to the strike have now been started again on their way. The first regularly scheduled mail should arrive in Dhahran Sunday, and will be transhipped to Asmara via MATS sometime the first of next week.

The mail, which comes directly to Dhahran from the states via TWA, has been held up in some places due to a clause in the TWA contract which does not allow the government in case of a strike to step in and ship the mail itself until twenty days have gone by

Personnel of Kagnew Station will be pleased to learn that Monday or Tuesday when they pick up their mail they will receive any letters which have been held up due to the strike.


"B" and "H" Teams have taken the lead in the second half of the league with two clean sweeps each. A couple of forfeits (almost the first since the start of the league) have accounted for some of the points thus far.

Some of the bowlers have become adjusted to the new alleys and are once more on the upswing. Zebrowski picked up a point in Tuesday's bowling to move to 179, two points behind Charlie Sparks who dropped one to 181. Charlie started out with a 214 earned by striking out in the first game, but couldn't keep up the pace. Jack Herron, now five points out of the cellar, is continuing to improve. Gomke is just a small fraction of a percentage point behind Jake Bennett with 140. Wonder if Jake has given up on his bet to beat Fulton (during) this league? Bob picked up another point to 175 on Tuesday. Dunavant left one pin standing six times in his first game. His only marks were three strikes. Floyd Clark advanced five places by picking up two points to set a new average of 169 while the other bowlers were standing still or dropping. "B" Team made a clean sweep against "D" Team, winning the first game by only four pins. Toby Hoon's 160 helped on that game. The last two games were won by wide margins.

Col. Hopkins started out with two good games, but managed to split instead of spar during his last two games. (His) third game score was just 99 pins under his second game. Despite Zibowitz's good bowling "E" Team won three points from "G". Johnson had three good games, and Myers after a poor start had two good games. O'Neal is glad his team won by forgeit. His three games wouldn't exactly have helped that 178 average.

It's top against bottom next Tuesday with "H" and "B" meeting "A" and "G" respectively.

By Al Fels

This weeks basketball roundup saw the Italian team Maxima coming on post to play the Radio Marina team. It also saw the possibility of the return of a Spartan team under the reigns of Dave Grimm.

The post team won by the count of 82 to 43. The Maxima team (one of the better teams in the B Division) did not give up although they trailed 37 to 24 at the half. They fought the game out right to the final whistle and deserve a lot of credit for their efforts.

Al Maziekus led the scoring with 24 points and was the big man on the team controlling both backboards. Joe Wyman, who was next in scoring for the Radio Marina team, had 16 points, all of which were in the 2nd half. Every player broke into the scoring column hitting for at least one basket.

(From the evening radio schedule on AFRS)

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