Friday, Dec. 18 KAGNEW GAZELLE Page 6 

and Mrs Roland Tetreault and family; 1LT and Mrs Louis Thel; SP4 Barry Thomas; SFC and Mrs Edwin Thomas and family; SP4 James Thomas; SP4 John Thomas; SSG and Mrs Marvin Thomas; SP5 Donald Thompson; SP4 Jon Thompson; 5P5 Marshall Thompson; SP5 and Mrs Michael Thompson; SGT and Mrs Paul Tnompson and family; OPT and Mrs James Thoms Jr; SP5 Edward Thorburn; SF0 and Mrs John Thunert and family; PV2 Donald Thornhlll; PFC Hubert Tidwell; OPT and Mrs Robert Tight; SP6 and Mrs William Tilley and family; SP4 James Tilly; SP4 Edward Timmins; SPS and Mrs Larry Tipton; RMSA Donald Titus; SP5 and Mrs Dennis Todd; SP4 Michael Todd; SP4 Frank Topinka; FF0 Jeffrey Torrell; RM3 James Tosser; SCM Earl Townsend; PFC Dennis Tracy; SP5 and Mrs Joe Trammel and family; ETN3 and Mrs Edward Trask; SF0 and Mrs John Trask and family; MSG and Mrs C W Traweek and family; OFT and Mrs Thomas Treece and family; SP4 Rudolfo Trejo; SP4 George Tremblay; RM1 and Mrs Robert Treat and family; Mr and Mrs Ricky Trice and family; SP4 Karl Tripp; 0W3 and Mrs Bobbie Troy and family; FF0 and Mrs Robert True; MAJ Henry Trueblood; SP5 and Mrs Thomas Trujillo; RMSN James Truscott; SN Kenneth Tucker; SP5 and Mrs Jerry Tuggle; FF0 Thomas Tuley; SP4 Gary Tunberg; ETN2 Jonathan Turley; ETR2 George Turner; SF0 and Mrs Jerry Turner and family; SP5 and Mrs John Turner; SP4 Gary Turaquist; FF0 James Twyman; lLT and Mrs Cole Tyrrell; SP4 and Mrs Aldean Udell; SGT Richard Ueberfluss; SGT Larry Uhlenhopp; SP5 and Mrs Walter Uhler; FF0 and Mrs Laurie Ukura;, SP5 Dale Underwood; SP5 Phillip Urle; SP5 David Valez, Jr; SP4 Charles Vallimont; RMSA Kevin Vanbenten; SP6 and Mrs Dwane Van I)ale and family; FF0 Russel Vanvolkenbcrg; SP5 and Mrs Calvin Varga; MAJ Marian Varkiet; OPT and Mrs James Varley and family; SF0 and Mrs George Varner and family; SP4 Donald Vera; SP4 and Mrs 1 heodore Vermillion and family; SP4 Michael Verrett; RMSN Paul Veltri; SP5 Douglas Veuleman; RMSN Charles Viall; SF0 and Mrs Donald Vickers; SF0 Loren Villa; SSG and Mrs RoynaIde Villarreal and family; SP4 James Vimont; RMSN Paul Vinnola; RM3 Dean Vlasek; SP4 Randy Wacheldorf; SP4 Howard Wade Jr; SP4 Michael Wadley; SP4 Carl Wahl; FF0 John Wainwright; SP4 Charles Walker, Jr; SP4 Harris Walker Jr; SSG and Mrs Jack Walker and family; SP5 James Walker; SP5 Patrick Walker; SP4 and Mrs Richard Walker and family; RM3 Rob3rt Walker; SP4 Amos Wallace III; FF0 James Wallace; 1LT Wil 11am Wallace; SF0 and Mrs Jesse Walling and family; FF0 Anthony Walls; Mr and Mrs Dennis Walsh and family; Miss Ten Walsh; SP5 and Mrs Carl Walter Jr; CXN3 Larry Walters; SP5 and Mrs Stephen Waltman; SSC Kermit Wampole; SP5 Alan Wanner; SP4 and Mrs Daniel Warfel; ENO Thomas Warner; MAJ and Mrs Herrick Warren and family; SP5 Terry Warren; SP6 and Mrs Larry Watson and family; SP4 Sherman Watsteln; SP4 Ronald Watts; SP4 Henry Waugh; Miss Sandra Weary; 2LT and Mrs Dion Webb; SSG James Webb; SSG and Mrs Richard Webb Jr and family; SP4 James Webber; ETR2 Maynard Webber; SP5 Mark Weber; SP5 and Mrs Gerald Weeks; SN Charles Weid mann; OPT Darlene Weimers; OPT Denise Welch; SP4 Donald Wells; SP5 Ervin Wells Jr; SP4 and Mrs Stephen Wender and family; RMO Malcolm Went-worth; MSG and Mrs Gary Wessel and family; 0S2 Leland West; SSG and Mrs Charles Westerman; SF0 Robert Wetzler and family; SP4 Robert Wheatley; 0M3 henry Wheeler; SSG and Mrs Rohard Whe2lcr and family; SSG and Mis Michael Whelpley and family; SP4 Henry Whetsone; Miss Alice Whipple; SP5 David White Jr; SP5 Edward White; SP4 Nathaniel White; Mr and Mrs John Whitehead; FF0 Everett Whitfield; Mr James Whitlock; SP5 Leonard Whitman; SP5 Robert Whitmire; CPT and Mrs Shifti Whitmore and Robert; YM3 William Vihitten; SP4 William Wickliffe; SP5 and Mrs Willie Wicks; SP4 Robert Wiegcr5; SP5 Larry Wigginton; Miss Mary Susan Wilber; SSG and Mrs Otis Wilbon and family; SSG and Mrs William Wilde and family; Mr and Mrs Floyd Wilkinson and family; SP4 Henry Wilkinson; SP4 William Willan; SP4 and Mrs Joe Willey; SGT Edward Williams Jr; HM1 Elton Williams; RM2 and Mrs Floyd Williams and family; ETN2 and Mrs James Williams Jr and family; SFC and Mrs John Williams and family; 550 and Mrs Riley Williams and family; SP5 and Mrs Gary Williamson; SP4 Amon Wilson; SP5 Charles Wilson; FFC and Mrs Chilver Wilson; SP4 John Wilson; SP4 Feter Wilson; SP6 and Mrs William Wimett and family; SP4 Jay Winegardner Jr; SP5 and Mrs Joe Winston and family; SP5 and Mrs Robert Wisner III; FFC and Mrs Arthur Withers Jr; SSG and Mrs William Withers and family; SF0 and Mrs Albert WiLt and family; SP4 David Witte; SP4 Timothy Wittenauer; SP4 Wayne Wolf; RMSA Donald Wolfe; 550 and Mrs Daniel Wood III; SP4 and Mrs Donald Wooddell; 550 and Mrs Earnest Woodruff and family; SP5 and Mrs Edward Wcods and family; SP4 Robert \~Toods Jr; SP5 and Mrs Gary Woster; SP4 Henry Wright; SP4 George Wunder Jr; SP4 George Wunderly; SP4 Clarence Wyant; SP4 D rnnie Wyrick; SGM and Mrs Orville Yager and family; SP5 and Mrs Jack Yantis; SP5 Henry Yarbrough; SP5 Michael Yates; 5P5 David Yearsley; SF0 and Mrs Ramsey Yeatts and family; CW2 and Mrs Rudolph York and family; Mr David Young; SP5 and Mrs Elwood Young and family; SP5 Timothy Young; SP5 Keith Younger; SP5 Lee Younger; FF0 Arvid Young,quist; RMCS and Mrs Robert Zajack and family; SP4 Adam Zajonc; RMC and Mrs Joseph Zaverick and family; SP4 Joseph Zavertnik; SP5 Joseph Zeibel; Mr and Mrs John Zenyuh and family; SP4 Thomas Zeigler; iLT and Mrs Gary Ziegler; SP4 John Zimmerman; OFT and Mrs Steven Zitowsky; Mr and Mrs Raymond Zukowski; SP6 and Mrs Thomas Zwicke and family. OFT and Mrs Clifford Travis and family; MSG and Mrs Boyce Teas and family; SSG and Mrs Herbert Drummond and family; SOT and Mrs Robert Colbert and lamily; SOT David Cock; SOT Allen Maxymuk; SOT Gerald Snee; AiC Marvin Hawkins; AiC Kyle Tucker; Mr Alem Domoz; Mr and Mrs Rudolfo Francia and family; Mr and Mrs Silvio Frimicerio and family; and Mr and Mrs Bruno Marcheggiano; Adv and Mrs Giovanni Storelli.