Friday, Dec. 18 KAGNEW GAZELLE Page 5 

Leon Mayer; SP4 Philip Mayers; SP4 and Mrs Ernest Maynard; SP5 Barry Maynes; SP5 and Mrs Gary McAninch and family; SFC Robert McBeth; PFC John McCaffrey; Mr and Mrs Douglas McCalister; SP4 and Mrs Robert McCall Jr; PFC George McCandless; SP5 Robert McCarley; SP4 Kenny McClain; SP5 and Mrs Troy McComas; ETN3 and Mrs Russell McComb; Mr and Mrs Donald McConnel; SP6 and Mrs Malcolm McCombs; SP4 Michael McCoy; SP4 Ray McCoy; SSG and Mrs Warren McCrillis; CPT and Mrs Arvil McCulley Jr and family; ETN3 and Mrs John McCullough; PFC Thomas McDaniel; RMSN Charles McDaniels; SP4 Stanley Donald;
  SP4 Robert McElroy; SP5 and Mrs Barry McEneny; CE3 Timothy McFadden; PFC William McFadden; SGT and Mrs David McGahee; SP4 Daniel McGarry; SP5 and Mrs Geoffrey MoGoffin and family; SP5 and Mrs Ronald McGrady; 1LT John McGrory; SSG and Mrs Bruce McGuenness; Mr and Mrs Earl McHenry; CW2 and Mrs Arbie Mclnnis and family; EM3 David McKay; Mr and Mrs Douglas McKay; SP5 and Mrs Douglas McKay, III; SP4 John McKenna; SP5 Thomas McKenna; LTJG James McKinney; PFC and Mrs Louis McKinney; SP4 Robert McKinnon; CYM3 George McLaughlin; SFC and Mrs Frank McLean and family; ENFN James MeLendon; 2LT and Mrs Gary McMillan: SP4 Daniel McMillan;
  Mr and Mrs David McNiece and family; SP5 James McNally; SP4 Jerry McPherson; ETN2 and Mrs Irving McWherter; SP5 and Mrs Kenneth McVey; RM3 Marvin McWhorter; SP4 and Mrs Johnny Meadows; SP5 Alejandro Medrano; SP4 Bruce Meitzler; CPT and Mrs Robert Melin; SP5 James Melton; SP4 Ronnie Melton; Mr and Mrs Donald Meskimen and family; RMl and Mrs Earl Meyer and family; SP4 Louis Meyer; SSG and Mrs Charles Middleton and family; SP4 Clive Merriweather;
  SP4 and Mrs Louis Middleton Jr; RMSN Michael Middleton; SP5 and Mrs Darrell Midgett and family; SP4 and Mrs Julius Milam; DKl and Mrs Leon Millan; CW2 and Mrs Cecil Miller and family; SP4 Ernest Miller; PFC Ernest Miller; SSG and Mrs Floyd Miller and family; SP4 James Miller; SP4 Jon Miller; RMl and Mrs Richard Miller and family; LTC Ronald Miller; RM1 Laurence Miltenberger; SK2 and Mrs Fred Mims; SP5 and Mrs Daniel Minchen; PFC Robert Minnard; SP4 Richard Minnie; RM1 and Mrs James Minor Jr and family; SP5 Albert Miranda; SP5 James Missenda; SP5 Glenn Missildine; SP4 Andrew Mitchell; SP4 and Mrs Charles Mitchell;
  SP4 Douglas Mitchell; ETR3 David Mitman; SP6 Clifford Moburg; PFC Phillip Moe; PFC John Mohatt; SP5 and Mrs Thomas Monds; SP4 and Mrs James Monroe; SP4 Jack Moon; SP4 Patrick Mooney; SSG and Mrs Donnie Moore and family; RM3 George Moore; SP4 and Mrs Jerome Moore; PFC Paul Moore; SP5 and Mrs Terry Moore; SP4 Bob Moorehead; SP4 Michael Moram; PFC David Morawski; Mr and Mrs Calvin Morgan and family; SP4 Delbert Morgan; PFC and Mrs Hubert Morgan; CW2 and Mrs Bobby Morley and family; SP5 and Mrs Harry Moroff;
  SP5 Richard Morris; SP5 Gregory Morrison; SP5 Frankie Morrow; PFC Richard Mortensen; SSG and Mrs Ralph Morton; MAJ and Mrs Frederick Moss and family; Mr and Mrs Benjamin Motis; Mr and Mrs
Stephen Motta and family; CPT and Mrs Raymond Moyer and family; SP6 John Mulhurn; Mr and Mrs Thomas Mullendore and family; Mr and Mrs Burton Mullins Jr and family;
  SP5 and Mrs James Mullins; SP5 and Mrs William Mund; SP5 and Mrs James Monroe; MSG and Mrs Ronald Murashige and tamily; SP4 James Murchison; SP4 and Mrs Bruce Murray; SP5 and Mrs Donald Murray and family; Mr and Mrs James Murray and family; CPT and Mrs Joseph Murray and family; SP5 Edward Musal; MSG and Mrs Arthur Musson and family; SP4 and Mrs William Mustard; SP5 Joseph Muth Jr; SFC and Mrs Louis Muza and family; SP4 Gregory Myers; SP5 Robert Myers; SP4 Timothy Myres; RM1 and Mrs Robert Nadeau and family; SP5 James Nagel; MAJ and Mrs David Nashel; SP5 Michael Naylor; SP4 Charles Neally; SP5 and Mrs Frederic Neeper; SP4 Donald Neher; SFC and Mrs Elwood Nelson and family; SP5 and Mrs Erle Nelson and family; SP4 and Mrs Harvey Nelson; RM1 John Nelson Jr; SP5 and Mrs Richard Nelson; SP6 and Mrs Bobby Neuenfeldt and family; SP5 Dennie Newell; SP4 Walter Newlin;
  MAJ and Mrs Irving Newman and family; SP5 and Mrs Jan Newman; SP4 Steve Newton; SP4 John Niblett, Jr; SFC Gerald Nichols; SP5 George Nicol; LT Murl Neilsen; SP5 Gerald Niemeier; CECN Richard Nighswander; PFC and Mrs David Nixon and family; Mr and Mrs David Nixon and family; SP6 and Mrs Robert Nogai and family; SP4 Ronald Nolen; SP5 and Mrs Gerard Nooning; SP4 Hugh Norris; PFC James Norton; ETN2 Jack Nutter; SP4 Wayne Obina; SP4 and Mrs Dale OBrian;
  SP4 and Mrs Kerry OBrian; PFC Robert Odendagl; CYN3 John O'Donnell; SP4 John Ogden; SP4 John Okey; PFC and Mrs Bradley Oliver; RMSN Jon Olsen; SP4 Paul Olson; SP4 Richard Olson; SSG and Mrs Terence O'Neill; SP4 Kerry O'Quinn; SP5 and Mrs Lannie Ornburn; SSG and Mrs Edwardo Ortega;
  SP4 Gariba Ortiz Rosario; SP5 John O Shea; SP4 James Osteen; 1LT and Mrs John Osterholz; SP4 David Otto; SP5 and Mrs Stacy Ouzts Jr and family; Mr and Mrs Carlton Overby and family; SP6 Russell Fackwood; SP4 Kenneth Padgett; PFC Daniel Padilla; SP6 and Mrs Lawrence Page;
  PFC Patrick Page; PV2 Andre Faillex; Mr and Mrs R V Palmer and family; SSG and Mrs Alfred Parker; SP5 Edwin Parker; SP5 Gary Parker; SP4 William Parker; SP5 and Mrs William Farkey and family; SP4 Roger Parkins; LCDR Joseph Parks; SP4 Patrick Parnell; WOl and Mrs John Parrigin and family; SP7 and Mrs Charles Parrott; CW3 and Mrs George Patt and family; 2LT Carr Patterson; SP5 Steven Pattyn; SP5 and Mrs Charles Paul and family; SFC and Mrs Michael Pavilonis and family; SP5 Peter Pawchyk; SP6 Richard Paxton; SP4 Jerry Payne; SP5 Lonnie Peck; SP4 and Mrs John Peeples and family; RMCS and Mrs Richard Pelletier and family; SP4 Norman Pence Jr; PFC James Pendergraph; SGT and Mrs John Pendley; CYNSA John Penich; SP5 Thomas Penning; SP5 and Mrs James Pennington Jr and family; CYNSN Daniel Penny;
  SP5 Jose Perales Jr; SP4 Chester Perkins; Mr and Mrs Louis Perkins; SGT and Mrs Edward Perry Jr; SP4 and Mrs Richard Person; SF7 Jackie Peter; Mr and Mrs Terry Peter-
sen and family; SP4 and Mrs Alan Peterson Jr; SP4 and Mrs Joel Peterson; SP4 Niel Petig; SP5 Theodore Petricini; MSG and Mrs James Petty and family; SP4 Neal Pfaff; SP4 David Philbrick; SP5 Carlos Phillips; SP5 Danny Phillips; PFC James Phillips; PV2 John Phillips; ETN3 Larry Phillips; SP6 and Mrs Patrick Phillips; LT and Mrs Joseph Pica and family; SP4 and Mrs Albert Pierce; PFC Lawrence Pikul; SFC and Mrs Leo Piniple and family; ETNSN Norman Pinard; PFC Wavida Pine; SP4 Douglas Pinkerton; SP5 Michael Pippen; SP4 Angelo Pitaccial; PFC Maurieel Pitre Jr;
  SP4 Wayne Placide; RMSA and Mrs Richard Plankey; SP4 Larry Pleasant; SP6 Thomas Plumb; SP4 Gaston Pohe; SP4 Gregory Poland; SP6 Morris Pollard; Mr and Mrs Eugene Polzin and family; SP4 Harry Pomeroy; SP4 Duncan Porter; SP5 and Mrs Kent Porter; PV2 Stephen Porter; SP4 Larry Poteet; SFC and Mrs David Potter and family; CPT and Mrs William Powell Jr; SP4 Stanley Pranin; Mr F F Poyner; CE3 and Mrs Norman Premo Jr; RM3 Larry Preszler; SP4 Erskine Presha; PN2 Frank Price Jr and family; SSG and Mrs Weldon Prime and family; SP4 Dennis Prince Jr; SP4 William Probst;
  SP4 John Przystuo; SP4 Richard Fullen; SP5 and Mrs Robert Purcell; RMSM James Purcell; LTJG John Pyzner; SP4 Thomas Quarnstrom; SP4 and Mrs Louis Quijas; RM3 Davis Quinn Jr; RM3 Frederick Quinn; SP6 and Mrs Nolan Rabern and family; Mr and Mrs Albert Rabida and family; Mr md Mrs Edwin Rabine and family; lLT and Mrs Loren Radebaugh; SP4 Wesley Radsick;
  SSG and Mrs Talley Ragan and family; SP5 and Mr Stanley Rainwater and family; SP5 and Mrs Lyle Ralston Jr; SP4 Charles Ramey;
  CYNSA Elias Ramirez Ramos; SP4 John Ramsay; SP5 Gary Ramsey; SP4 and Mrs Kenneth Rand; SP4 Gary Randal: SP5 and Mrs Gregory Randolph; SP4 Phillippe Raney; RMSA Eugene Ranieri; 1LT and Mrs John Rasmuson; Mr Michael Rattiff; SP4 Bruce Raymond; SP4 Russell Raymont; SP5 Ronald Read; SP6 and Mrs Jimmie Reaves and family; SP4 Terry Redd; SP5 and Mrs Paul Redding;
  SP5 Robert Reddy; PFC and Mrs Ronald Redman; SP5 Donald Reed; SP4 Neil Reed; SP4 Thomas Reep; SP5 and Mrs Orville Rehling; RMl and Mrs Clarence Reid and family; SP4 and Mrs Lester Reinke; SSG and Mrs Delford Reitz; RMSA William Renfrow; SP4 and Mrs Richard Replinger and family; CPT and Mrs Duane Reynolds, SP5 and Mrs Barry Rhoads; SSG and Mrs Darrell Rhodes and family; SP4 and Mrs Eddie Rhone; RM2 David Ribich; SP6 and Mrs William Richard; PFC and Mrs James Richards; SFC and Mrs Peter Richards; SFC David Richardson; SGT and Mrs Ronald Richardson; Mr and Mrs Alex Richendollar and family; SP5 Lawrence Rickard; SP4 Arron Ridenour; SP5 Albert Rider: PV2 Daniel Rider;
  SGT and Mrs Donald Ridgely and family; RM1 Tracy Riff; MSG and Mrs Donald Riggle and family; SP4 Larry Rigney; RM1 and Mrs Robert Riker and family; SP4 Johnny Riley Jr; SP5 Stuart Riley; SP5 ad Mrs Richard Rineer; SP5 Thomas Rinefierd; SP4 Barry Ringley; RM2 Walter Rinko Jr; SSG and Mrs Milton Rivera Martinez and family; CSSN Johnny Rivers; Mr Anastastios Rizopoilos; SP5 Ralph Robb Jr;
  SSG and Mrs Sumter Robbins; PFC Larry Roberson; SP5 and
Mrs James Roberts; CYN3 John Roberts; SP5 and Mrs Stanley Roberts; RMCS and Mrs Sam Roberts; SSG and Mrs William Robinette; SP4 Alan Robinson; RM1 and Mrs Edward Robinson; MAJ and Mrs Everette Rochon and family; SP4 Jimmy Roddy; EN2 Luis Rodriguez; SP4 Larry Roeder; SP4 Michael Roesch; SP5 and Mrs Frederick Rogers; SP4 Joe Rogers; SP5 John Rogers; SP5 and Mrs Lavara Rogers and family; PFC David Rogness;
  SP4 Roger Rohn; SP4 and Mrs Hugh Rollins; SP5 and Mrs Richard Rolof and family; SP6 Manuel Romaguera; SP4 Regis Roman; SP4 Gilbert Rood; SP5 and Mrs Vernon Rose; SP5 David Ross; RM1 and Mrs Roy Ross and family; SP5 Randy Rowley; SFC and Mrs Thomas Royce and family; PFC James Rozek; PFC Rudolf Ruda; SP5 Richard Ruddy; ESC1 George Rudolph; SP4 and Mrs Randy Rueter; SP4 Daniel Rungren; SP4 Kenneth Runo;
  SP4 Charles Rupp; SP6 Charley Russell; SGT James Russell; SP5 and Mrs Reginald Russell; SP4 Richard Rutherford; SP5 Robert Rutschow; ETC and Mrs Frederick Ryan; SA Thomas Ryan; 1LT and Mrs Lawrence Rytter; CE2 Roland Sadowski; SP5 David Saelzler; Mr Carmelo Saglimbeni; CPT and Mrs John Salentine;
  SP4 Frank Salinas; ETR2 and Mrs James Sams and family; SFC Wallace Sammons; Miss Mary Sampson; SP4 James Sandbridge; LCDR Charles Sanders; PFC Larry Sanders; ETN2 Michael Sanders; Mrs Phyllis Sanderson; SP4 Burley Sands; RMSN Robert Sands; PFC Lawrence Sassmann; SP4 Terry Savage; MAJ and Mrs George Saviello Jr; SP5 Earl Saville; SP4 William Scarborough; ET1 Eugene Schacht; RM3 Dennis Schmeckle; SP5 Paul Schember; SP5 Kenneth Schmidt; CPT and Mrs Ronald Schimdt and family; SP5 Galen Schreiber; SGT and Mrs Donald Schultz and family;
  SP4 John Scott; SP4 Joseph Scott; SP5 Thomas Scriven; MSG and Mrs Arthur See and family; SP5 John Seely; ETC and Mrs Larry Seever and family; SP5 John Seibert; SFC Max Seivert; SP5 and Mrs James Selfe; SP5 John Sena; SP4 Steven Senesac; Mr and Mrs Robert Senter; SP4 and Mrs Archie Setzer; PFC Ronald Sexton; SP4 George Shall; Mr and Mrs Ferell Shanks; SP5 and Mrs Claude Shaw and family;
  SSG Steve Sheaffer; LTC and Mrs George Shearin and family; RM3 Thomas Shephard; SGT Larry Sherfey; Sister Theresa Sheridan; SP4 Robert Sheridan; SP5 Bruce Sherman; SP4 Wilham Sherman; SP4 Robert Shivar; SGT and Mrs Brian Shively; CSSN Kenneth Sholes; RM2 and Mrs Robert Shook and family; SP5 Roger Shook; Mr and Mrs Robert Short and family; SP4 Chester Shrader; ETNSN David Shultz; SP5 and Mrs Gorden Silver; SP4 James Simmons; SFC and Mrs Glenn Simonson and family;
  SFC and Mrs William Simonton and family; SSG and Mrs Donald Simpson and family; SSG Theodore Simpson Jr; Mr and Mrs Larry Sims; SSG Macon Sims Jr; Miss Anne Smiser; SP4 and Mrs James Skaggs; SSG Charles Skidmore; SP4 and Mrs Robert Skobrak; SP4 Thomas Skuza; SP4 Joseph Slavick Jr; SP4 Randol Sledge; SOT Daniel Sloan; SFC and Mrs John Sloan and family; SP5 and Mrs Federick Smiga; CMDR and Mrs Douglas Smiley and family; MSG Adelbert Smith;
  SP5 Elden Smith; SP4 Guy Smith; PFC Harold Smith; CW3
and Mrs Jack Smith and family; SP4 James Smith; SP5 Jerome Smith; SP5 Jerry Smith; SP5 John Smith Fr; SP5 Joseph Smith; SP4 Lloyd Smith; SP5 Michael Smith; SFC and Mrs Richard Smith and family; SP4 Robert Smith; RM2 Stephen Smith; SP4 Vernon Smith; SP4 William Smith; SP4 Billy Smithwick; RMSN Ronald Smullins; MSG and Mrs Philip Snodgrass and family; SP5 and Mrs John Snook and family; SP4 and Mrs Donald Snyder; SP5 John Snyder; SP5 Richard Snyder; RM2 Woodrow Snyder; SP4 John Sofranek III; SP5 Arthur Solhaug; SP5 and Mrs Elijah Solomon and family;
  SSG and Mrs James Solomon and family; PFC Kenneth Soprych; SP4 Michael Soucy; SP5 Michael Sovinski; RM3 Dallas Sparks; SP6 and Mrs Floyd Sparks and family; RM2 John Sparks; SP4 Willard Sparks; CW2 and Mrs Frank Spatt and family; STNSN David Specketer; SSG Earle Speer; SP5 Lewis Spees; SP4 Charles Spence III; SP4 Charles Spence; SP5 Verne Spence; SP5 and Mrs Lkon Spencer; SP5 and Mrs Lindsey Spencer; RM3 and Mrs Harvey Spicer and family; SP5 Eugene Spiker; Mr and Mrs John Spillane and family; ETN3 Arthur Spiller; PFC Harold Spolerich; SP5 and Mrs George Spoonemore and family;
  SP4 Bradley Spotts; SP4 Steve Sprouse; SSG and Mrs Richard St. Thomas and family; PFC and Mrs Robert Stallings;
  SP5 and Mrs Donald Stambaugh; SSG and Mrs John Stamboulian; PFC Walter Stanwyck; SP5 Wesley Starkey; SP4 Larry Statham; SP4 Eric Staton; SP5 and Mrs Michael Stein and family; SP4 Charles Stephenson; CPT and Mrs Dennis Stephenson and family;
  SP5 and Mrs David Stevens Jr; SP7 Virgil Stevens; SP5 Thomas Stevenson; PFC George Stewart; SP5 and Mrs Jeffrey Stewart; SFC and Mrs John Stewart and family; LTJG and Mrs Carl Sticht; SP6 and Mrs Duane Stickle and family; SP4 and Mrs Victor Stigliano; SP5 Craig Stillson; SP5 and Mrs Robert Stillman; SP5 and Mrs John Stimmel and family; SP5 and Mrs Ronald Stoddard and family; SP4 Russell Stokes; SP6 and Mrs Cleaman Stone and family; SFC and Mrs Thomas Stoney and family; SFC and Mrs Matthew Story and family; ETNSN Richard Stovall; SP4 Gary Strasser; SP4 John Straub; SSG Richard Straub; RMSN Jerome Streeter; SP5 Donald Strickland; SP4 Patrick Striplin; ETN2 and Mrs Richard Stuart and family;
  SP5 David Stubblefield; PV2 Harry Stuckslager; SP4 James Stukes; Mr and Mrs Ted Sullinger; SP5 and Mrs Broaddus Sullivan; SP4 Wilton Sullivan; SP4 Joseph Sultana III; SFC and Mrs Ray Summers; SP4 Kenneth Sundberg; 2LT Walter Sunderhaus; RMSA Reino Sotela; SP4 Virgil Sutherland; PFC and Mrs David Swanson III and family; SP4 Gary Swanson; PFC John Swanson; SP5 and Mrs Berlyn Swearengin and family; SP5 and Mrs Bruce Sweet; RM1 and Mrs Melvin Swogger and family; SP5 and Mrs Robert Szoka and family; SP5 and Mrs Donald Taber and family; SP4 Robert Tackett; SP4 Dannie Tajchman; SP4 Gary Taketa;
  SP4 Kevin Talbert; SP5 David Talley; RMSA Randall Tanner; MAJ and Mrs Ronald Tasket and family; SFC and Mrs John Taybe and family; RM1 and Mrs Darwin Taylor and family; SP4 and Mrs James Taylor; SP5 and Mrs John Taylor Jr; SSG and Mrs Robert Taylor and family; PFC Roger Taylor; SGT Ronald Teel; PFC Thomas Teter; RMl